How to Grow Your Alexa Flash Briefing AudienceYou’ve published your Alexa Flash Briefing, and you understand why voice is important.

Good move: smart speakers are the fastest growing consumer technology since the smartphone, and Amazon has a 61 percent market share.

alexa flash briefings

Amazon Echo Dot was Amazon’s best-selling product sitewide, across any category during the 2017 holiday season. (Source: Slate) Photo by Andres Urena on Unsplash

But before you start, benchmark where you are now-what gets measured, gets managed.

Record how many listeners are using the Amazon Developer measure tool.

Then track the increase you’ll see over the next month as you implement these steps.

Read on for the best ways to grow your Alexa Flash Briefing audience.

Alexa Flash Briefing Terminology

  • Alexa: Amazon’s virtual voice assistant which powers millions of devices like the Echo family of devices.
  • Skill: Like apps on your phone, Alexa provides skills enabling customers to create a personalized experience. Skills provide weather, traffic, news, trivia, cooking, exercises, etc. There are now thousands of skills from companies and organizations like Domino’s, Starbucks, NPR, and Uber and individual creators (like you).
  • Flash Briefing: A quick overview of news and other content such as business or financial advice, music, comedy, podcasts, and sports. Customers hear their Flash Briefing by asking their Alexa-enabled device things like, “Alexa, give me my Flash Briefing.” It comprises at least one Flash Briefing skill.
  • Flash Briefing Skill: This is a type of skill. It provides content for a customer’s Flash Briefing (typically composed of several Flash Briefing skills). Anyone can create a Flash Briefing skill. In this post, I often refer to a “Flash Briefing” to mean your particular brief (skill) because this is how most people talk about it.

So, how do you get people to listen to your Alexa Flash Briefing?

Cadence and Content

  • Publish your Alexa Flash Briefing daily. Amazon wants more content. If you only publish weekly, that’s okay, but aim for daily if possible. (You could always reduce the frequency later, or split the baby and update three times per week.)

Tip: Batch your recording sessions. Come up with fifteen content ideas, then record them in one sitting. Batching is an effective way to be more productive because it lets you avoid task switching costs.

  • Publish at peak times. Morning is key here because most listen before starting their day (it’s a routine). Publish around 4 AM ET (use tools such as Effct, SoundUp, or Storyline to automate this).
  • Keep it under two minutes. This is the listener sweet spot. Not only will they appreciate brevity and listen all the way through, but it’s also likely Amazon will reward briefs whose listeners don’t skip ahead or become bored and exit. (Much like YouTube rewards videos with the most watched minutes and those that keep users on the platform longer.)

Optimize Your Skill Title and Keywords

Just like a product listing on Amazon, take advantage of every field on your Alexa Flash Briefing skill’s page (it’s essentially a product detail page as far as Amazon SEO is concerned).

  • Title – Name your skill with a short, clear name that tells users what it is and contains at least one top search term. For example, if your brief is about local news, the title should contain your city name. This is almost better than containing “news” because you may appear in search results for anything related to your city – not just “news”, which is much more competitive.
  • Keywords – You can select up to thirty single words as your descriptive keywords. These and your description are important real estate. Do some keyword research and include terms that people search for related to your content or industry. If you’re lazy, type the first few words of a typical search query into Google and look at the suggestions that appear.

Share Your Skill on Social Media

Sharing on social has the best ongoing effort-to-reward ratio (it doesn’t take much time and can reach lots of people). Try it two ways:

  1. Share with your social network (existing connections).
    • Write five different social posts that promote and link to your skill. Schedule them in advance with a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite. Don’t overpost, maybe 1-2 times per week on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. For Pinterest, pin once to the keyword-rich board(s).
    • Track post-performance. Determine which posts receive the most engagement (e.g., Twitter shows each tweet’s impressions and engagements). Keep top performing posts, reschedule them, and continually iterate by tweaking words and length to find the most effective language.
  2. Entice. When you publish new Flash Briefings, post teasers on social. Create curiosity! For example, here is a post which creates curiosity and provides clear instruction:

“Tune into today’s Flash Briefing to hear about the greatest marketing trick of the century. How to listen: 1) Enable the Skill here: [LINK TO SKILL]. 2) Say “Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing? on your Echo or in your Amazon app.”


Any smartphone can become an Alexa device and play Flash Briefing – no Echo needed. Source: Emily Binder, iPhone screenshot

And that last part: yes, bonus! Users don’t need an Echo to hear your brief.

Anyone can turn their phone into an Echo device by downloading the Amazon shopping app.

The circle in the top right of the app activates Alexa. Try it!

(Smart move, Amazon.)

Join and Share with Interest Groups

Reddit hosts communities with people who have an interest in Amazon Alexa and Echo.

Publicize your skill in a few of the top groups.

But remember, don’t just self-promote.

First, help others. Try their skills then leave reviews on Amazon.

Interact, introduce yourself, and ask people to enable your skill and provide feedback.

Here are some general Echo and Alexa groups on reddit:

Find niche groups based on your topic. For example, if you focus on meditation, you could hang out here.

Look for similar interest groups on Facebook. Then rinse and repeat.

Make it Easy to Share

Create a shortlink to your Alexa Flash Briefing Skill (use, Googl, or a custom-branded one, which is even better).

Do this immediately to reserve the shortest and clearest custom link.

Make the shortlink easy to read using words that easily separate. Make it easy to type and use all lower case (shortlinks are case sensitive). For example, mine is (for Beetle Moment Flash Briefing).

You can then easily share the shortlink:

  • In your social bios (i.e.-Instagram, Twitter, and your email signature)
  • You can do this verbally if you plug yourself on a podcast or other interview. Save new listeners from searching – make enabling your skill a one-step shortlink process.

Share Archived Briefs

Use the same formula from above and give people an accessible, easy way to hear your content anytime.

Copy any MP3 URLs from your past briefs and add to blog posts with clear titles and ideally a bit of introductory text.

Ratings and Reviews

The faster, the better.

Begin to rank for your keywords before the Alexa ecosystem becomes more crowded.

Join a Facebook group related to Flash Briefings (for example, Effct users have a private group where creators ask questions, get tech support, and help one another).

Or use reddit groups to connect with others who might review you.

We all operate on the reciprocity norm.

Leave reviews for new contacts from these groups or fellow creators you’ve found on Twitter.

It’s easy to reach out to almost anyone through Twitter or LinkedIn.

If you enjoy a briefing, tweet the creator and let them know. That puts you on their radar, and they’ll be more likely to return the favor after seeing your review.

Archive and host past briefings on your website or blog.

Benefits of doing this:

  • SEO
  • An evergreen place to send people to hear your content
  • Your hard work won’t disappear
  • A convenient way to entice reviews. End with a CTA like this: “Please rate and review so others can find this skill! [LINK TO SKILL]

Have a page of your website called Alexa Flash Briefing and post each brief or a handful of your best ones.

For example, here’s my Alexa Flash Briefing page with some of my favorite briefs.

If you publish daily, this could get cumbersome, so feature the top ten.

Put a big clear button or link to “Enable this Flash Briefing Skill” at the top and bottom of the post(s).

Use your skill icon, make it clickable, and you’ll be on your way to showcasing your Alexa Flash Briefings and gaining a wider audience.

Emily Binder

Emily Binder is the principal consultant at Beetle Moment Marketing. She helps businesses drive revenue using purposeful digital strategies, especially social media. Emily also focuses on voice technology and is active in podcasting and smart speakers. She founded, marketers’ one stop shop for buyer personas. Emily speaks and writes about marketing, loves rollerblading, and her InstantPot.

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