In an era of tightening budgets, it is crucial to possess the skills to accurately measure and convey the worth of public relations to CEOs, executives, and board members. Despite your firm conviction in the value of PR, effectively communicating its significance to stakeholders with limited time, resources, and patience can be daunting. So, how can you tackle this challenge?

Here are approaches our agency recommends for optimizing your communication endeavors and empowering you to inspire your leaders to embrace a strategic PR plan while unleashing the superhero within you.

Emphasize Your Business Goals

The primary focus of the board of directors is the achievement of the organization’s financial objectives. When communicating PR outcomes, it is essential to establish a clear connection with specific business goals, such as boosting sales, enhancing brand recognition, and attaining a greater share of voice in media coverage, especially compared to competitors.

Leverage Metrics and Data

Harness measurable metrics and data to showcase the effectiveness of your PR endeavors. This could encompass various factors such as influence on search engine results and SEO, engagement on social media platforms, or website referral traffic.

Contextualize the Metrics

Enhance the understanding of the metrics you present by offering comparisons to historical performance or industry benchmarks. By doing so, you can assist the leadership team and the board in comprehending the importance of your results and evaluating their competitiveness relative to industry peers.

Harness the Power of Visuals

In the same way that a single image can convey a wealth of information, incorporating visuals such as charts, graphs, or infographics into your presentation enhances your main ideas and significantly improves the accessibility and comprehensibility of your data. As an illustration, instead of simply presenting the headline text for a top-tier story, consider capturing a screenshot of the printed version to provide a more impactful visual representation.

Strive for Conciseness

Maintain a brief and focused presentation, highlighting the most crucial information. Considering the limited time of board members, it’s important to convey your message in the most efficient manner. Emphasize top-line results and limit your slides to three or four at most.

Promote Transparency

Emphasize the importance of transparency by openly addressing the challenges or limitations encountered during the pursuit of your objectives. You can establish credibility and foster trust with your superiors by detailing both successful and unsuccessful approaches. This also showcases your resilience in overcoming obstacles and your aptitude for acknowledging external factors beyond your control.

Rely on Data

When presenting your PR outcomes, it’s crucial to rely on metrics and data and consider integrating PR metrics with essential marketing and sales metrics. Collaborating closely with your marketing team and leveraging tools such as Google Analytics allows you to demonstrate the direct effect of PR results, such as media coverage, on various aspects, including website traffic, search rankings, sales leads, webinar registrations, and social media engagement.

Regularly reporting PR results to leadership is also crucial. Whether monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually, it ensures that the board and senior management stay well-informed about PR efforts, accomplishments, and obstacles. By increasing their understanding, they can become strong advocates for the PR program, which ultimately benefits the organization.

Prioritize Business Outcomes

Successfully conveying PR results to leadership requires crafting a persuasive and concise argument highlighting how your efforts directly contribute to the organization’s goals and objectives. To achieve this, prioritize emphasizing business outcomes, substantiating your claims with data, and openly acknowledging any obstacles encountered along the way. 

By adopting this approach, you can establish credibility, foster trust and effectively demonstrate the immense value of PR within your organization.

Michiko Morales

Michiko (Michi) Murakami Morales is senior vice president of public relations at Gabriel Marketing Group. A senior communications and marketing professional with more than 20 years of public relations, communications and marketing experiences, Michi has led communications campaigns for clients in various industries including technology, IT services, defense contracting, business consulting, higher education, consumer product, education, healthcare, non-profit and financial services. Michi has managed successful media and analyst relations campaigns and secured coverage in numerous national and international media including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Bloomberg News, Fortune, Forbes, TIME, The Washington Post, CNN and CNBC.

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