According to Advertising Age, the top HR executive of media agency, Carat Group, recently sent an e-mail with job-cut talking points to all employees. Directed solely at senior management in preparation for restructuring and downsizing, the memo also made its way into the mailboxes of those being fired.



My thoughts — what an unfortunate accident! It happens all the time. You accidentally press reply instead of forward or reply-to-all instead of reply. Maybe not to this degree, but this same story happens all the to everyone. This is not to say the individual should not be reprimanded or the employees compensated, but more a friendly reminder to put these events in perspective and learn from them.


What a great lesson for all professionals about the dangers and potential liabilities the Internet brings to our business environments on a daily basis. It is so important to not only check and recheck the recipients of each of your messages, but also to be very cautious about the information you distribute through e-mail. Communicating the wrong message to the wrong audience can jeopardize relationships.


Aaaand, for those with a little sense of humor, here are some more blunders: