Put Your Data Literacy to the TestBy Leta Soza

In her latest book, CEO of Pure Communications, Deirdre Breakenridge shares her insights into the changing media landscape and the strategy-packed roles of PR’s future.

The honeycombed matrix below, which she’s coined “The PR Hybrid Professional Chart of Responsibility,” outlines roles spanning from Master of Metrics and Technology Tester to Relationship Analyzer and beyond.

PR Hybrid Professional

The common thread: All of these roles are dependent on some level of data literacy, or the ability to read, create, and communicate data as information.

Data Literacy in PR

I agree with Deirdre’s prediction—the future of PR is all about data literacy, especially as companies and brands seek more concrete metrics for gauging success and justifying cost versus return-on-investment.

We must put to rest the stereotype that a PR pro is nothing but an event-producing fast-talker with an overflowing Rolodex and binders full of media clippings as proof of success.

There will always be a need to perform “traditional PR duties,” but there’s so much more PR pros must be able to do so they can strategize, seek, secure, and report back with both measurable results and innovative ideas on how to move forward.

In order to allow you to test your own level of data literacy, we had our rockstar communications coordinator, Alexis Anthony, put together this nifty little 10 question quiz that’s meant to provide some honest feedback on where your data strengths lie and where you may need a little more education investment.

Full Disclosure: We had three members of our own team take this quiz and their scores ranged from 70-90 percent accuracy, which turned out to be valuable feedback for our own professional development strategies.

Take the Quiz: Test Your Own Data Literacy

Let’s get to it! Weeeeee…

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Take the Quiz Now: PR Pros, Test Your Data Literacy #PRTech

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