Skilled spinners manipulate the facts and deceive the public, pushing their own agendas and clients with a complete disregard for journalistic integrity and common decency.  We have had enough of destructive spin, and we are putting an end to the strategic deception and outright lies.

Spinners have tainted the reputation of public relations with their tall tales and twisted lies, but they are not alone in stripping away the integrity of our field.  Hollywood has imposed itself on our industry, using party planning bimbos and political hypocrites to portray our profession on “reality TV”.  But these shows don’t represent reality, and they’re tainting our reputation one half-hour at a time.

FADS is committed to improving the reputation of our industry and educating the public.  PR is misunderstood, so FADS educates the public about what we do and the important role we play in society.  We disprove theHollywoodhype and expose the “reality” as fiction.

Okay, so we might be dreaming.  I mean, “you never get rid of roaches no matter how much you spray,”* but we’re going to keep trying so the number are small and less influential among our peers (thanks Ray!).

We are proud to be PR professionals.  We love what we do, and we want to restore the integrity of our profession.  Join the Fight Against Destructive Spin today.

Who we are:

We are a group of PR professionals concerned about the reputation of our industry, committed to raising the level of professionalism in public relations and putting an end to destructive spin.

*Dominick Rosario – Insect terminator and philosopher