With the writer’s strike hitting its second week, many networks are being forced to air repeats.  Which may seem tough on the networks, but writers and actors are still receiving residuals from those episodes and the networks are still getting paid from advertisers.  However, it’s the behind the scenes people, the production staff, hairdressers, make-up artists, and cameraman that are feeling the pinch.

NBC had fired all production people on “The Office” and are threatening “The Leno Show” with the same firings.  These are people that aren’t getting paid when those reruns air during the strike, unlike the writers, the actors, and the networks.  These are people who only get paid when they do their job, and now they are the ones suffering.

Ellen DeGeneres has been getting a lot of slack from writers for crossing the picket line, and as hard as it may be for her, she respects that people’s jobs are in her hands, and she’s not willing to let innocent people suffer for the sake of others.  She supports the writers, as do most people, but to have others lose their jobs, and homes over the decisions of a few, is not something most people want weighed on their shoulders.

This strike will be resolved, as almost all are, but in the end, it’s not the ones on strike that will suffer the most.  —  Courtney Lawrence