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Dear Pinterest: I Loathe You No Longer

By: Lindsay Bell | October 10, 2012 | 

Today’s guest post is by Lindsay Bell.

Ahhhh, Pinterest. How I’ve loved to loath you all these years.

Well, actually, it’s only been a couple of years, hasn’t it?

You little spunky punk, you.

You’ve done fairly well for yourself, I won’t take that away from you.

You made Time magazine’s list of “50 Best Websites of 2011.”

You managed to edge out LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ as a top driver of referral traffic to retailers.

Heck, by the end of 2011 you were one of the top 10 largest social networking sites out there!

But you weren’t gonna stop there, were you Pinterest? No way. By early 2012 you scored 11.7 million unique monthly U.S. visitors – making you the first standalone site in history to have passed the 10 million mark so quickly.

And still I loathed you. In fact, I probably triple-loathed you, because gosh darnit, you were succeeding!

Virtual Corkboard = Dumb Idea

Nope, I was way too cool for Pinterest. I don’t sew or knit or cook or make candle holders out of Mason jars. Uh uh. No way. So lame, right?

A site to virtually pin things? Dumbest idea I’ve ever heard. So what? You find a picture of something, you bookmark it, right? You stumble upon an incredible article that you must read, but you don’t have time? You email the URL to yourself, right? You have the entire Internet already set up as your instant pin board for heaven’s sake! Why create yet another place to log in and check updates and follow people, yadda yadda. Nope. Stooopid.

And don’t get me started on the demographics! Sheeesh. Small minded Midwestern stay at home moms who like to bake and do crafts with their kids. Two more things I loath (er, crafts and baking – not stay at home moms – though I don’t much like small mindedness either).

And then Gini Dietrich hopped on the bandwagon. Hopped? She was up front and center with her trombone and marching boots on! She was a veritable Macy’s Day Parade float of love for Pinterest.

And because I respect Gini and her big brain so much, I started to……warm to the idea. I did of course continue to tease her mercilessly about how lame Pinterest was, but inside, secretly, I was slowly thawing out.

Hmmm, Ok, That’s Interesting

I read more articles about it. Saw how companies as disparate as Whole Foods and Major League Baseball were using it to increase brand visibility and fan engagement, and run contests and digital marketing campaigns.

And I finally signed up. Though I was warming, I was still feeling pretty Grinch’y about the whole phenomenon, and the fact that I had just quit smoking wasn’t helping any. I started to poke around a bit. Very reluctantly, and still with a giant chip on my shoulder, mind you. I followed Gini (who pins super stylish stuff by the way), and found a few other people I never dreamed I would see on Pinterest (I’m talking to YOU David Jones).

You know where I’m heading with this already, correct? That ‘small mindedness’ I mentioned a few paragraphs ago? Turns out I was the one suffering from small mindedness – at the very least I had a pretty good case of closed mindedness.

Pin All The Things!

I frikken love Pinterest!!!!

I finally get it. It simply makes perfect sense. Having one place for all the neat things you want to remember and/or check out later? Sweet! Creating a folder for all the upcoming home renovations – dream or reality? Fantastic! Filling a file online with pics of decorating ideas or amazing furniture? Much better than constantly tripping over the real life files I have here at home. No more tearing pages out of magazines? Double plus bonus!

And don’t get me started on all the neato stuff that all the other Pinterest users have already found and pinned. It’s a smorgasbord of delights and desires (which might eventually be a bad thing, but that’s another blog post)!

So, cut me up a big’ ol slice of humble pie. I will admit I was wrong. And that, my friends, is the moral of this story.

It’s ok to not immediately get distracted by every bright shiny new thing that’s out there in the social space. It’s ok to follow your gut – even if it turns out your gut’s way off base – because I don’t know about you, but my gut has rarely failed me, even in situations much graver than “Is Pinterest just for craft geeks?”

It’s ok to be wrong.

So take my advice. Whether you’re a big name brand who didn’t have the resources to invest in a new platform, or just a person like me – a late adopting, cynical, rabble rouser who never wants to follow the crowd but who usually ends up doing just that – admit you’re wrong, poke a little fun at yourself, and get pinning!!

Lindsay Bell is the content director at Arment Dietrich, and works in Toronto. A former TV producer, she’s a strong advocate of three minutes or less of video content. She has a cool kid, a patient husband, and two annoying cats. 

About Lindsay Bell

Lindsay Bell is the content director at V3 Marketing, and works in Toronto. A former TV producer, she’s a strong advocate of three minutes or less of video content. She has a cool kid, a patient husband, two annoying cats, and Hank Dawge, a Vizsla/Foxhound/moose hybrid. Ok, maybe not moose.

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134 responses to “Dear Pinterest: I Loathe You No Longer”

  1. KenMueller says:

    Kinda funny how you’re on board now, in light of Gini’s post from this morning. Good job. Can I interest you in any 8-track tapes?

  2. RebeccaTodd says:

    Yay Lindsay in her own words! I also have been resisting the Pinterest. I have an unclaimed invitation just waiting there… Soul sister, you have summed up all the reasons I have so far avoided this site. But number 9 on today’s list of action is talking to boss man about the business applications for Pinterest. I just needed to be able to align my self-styled punk-rock-iscism with the crafting crew…thank you for paving the way! Maybe, just maybe, I could pin all the Robert Downey Junior pics in one super sexy place…

    • Erin F. says:

      @RebeccaTodd I only resist because I would get sucked into some space-time vortex. I did, however, recommend the platform to a non-profit I was helping. Setting up the account reaffirmed why I must refrain from joining the Pinterest ranks for the time being.

      • ExtremelyAvg says:

        @Erin F.  @RebeccaTodd I’ve been avoiding Pinterest, but I’m pretty sure I’m missing out. I want to play, too.

        • RebeccaTodd says:

          @ExtremelyAvg  @Erin F. Full disclosure- just met with the boss and told him I think we should look at Pinterest for the biz… Need some stats on who the main demographic is. Help?

        • Erin F. says:

          @RebeccaTodd  @ExtremelyAvg I’d have to do some digging for that, too. The non-profit I helped was the driving force. I just happened to mention yet another harebrained idea to the person in charge, which meant that I got to dive into Pinterest without knowing anything.

        • Erin F. says:

          @ExtremelyAvg  @RebeccaTodd I have limited play time. We should work on that. I need more play time.

        • RebeccaTodd says:

          @Erin F.  @ExtremelyAvg The push back is that my major demographic is men ages 40+. I need to gather some data to see if my peeps even play here. The data says they are LinkedIn users, but I would like to find another avenue of approach.

        • Erin F. says:

          @RebeccaTodd  @ExtremelyAvg You have a tough demographic.
          Does Pinterest share data about its user base?

        • @RebeccaTodd  @Erin F.  @ExtremelyAvg I am a fan of that particular demographic. It is where all the brains and cool in the world is located, not that I am biased or anything.

        • belllindsay says:

          @RebeccaTodd  @Erin F.  @ExtremelyAvg Really tough demographic.

        • Erin F. says:

          @thejoshuawilner  @RebeccaTodd  @ExtremelyAvg See, that’s why it’s hard to market to you – how are we supposed to market to the people who already are too cool for school and super-smart? 😉
          P.S. I didn’t say I disliked the demographic, just that’s a tough one.

        • ExtremelyAvg says:

          @RebeccaTodd  @Erin F. I’m 45 and I want to play there. I’m still, after over an hour now, not sure how to pin a post of mine to Pinterest.
          I get the impression that it is really easy. It is making me feel stupid.
          I need a cupcake.

        • belllindsay says:

          @ExtremelyAvg  @RebeccaTodd  @Erin F. This made me laugh OUT LOUD.

        • RebeccaTodd says:

          @Erin F.  @thejoshuawilner  @ExtremelyAvg In person it’s an easy demographic to sell to because they will quite happily tell you how smart and cool they are and all I have to do is agree. How to I translate that to Pinterest?

        • Erin F. says:

          @RebeccaTodd  @thejoshuawilner  @ExtremelyAvg We should have a Google chat and see if we can devise a solution for you. Oh, oh, maybe you should ask Kaarina. She’ll tell them to quit thinking they’re smart and cool and to start acting like they’re smart and cool – by joining Pinterest, of course.

    • belllindsay says:

      @RebeccaTodd Rebecca, I was punk before you were BORN! ;D If *I* joined – any self styled punker rocker can join. Loved your “crafting crew” dig, btw! And please devote a board just to RDJ – or I just might do it first!

  3. belllindsay says:

    @TMBAdvertising Thanks for the share! 🙂

  4. belllindsay says:

    @zodot Thanks for the share! 🙂 @SpinSucks @EricTTung

  5. ExtremelyAvg says:

    Okay, so it is a place to store things you don’t want to lose track of, is that basically it? I’m trying to understand Pinterest and struggling a bit.

    • belllindsay says:

      @ExtremelyAvg Well, not exactly – and I am new at the PInterest game, but there have been many articles and clear stats on how Pinterest can fit into a digital marketing plan and be very beneficial. As for the “keep track of things” aspect – I was speaking more from the perspective of the individual user.

  6. ExtremelyAvg says:

    Okay, I’m on Pinterest now and I want to pin this post to a board called “Blogs I like”. I used the button on the left, and it gave me a pop-up to pin it. I picked the board from the drop down and viola…nothing happened.  🙁

  7. ExtremelyAvg says:

    I have another question. I avoid posting photos on FB, because of their TOS and the fear that they won’t respect my copyright.
    Is that an issue with Pinterest?

    • belllindsay says:

      @ExtremelyAvg Here’s a pretty thorough article from the Washington Post on the issue – – and more from the Pinterest website: “It is Pinterest’s policy, in appropriate circumstances and at its discretion, to disable and/or terminate the accounts of users who repeatedly infringe or are repeatedly charged with infringing the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of others.” There have been

    • flemingsean says:

      I think there’s a general point to be made about the ‘sharing’ nature of the internet. You post something online, there’s a good chance someone will share it or copy it without even knowing there is such a thing as copyright.
      Even this morning, I found a well-known London PR agency using images on its blog that are copyrighted – and there’s no way in hell they got permission from the rightsholder.
      I have a few of my own photographs on Pinterest. Lots of people have ‘liked’ them, shared them (repinned) and so on.
      Has my copyright been infringed?  Hmm, maybe.  But I had nothing to lose, commercially, so I took the decision that I didn’t care.  I take a similar (although not identical) approach to the songs I write, record and put on Soundcloud.
      Pinterest has ToS that are all about respecting copyright. But they can’t actively police the way things are used.
      Facebook won’t let you pin things to Pinterest.  That isn’t a copyright thing.  It’s a commercial decision based on their roadmap for future products and services.
      From my personal point of view, I *got* Pinterest the moment I saw it and instantly fell in love with it.  Why, after all, shouldn’t there be something for the simple act of sharing the things you like in image form? Not everyone is great with the written word, so it makes perfect sense to have social platforms based on imagery.
      Furthermore, we are an image obsessed species.  The success of an image based platform was never surprising, although the rate of growth has been breathtaking.
      There are other reasons I like it. But if I start on them I’ll have left a comment that’s longer than Lindsay’s excellent article.

      • belllindsay says:

        @flemingsean  @ExtremelyAvg I think you’re there already Sean! LOL I heart you – what a beautiful, eloquent comment. 🙂

      • ginidietrich says:

        @flemingsean  And you like cupcakes and shoes. Who needs anything more?

      • ExtremelyAvg says:

        @flemingsean I was actually concerned with whether Pinterest considered a photo their property once it was submitted. I remember a time when this was the case with FB TOS. I don’t know if that is still the case, but I don’t post my images on FB out of that fear.
        I like the thought of people RePinning my stuff. If they copy and save my image to use elsewhere, I’d likely not know, but if I found out, I’d sue them. It is much easier for photographers to sue than people realize. I’m a stock photographer so I’ve learned about this a little.
        Mostly, I just didn’t want to do something that would make me responsible for losing my copyright.

        • flemingsean says:

          My understanding is that they acknowledge the copyright holder and you don’t lose rights when you put your stuff on Pinterest.
          In fact, they emailed users back in May of this year to clarify that they are not attempting to claim sufficient rights or ownership that would allow them to sell your copyrighted works, nor do they intend to ever do that.  That, for me, is a nice approach to untangling some of the legal BS that works its way into the ToS.  🙂
          There are other issues of course, around suing for example,  If I’m in the UK (which I am) and someone in Brazil steals one of my images and puts it on a commercial website, how am I going to sue them…?  It will be costly, time-consuming, difficult and with a high likelihood of failure. I think. Emphasis on the *think*!
          As a general rule of thumb, I trust the internet-using people of the world more than I trust the legal profession.  🙂

        • ExtremelyAvg says:

          @flemingsean You may be right about crossing boarders and difficulty.

  8. ginidietrich says:

    Bwahahahaah! I’m so pleased! PIN ALL THE THINGS! You know what I really love about your being on Pinterest? I learn something new about you every time you pin something. All that jewelry you were posting last weekend? That’s good information to have. You know, in case I ever need to buy you a gift.

  9. ryancox says:

    Huh, that’s odd. You went through the same process of love to hate about me @belllindsay . At least you’re consistent. This was hilarious, and had a great “takeaway” point too. I have another comment that I’ll DM to you. (I’m playing nice on your board @ginidietrich , please take notice!)

  10. jelenawoehr says:

    This is exactly my relationship with Pinterest. “Bluh, cooking” to “CUTE ANIMALS?! SIGN ME UP I PIN YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!” Except it took me more like two weeks.

    • belllindsay says:

      @jelenawoehr HAHAHAHA! Love that. It’s true – I’m all about decorating/furniture/household porn these days. And helllooooo PInterest! You really deliver the goods! 🙂

  11. I am on there but not because I love it. Don’t really hate it either, just feel like I am stuck having to be a part of the damn collective because…

    • belllindsay says:

      @thejoshuawilner Because why?

      • @belllindsay  Professional reasons.

        • belllindsay says:

          @thejoshuawilner And there you have it. PIN ALL THE THINGS!!!

        • @belllindsay  It is still pretty girly out there.

        • belllindsay says:

          @thejoshuawilner Agreed.

        • KenMueller says:

          @belllindsay  @thejoshuawilner Psh. Get on there and make it manly. Start pinning jock straps and power tools and other manly things to boards!

        • KenMueller says:

          @belllindsay  @thejoshuawilner Oh, and Josh…I don’t know if you’re single or not, but seems to me that a girly platform like Pinterest would be a great place for a guy to show off  his sensitive side and…you know…meet chicks. I’m married so it doesn’t do my any good. But my daughter is on there. I hope some rich guys start following her boards…

        • belllindsay says:

          @KenMueller  @thejoshuawilner Nice, Dad. 😉 Though he has a point, Josh!

        • KenMueller says:

          @belllindsay  @thejoshuawilner She has a board on there where she pins all her wedding ideas, most of which are very expensive. AND SHE HAS NO BOYFRIEND!!! I retaliated by creating a board with ladders and the like, to encourage her to elope.

        • flemingsean says:

          @belllindsay  @thejoshuawilner Two things I’d say here…. 1) you’re clearly following the wrong people; 2) nothing wrong with ‘girly’ (whatever that is).

        • @flemingsean 1) That is a silly comment to make. We didn’t say who I do or don’t follow.
          2) I never said there was anything good or bad about ‘girly.”  I suppose we could make all sorts of inferences and assumptions about it, but why would we.

        • @KenMueller  @belllindsay Ken, you are Mullerific so you don’t need to worry about showing off your sensitive side.
          I had mine surgically removed. It kept getting in the way and when combined with the limited bit of Canadian blood that flows inside of me I didn’t speak my mind for fear of insulting people.
          Now I am fully qualified to speak my mind without fear of consequence which I suppose puts me in the perfect position to root for Boston and or Philly.
          Neither of those things will happen because I am a die hard LA fan, but we weren’t talking about that.
          And when it comes to dating my daughter is 8 so I am still of a mind to shoot any boy who doesn’t want to play marbles. 😉

        • flemingsean says:

          @thejoshuawilner @belllindsay
          Joshua… I was kidding. Apologies for not being obvious about it. You’re right, I was being silly. It was an attempt at humour. No offence intended.

        • kateupdates says:

          @KenMueller  @belllindsay  @thejoshuawilner LOL

        • RebeccaTodd says:

          @KenMueller  @belllindsay  @thejoshuawilner Hah Ken wins. And, speaking as a single woman, I am sick to death of men’s sensitive sides. Instead make a board just about sandpaper. Now THAT’S sexy.

        • KenMueller says:

          @RebeccaTodd  @belllindsay  @thejoshuawilner Sandpaper is sexy? I’m not sure how to interpret that…

        • RebeccaTodd says:

          @KenMueller  @belllindsay  @thejoshuawilner I have a 111 year old house. Sandpaper is very sexy.

  12. kateupdates says:

    I really like how you write. It’s entertaining to read and I think your personality really shines through. I appreciate your skepticism about Pinterest, although I think I’m more in the @ginidietrich  camp on this one … I loved Pinterest since the first moment I laid eyes on its alluringly vivid images. I thought it was a marketer’s dream tool and have found it very useful in relationship building, increasing brand awareness and creating/reinforcing brand likability and relatability.
    There’s so much to be gained from Pinterest. Perhaps Facebook’s “Want” button was even inspired by it. Regardless, I love that I can see what my audience enjoys, what interests them and what they would go out and buy. It feeds our need for instant gratification and brings with it a wealth of consumer insight. I love it.

    • belllindsay says:

      @kateupdates  @ginidietrich Thanks so much for the compliment Kate, I really appreciate it! Yes, I was sure I could never be turned, but like all good *koff recovering* addicts, one little hit was all it took! lol Perhaps I’m replacing smokes with Pinterest!? That’s it!!! 🙂

      • kateupdates says:

        @belllindsay  @ginidietrich Sounds like a healthier addiction to me. Although I have been reading about internet addiction lately and … yeah, still better than smoking! LOL

      • Carmelo says:

        @belllindsay  @kateupdates  @ginidietrich yes, a much better addiction than smoking! I’m studying up on Guru Addictions … just don’t go there Lindsay, okay? And I’m with Kate … a very very fun read! 🙂

  13. belllindsay says:

    @TroyClaus Thanks for the RT Troy. 😉 @ginidietrich

  14. belllindsay says:

    @Matecumbe_Mktg HA! Yes indeed! 🙂 cc @ginidietrich

  15. GeoffReiner says:

    Hey @belllindsay , I’m with @kateupdates on this one. Very well written and I certainly appreciate your sense of humour!  I am just rounding the corner into the Pinterest world. Not entirely sure why just yet but I’m sure I will find a reason… 
    Thanks again!!

    • belllindsay says:

      @GeoffReiner  @kateupdates Cheers, Geoff, you’ll have to let me know your thoughts on it as you start pinning. 😀

    • @GeoffReiner   @kateupdates  I agree, wonderfully written, @belllindsayBut that doesn’t change the fact that Pinterest is for girls.
      It’s in their terms of use, for cryin’ out loud.

      • kateupdates says:

        @barrettrossie @GeoffReiner @belllindsay the fact that its geared toward girls is just another reason why it makes so much marketing sense! Women are statistically the buying decision makers 🙂 didn’t know it was in their terms of use though …

        • GeoffReiner says:

          @kateupdates  @barrettrossie  @GeoffReiner  @belllindsay 
          lol I’m laughing because I know it’s true…  Women also make much more strategic and sound business decisions. Barrett it looks like we have some statistics to work on!

        • kateupdates says:

          @GeoffReiner  @barrettrossie  @belllindsay That’s a nice compliment for women, Geoff! I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we are typically the ones shopping haha!

        • GeoffReiner says:

          @kateupdates  @barrettrossie  @belllindsay 
          I think this is where I have so repeatedly been taught to quit while I’m ahead 😛

      • belllindsay says:

        @barrettrossie  @GeoffReiner  @kateupdates HA! That’s the biggest thing that kept me away for so long – so girly!! But it really is what you make it Barrett. Come on, explore your feminine side with me!

        • RebeccaTodd says:

          @belllindsay  @barrettrossie  @GeoffReiner  @kateupdates Barrett and Lindsay discovering their feminine sides…now this I gotta see…may be my reason for finally joining!

        • belllindsay says:

          @RebeccaTodd  @barrettrossie  @GeoffReiner  @kateupdates BAHAHAHA!! Funny, I’m so NOT girly (swear a lot, love doc martins and combat boots, never wear dresses, etc.) yet I can’t leave the house without my hair done and makeup on!

        • RebeccaTodd says:

          @belllindsay  @barrettrossie  @GeoffReiner  @kateupdates We are going to have to fix the dress thing stat. I refuse to wear pants. What have they done for me lately?!?

        • belllindsay says:

          @RebeccaTodd  @barrettrossie  @GeoffReiner  @kateupdates Not unless I’m wearing my Spanx. 😉

        • GeoffReiner says:

          @belllindsay  @RebeccaTodd  @barrettrossie  @kateupdates 
          Lindsay, we should create a brother company where we only pin man stuff like fast cars, hunting stuff, power tools, bad words, army boots and mustaches. I’m thinking MANterest. Thoughts?
          That way @KenMueller will join too 😉

        • RebeccaTodd says:

          @GeoffReiner  @belllindsay  @barrettrossie  @kateupdates  @KenMueller Manterest works, as Nail-Gun-terest doesn’t fall trippingly off the tongue.

        • belllindsay says:

          @RebeccaTodd  @GeoffReiner  @barrettrossie  @kateupdates  @KenMueller Love it.

        • KenMueller says:

          @belllindsay  @RebeccaTodd  @GeoffReiner  @barrettrossie  @kateupdates Well, if you really want it to be manly, you’ll call it Kenterest…

        • RebeccaTodd says:

          @KenMueller  @belllindsay  @GeoffReiner  @barrettrossie  @kateupdates Kenterest! YES!!!

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  17. Carmelo says:

    @belllindsay I don’t know. I love the post but I don’t know … I think (i know) women have more mental processors than men do. Not sure why it was designed that way but my computer brain is a single processor so i can’t juggle that many things. Very jealous. I don’t even think I could be trained. Women have tried, believe me.

    • belllindsay says:

      @Carmelo “That many things” as in another social spot to log into/monitor? Or “that many things” as in all the pretty pictures…? One thing I’ve found about Pinterest is that I only dip into it a few times a week. It really feels like a place to go for a break from all the other more engagement driven social spaces out there. Kind of a quiet place, if you know what I mean. Just a thought. 🙂

      • Carmelo says:

        @belllindsay Well, I meant having so many places to monitor, whew! I suppose I was thinking of it as another “thing” I had to do (build a pinterest site) to market my blog but you were looking at it from a perspective of relaxation and entertainment. Finding neat things to explore? Okay, I can see that. 🙂

  18. belllindsay says:

    @barrettrossie Thanks for the share, girly man! 😉

  19. belllindsay says:

    @suddenlyjamie Cheers Jamie! 🙂

  20. belllindsay says:

    @iarlabyrne Cheers, thanks for the share! 🙂

  21. belllindsay says:

    @jocmbarnett Thanks for the share John! 🙂

  22. Hmmm, was admitting your love of Pinterest part of the deal to work with Gini? 🙂

  23. sohinibaliga says:

    @geoffliving “Small minded Midwestern stay at home moms who like to bake and do crafts with their kids.” Unnecessary and off-putting.

  24. sohinibaliga says:

    @geoffliving And yes, I know you didn’t write that. Just sharing. Thanks for the link.

  25. mylefttom says:

    Great article! I still have no need for Pinterest, but I get it (always did, really). Think about it this way: Say you have a passion for something and want to post about it all the time, and you need a forum where people don’t complain about that. That’s Pinterest. Now say you suck at photography, like I do, you’re still SOL…

    • belllindsay says:

      @mylefttom Thanks, and I love what you said re: people not complaining about it. Maybe that’s the magic. I’m sure you don’t suck at photography (there’s always Instagram…?) !! LOL

  26. belllindsay says:

    @garyjmag Cheers Gary, thanks for sharing the article! 🙂

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  28. SunaInteriorDes says:

    @radiojaja @ginidietrich fantastic blog post! Pinterest had me at hello, and I ain’t just a baking mum!

  29. SunaInteriorDes says:

    @radiojaja @ginidietrich fantastic blog post! Pinterest had me at hello, and I def ain’t just a baking mum!

  30. MariaFrangieh says:

    @markwschaefer @ginidietrich great article thanks for sharing 🙂 i love pintetest

  31. emilyjmc says:

    @KaryD likewise. Hardly look at it anymore.

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