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How do you build a PR program that boosts awareness and generates leads?

Everyone will tell you the same thing: improve your content marketing strategy.

Your job is to spread information, right?

Can you think of a better way to spread information than content marketing ?

It is the ultimate tool that makes a product or service known before, during, and after its launch.

But, where do you get that content?

How do you stay motivated to produce more of it every single day?

At some point, you will encounter writer’s block.

It’s inevitable.

You will use up your reserves of inspiration, and find yourself staring at a blank screen, waiting for something to happen.

It can be your worst nightmare.

Is this writer’s block real or is it all in your head?

It might be both, but you can’t think about it now.

You have to act!

You need to produce more content.

Here are some tips and thoughts on how to find the motivation to do that.

Understand Where the Block is Coming From

Are you feeling unmotivated to produce content today?


It’s an important question and when you understand the reason, you’ll know how to fix it.

These are some of the most common reasons for experiencing a motivation block:

  • Fear. If the topic seems overwhelming, you are afraid to start. You undermine your chances of success by telling yourself you’re not good enough. What can help in this situation? Make a step-by-step plan with smaller, achievable goals.
  • Burnout. You’ve been working so hard for an extended period that your energy levels are burned out. In this case, you need rest before you proceed to produce content again.
  • Stress. You’re not writing out of pure pleasure. When producing content for PR purposes, you have goals to meet. At times these expectations impose so much stress that you can’t even begin writing. What do you do? Just start writing. Putting it off is not going to help your stress levels, but getting it done will.
  • Distractions. You start the day with a mantra, “Today will be a productive day.” Then, you look at Instagram just to check what’s new. You promise yourself, “It will be just five minutes.” An hour is gone before you know it. Get rid of those distractions! Install browser extensions to block them, so you’ll have no other choice but to focus on your work.

Once you realize where the lack of inspiration is coming from, you can fix it.

Now, you are ready to look for content marketing inspiration.

The following tips can help.

Content Marketing Inspiration: Freewriting

You have no idea how to start writing.

Maybe you are not motivated at all.

Here’s an interesting method to try: freewriting!

Set a time limit. Let’s say it’s half an hour. Sit in front of the computer. Open a blank document. Start writing. Anything!

Don’t put a limit on your imagination at this point.

Just start typing the words that come to your mind and freewrite during the time you allotted yourself.

You don’t need to worry about organization, grammar, or choosing the right words.

At this point, you only need worry about getting ideas out of your head.

You’ll be surprised to see how many surface when you don’t set a limit on your imagination.

Share Personal Stories

What’s the first thing you can do when you run out of ideas for content marketing?

Share the personal experience of people who have used the product or service you’re trying to promote.

Demonstrate how it changed the way they do things.

Prove how it made their lives simpler.

This is called social proof, and it’s a powerful tool in the hands of a PR specialist.

Here’s the deal: you ask the brand’s clients to share their experience.

Because not many people are willing to do this without getting anything in return, offer them a discount code for future purchases, or a free eBook, or a free monthly membership to the site, or any other deal that comes to mind.

Then share those testimonials, one by one.

You are getting content without much effort.

Be Inspired by Quotes

You may think those quotes with beautiful images all over Pinterest are useless, and they might be.

But when you find the right quote at the right time, it may trigger the motivation you need.

These quotes don’t necessarily need to be about inspiration.

You can search for quotes related to the topic you want to write about.

Let’s say you’re writing content to promote a cause.

You come across this piece of wisdom by Mark Twain:

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

This quote can instantly motivate you to boost awareness of issues or causes that might demand more attention.

Finding the right quote can instantly get you writing.

Bribe Yourself

If I write this by noon, I’ll have the rest of the day to wander around town and eat at that new restaurant downtown. If I don’t have it finished by noon, I’ll be stuck at the computer for yet another day.

When you see things from this perspective, it is easy to make a choice.

You are not exactly forcing yourself to write when you use this method.

You’re bribing yourself, but with a positive connotation.

Think of a reward that pushes you to finish your job sooner.

It may be a TV show, a long walk, a meetup in the local pub, or anything else you enjoy.

The thought of having something to look forward to will inspire you to be more effective in completing your writing project.

Now it’s Your Turn

Do you know what doesn’t work when you’re trying to motivate yourself to write?

Forcing yourself.

You can’t force yourself to write a great deal of content every single day.

It just doesn’t work.

Motivation is a totally different thing.

When you understand why you’re doing this, you find ways to get better at it and now you’re ready to get things done.

By the deadline!

Have you tried any of the methods above?

Do you have other tricks that help get you in writing mode?

Maybe you have a superpower, and you never lose motivation.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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