Online Reputation Management: Use the Internet with Confidence

By Blake Boldt

Proper online reputation management is becoming a more critical element in creating the right image of your business.

As the Internet has increased the reach and overall effectiveness of communication, success in the corporate world hinges largely on your ability to control your digital identity.

Most consumers rely on reviews to make their purchasing decisions.

Therefore, your online reputation is a crucial factor in success in any industry.

Politicians, celebrities, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and people across all industries should pay close attention to their online reputation and adjust their presence accordingly.

Online Reputation Management

The ultimate goal of online reputation management is to alleviate any negativity while increasing the number of positive mentions about your business or your brand. Major corporations are spending a significant portion of their budgets on managing and maintaining their online reputations.

The days are over when the most common interaction between you and the buying public was face-to-face communication. In this digital world where opinions number in the millions, issues can gain momentum and keep you from attaining the heights of your industry. Here are some simple solutions to helping your online reputation stay intact.

Stay On Message

When consumers experience a contradiction between the business’s messaging and its actual performance, they may feel the need to express that viewpoint on social media or via review or ratings sites. Online reputation is playing an important role in the continued success of consumer businesses like TVs, laptops, mobile phones, and appliances.

In a recent study, 53 percent of people said they never dig beyond the first two results of a search on Google or other search engine. Meanwhile, 89 percent failed to look beyond the first page.

One of the greatest fears businesses have regarding social media is fear of losing control of their online reputation. Once you open yourselves up to the Internet audience, you will run the risk of spiteful people hoping to sabotage your business with negative remarks.

Let Social Media Be Your Guide

Facebook and Twitter are convenient and effective forums for customer service. If people are experiencing problems or inquiring about your business, give them the necessary information. Engage with these fans and followers by replying to comments and inquiries.

In all communications, you should strive to be professional. When you observe any customer issues, address them immediately.

Avoid Online Fisticuffs

If you’re interested in magnifying the issue, add comments to these existing threads. Don’t fan the flames by adding another layer to this malicious content. When the comment forum takes a turn for the worse, it will eventually settle down if you simply let it go.

An irate customer who issue is resolved will be more likely to become an advocate for your business or brand. How consumers view your ability to handle issues online can make or break your reputation.

Entertain and Educate

Never just assume fans and followers in your network are solely interested in learning about your products and services. People may become more engaged with your business if you’re able to provide entertaining and educational content that improves their lives.

Online reputation management is the new reality in the marketplace. Get your customers on board and let them feel like a part of your business.

One of the worst mistakes businesses make is trying to protect their interests by hiding and not establishing their reputation online. If your business is afraid of establishing social-media accounts, websites, and blogs, then you’re not prepared for 21st century commerce.

Online users can say whatever they think even if you don’t maintain an online presence. If you provide them with a place for interactions with you, you will likely earn a little credibility by helping them with problems they present.

An online reputation management company can provide damage control, along with a host of other services such as monitoring and brand building. These can help prevent negative content from surfacing about your brand, product or service.

Blake Boldt

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