Five Reasons Why Working For A Small PR Firm is Good For Your CareerYou’ve just graduated from college or perhaps are undergoing a career transition and are ready to launch in the big scary world of PR.

Where should you start looking for a job?

Well if you’ve done your homework and built a personal brand on social media, made connections and networked with PR pros, it might be easier than you think to land your dream job.

And no, I am not talking about going after a position in a big agency.

I am thinking of something different: Small,successful PR firms

Those started by PR pros with the mission to do things differently.

Why a Small PR Firm?

Working for a small PR firm gives you an amazing opportunity to learn…a lot!

While in a big agency of corporate America, you have to take one step at a time and climb the ladder slowly to get to work with the “big guys.”

In a small firm, you get to do everything.

The roles are not so specialized, so you will have access to all the projects and clients.

Maybe you won’t be able to work directly with the clients, at least in the beginning, but you’ll be able to help your colleagues.

And they will appreciate your help.

In a small PR firm, the whole team works together on every project and sometimes on several projects at a time.

You have to learn on the go, you have to adjust, and you have to stretch.

It’s not easy, it may be scary, but it is SO rewarding.

You learn event management, media relations, social media strategy and management, communications strategy, crisis communications, and so much more.

The biggest advantage of all is you are close to the leader of the company and get to see first-hand how things are done.

He or she might take you in client meetings if you play your cards well and show interest; if you show you understand the business and are willing to put in the work.

What a small PR firm gives you is much more than a title on your business card.

It gives you first-hand experience on how to lead the relationship with a client, how to deal with several projects and tasks at a time, how to fit in with a team, and how to help.

Five Reasons You Should Start Your Career in a Small PR Firm


I am not saying you don’t have the opportunity to learn in a big agency.

But in a small PR firm you learn to do everything and at a fast pace.

You learn to build relationships with media and to pitch journalists, you learn to write briefs for clients, you learn to organize and coordinate events, to create a communications strategy, social media strategy, and so much more.


You get to work in a small team where everybody learns from one another and, more importantly, where you help one another.

This is an advantage often overlooked in the corporate world, where everybody is focused on their own job and collaborates only when they have to.

Learning to be part of a team is a valuable skill you will use in your futures endeavors.

Diverse work

Having the chance to work with clients from different industries sets you apart and helps you develop a range of skills that will boost your career.

Having the ability to understand the specifics of each industry, to understand your client’s work is a rare skill often found at the very best in the PR industry.

Learn from the big boss

The advantage of a small PR firm is that you get to be close to your leader much more often than if you worked in a big agency.

What this means for you is… yes, more learning!

You learn how the agency is run, how to bring in new business, how to run a team, how to deal with crisis and problems and how to recruit new team members.

This experience is more valuable than any paycheck from a big agency.

Having fun

Yes, you have fun! Imagine that!

Being part of a small team creates a second family for you.

You learn together, you grow up together and have fun working together.

A version of this post originally appeared in Muck Rack.

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