The United States recently experienced a historical election that captivated the entire nation.  Barak Obama was elected as our next commander and chief.  It was hard not to get swept into the candidate debates, the many news stories and various opinions.  Both sides spoke passionately of their plans for the current ailing economy and I personally was undecided to the bitter end. 


Though I did not agree with some of Sarah Palin’s personal and political views I was disappointed to read The New York Times article about the elaborate Internet hoax created with a fake policy institute and a phony adviser to Senator John McCain claiming that the Alaska governor did not know that Africa was a continent.  The comment came from Martin Eisenstadt, a fictitious senior fellow at the fictitious Harding Institute for Freedom and Democracy.   The prank was cooked up by a pair of filmmakers who have planted such rumors on MSNBC, The New Republic, The Los Angeles Times and elsewhere.  In my opinion, those responsible for this hoax should be reprimanded so this type of thing never happens again!