People know that when booking travel arrangements scheduled during the holidays with it comes with a risk, if not the probability of delay.  Yet news outlets invariably report delays as if they are so shocking. National networks all flock to the worst hit airport and interview the most distraught travelers they can find. Pictures of people waiting in lines accompany language of victimhood and subtle tones of sadness. American media completely ignore the many starving people in Africa, the scores of war torn regions in need of help and instead in the spirit of humanity, they devote pity pieces to those people who might be late for turkey because they decided to fly hours before it was being served. 

And of course there is always this nugget every holiday season:

 Flying and Blood Clots: A Deadly Risk

To give media credit, many also devote miles of column inches to mind boggling travel tips such as this genius idea: When it comes to paying for holiday travel, it pays to price shop.  And thank goodness for this advisory:  Have boarding pass and identification out when in line.

Now that I got that off my chest, I have resigned myself to the fact that this annual “news” event is part of the holiday season. So, in the spirit of spin, I would like to suggest members of media remove the fear and distress from reporting the mass holiday exodus and instead provide tips such as these:

-How to have great conversations with strangers when stuck in line

-How to get to  and return from the bathroom without waking up the person in the aisle seat

-How to get that arm rest all to yourself

-How to get extra peanuts, cookies and even the extra blanket

-What to do if your breathe stinks and the person next to you is a talker

-How to make a meal out of candy and wine

By Jason Damata