What Is a PESO Model Certified Guide©?

A PESO Model Certified Guide is someone who is certified in using the framework. It is someone who has learned how to use the framework directly from its creator, Gini Dietrich. It is someone who is sanctioned by Spin Sucks to use it to grow their business and drive results for clients.

Once certified, the Guide can consult with businesses to help them integrate and implement a multi-year program with demonstrable results.

Spin Sucks supports Guides with a 12-month program, an annual license to use the PESO Model framework, and ongoing support. We also refer Guides to businesses looking for PESO Model help.

What Is Included?

The program consists of the following:

  • The PESO Model Certification©, which comes with a certificate from the S.I. Newhouse School for Communication at Syracuse University
  • Monthly group coaching calls with a dedicated coach (for founding members, that will be Gini Dietrich)
  • Unlimited email, text, or Slack access to your group leader
  • An annual license to use the PESO Model framework with your clients
  • Exclusive PESO Model content and tools to help you generate more leads
  • Access to a private community of Guides for referrals, camaraderie, and collaboration
  • Affiliate opportunities when you sell products like the PESO Model Certification
  • A business profile in the Spin Sucks directory where you can generate more high-paying clients

Will the Coaching Include Business Growth Strategies?

Absolutely! This program is about implementing the PESO Model to grow your business.

You will receive tips on lead generation, new business meeting structure, relationship building, and rate increase conversations. We will provide feedback on materials you create that blend your brand with the PESO Model and help you gain a deeper knowledge of understanding, communicating, and implementing the PESO Model with new and existing clients.

Who Is Eligible to Join?

This is for solopreneurs and agency owners who need to build new revenue streams, better understand the PESO Model framework, and/or charge more for their services.

The only specific requirements we have are that you have a desire to learn, you show up, you participate, and you do the work inside your own business.

Can I Begin the Process During the First 12 Months?

Absolutely! There are two requirements before that can happen:

  1. You receive your PESO Model Certification; and
  2. You receive approval from your coach.

Once those two things happen, you are free to use what you learn each month to grow your business.

How Much Does It Cost?

The fee will be $15,000 after the program successfully launches in May 2024.

The founding members will pay $7,500 if a commitment is made by May 15, 2024.

Can I Break Up the Payments?


We require a $500 deposit to save your spot, receive supporting documents, gain access to the PESO Model Certification online course, and an onboarding call.

After that, the options will be:

  • 1 payment of $6,625 (billed at acceptance—discount for paying upfront!)
  • 3 payments of $2,333 (billed at acceptance and in four-month increments)
  • 4 payments of $1,820 (billed at acceptance and in three-month increments)
  • 6 payments of $1,286 (billed at acceptance and in two-month increments)
  • 12 payments of $720 (billed at acceptance and again every month)

Because of credit card processing fees, it does cost more the more payments you make. This is your first lesson in running a profitable business. 😀

If you are already PESO Model certified, we will work with you to remove the $1,250 from the overall cost.

Is There an Additional Fee to License the Framework?

Nope! The license and the PESO Model Certification are included in your fee.

What If I Already Have the PESO Model Certification?

Great! We will discount your fee by $1,250 to accommodate.

If you received your certification before January 2024, we will ask that you go through the program again because it has drastically changed since its first iteration. But that will be included in your program.

What Happens Once I’m Certified?

Once you graduate as a Certified Guide, you will be well on your way to implementing the PESO Model framework with new and existing clients, charging more for your services, paying yourself what you’re worth, and delivering demonstrable client results.

You will become an affiliate for our other programs, including the acclaimed PESO Model Certification.

You will be included in our directory, which matches you to qualified prospects.

And, you will be eligible to become a mentor for the next group of Guides. If you would like to consider this, your annual recertification fee will be waived for as long as you are a mentor.

What If I Can’t Be a Mentor?

That’s OK! As a founding member of this program, your annual recertification fee will be $2,500. For everyone else, it will be an annual fee of $5,000.