What to Expect

Lots of organizations have competent marketing and communications departments that are kicking butt and taking names. And sometimes they need someone from the outside to come in and say, “This is awesome. You’re doing this really well. Let’s tweak this to be more effective. And now let’s put everything on steroids.”

We do that. And sometimes, we have to tell you it’s not awesome, but we give you the tools to turn things around.

Typically led by Spin Sucks founder Gini Dietrich, consulting can either be a project or an annual commitment.

We analyze what you’re currently doing, where you want to be, what you’ve done so far that works—and what you’ve tried that doesn’t. We also review your data to find the holes and opportunities for growth.

Consulting is not a one-size-fits-all program. It is designed based on your needs. Sometimes, clients want just an analysis. Others want an analysis and a plan. While others want us to be actively involved in planning and overseeing the execution.

We build your consulting program together.

What You Get

An analysis

A 360-degree look at what you’re doing, what’s working, and what can be added.

A plan

Goals, strategies, tactics, and timelines focused on qualified leads.

Non-traditional growth strategies

Using marketing and communications to drive qualified leads.

The PESO Model™

Learn how to make the PESO Model work for your business.

Tailored tech advice

Having the right tools in place is half the battle.

Measurable results

Metrics, a dashboard, and an easy way to track results.

Quarterly meetings

Meetings every quarter to review results, tweak tactics, and plan the next quarter.

Your program on steroids

Teaching you how to scale without adding more work to your internal team.


The fees start at $10,000 for the analysis—and increase from there, based on adding in a plan and/or quarterly meetings—and whatever else you might need.