Anand Srinivasan

How to Use Instagram as a PR Tool

By: Anand Srinivasan | January 23, 2019 | 
PR has largely been the mainstay of traditional media. But smart brands are beginning to realize the power of using Instagram as a PR channel. Anand Srinivasan explains how it provides a simpler way to communicate... Read More
Gini Dietrich

The Four-Step Process to Gain Earned Media Results

By: Gini Dietrich | January 23, 2019 | 
There are four steps in the earned media process to make it an excellent investment of your time and actually results in, well, results. Gini Dietrich has more... Read More
Heather Feimster

How Newswire Content Can Offer Value

By: Heather Feimster | January 22, 2019 | 
What if the tool we thought we knew, isn’t the same tool at all? If the tool has changed, are we using it in a way that we’ll see results? And are we ready to measure results of a hammer acting as a screwdriver? Heather Feimster explores how newswire content can offer value. ... Read More
Gini Dietrich

How to Be Your Best Creative Self

By: Gini Dietrich | January 22, 2019 | 
It is pretty widespread knowledge that you have to be drunk (or worse) to be creative. But a recent interview with 8 artists proves that theory wrong. Gini Dietrich explores some of the most creative people in history—and their vices... Read More
Melissa Sheridan

How Scaling Virtually Can Increase Profit and Client Satisfaction

By: Melissa Sheridan | January 21, 2019 | 
Scaling virtually is a path to seriously consider in times of economic jitters. Melissa Sheridan explains why and how to do it. ... Read More
Laura Petrolino

Four Communications Lessons from Martin Luther King, Jr.

By: Laura Petrolino | January 21, 2019 | 
Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired action, hope, and change through his powerful communication skills. These four communications lessons explain how... Read More
Gini Dietrich

Gin and Topics: The Moral Strength of Human Beings

By: Gini Dietrich | January 18, 2019 | 
On this week's Gin and Topics, Gini Dietrich curates the new Gillette ad, why it's so hard to use styling tools, Yo-Yo Ma, and more... Read More
Greg Brooks

The Spin Sucks Question: How Do You Deal with Declining Trust in Media?

By: Greg Brooks | January 18, 2019 | 
Media trust is even more elusive today because fake news and alternative facts are rampant. Greg Brooks wants to know, how are you dealing with declining trust in media... Read More
Taral Patel

How Brands Can Use Social Media for Lead Generation

By: Taral Patel | January 17, 2019 | 
Your social strategy needs to pack a punch if you want it to lead to conversions. Taral Patel discusses the four areas where savvy marketers should focus when viewing social as a lead-gen platform... Read More
Gini Dietrich

Achieve Your Goals By Using These Seven Techniques

By: Gini Dietrich | January 17, 2019 | 
If you want to achieve your goals this year, it takes more than just writing them down or saying them out loud. Gini Dietrich has 7 techniques you can use for success... Read More