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What FitBit Can Teach You About Accountability

By: Corina Manea | September 21, 2016 | 

What FitBit Can Teach You About AccountabilityBy Corina Manea

Accountability is a word you hear often in team meetings, client meetings, and even in annual reviews.

Some like it, some not so much.

But here is the thing: The word itself, “accountability” is just that—a word.

The meaning we give it, well that’s a different story.

At this point you may be wondering what FitBit has to do with accountability and why the heck don’t I get to the point.


Let me tell you a story about a gal who claimed a while back she would not wear a fitness bracelet ever, not matter how cool it was. (I am pretty sure Gini has that recorded somewhere.)

She was sure it was a stupid thing and it wouldn’t help with her fitness goals, so why bother.

Boy was she wrong.

In no time she learned how to use it, how to set goals, and found that many of her friends were already using it.

She became involved, she even liked competing with friends and looked forward to reaching her personal goals every day.

You guessed by now, it’s me!

Discovering and embracing FitBit was a journey towards accountability for me.

Six Things You Can Learn About Accountability from FitBit

Setting Up Doable Goals

Just like most beginners, I fell into the trap of setting a high goal for myself.

I wanted to compete with the big guys or gals in my case (cough Gini, Laura).

If they could do it, so could I.


I failed to take into account the training they had ahead me.

So to be able to even think I could compete with them I had to set a doable goal for myself and train every day.

Guess what?

It wasn’t easy!!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Accountability is about practice.

It’s about working your butt off over and over again, whether it’s for fitness, PR, your own business, fill in the blanks.

You cannot compete with the big guys, if you’re not first accountable to yourself and practice your craft every day.

Consistency Is Key

To be successful you need to be consistent.

Want a successful blog? Blog consistently.

Want to be super healthy and fit? Work out consistently.

Consistency is about taking small steps every single day towards the goals you’re trying to achieve.

At first, you won’t see much improvement.

At times it would look like you’re stuck in the same place.

Ignore those feelings. Keep going.

One day you’ll wake up writing better blog posts and articles.

One day you’ll wake up and run five miles, 10 miles, maybe even a marathon.

One day you’ll wake up and see you can actually smile to that big scary client.

Consistency is the key to your success and it goes hand in hand with accountability.

It’s About Awareness

FitBit helped me become aware of my daily routine, my daily habits.

I learned what it meant to get to 10,000 steps per day.

I knew what I needed to do to reach 20,000 steps per day.

But above numbers, I became aware and understood what it took me to get to those goals on a daily basis.

No, it wasn’t easy and it came with ups and downs.

“What do you mean I can’t have fries every day?”

That was one of the conversations I had with myself…daily!

Awareness brought me accountability.

As I started to see small results, I became hungry for more.

Which leads me to…

Healthy Habits

Forming healthy habits it’s not as easy as it might seem.

Even if you know intellectually what it’s good for you and what is it not, those years of practicing bad habits, will fight you at every step.

You must persevere.

As for my fitness journey, I learned that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should be a healthy one.

I learned to drink water. Yes, you can laugh, but it’s true. I barely drank water.

It’s About Community

Whether it’s business or fitness, it’s about community.

FitBit brought together like-minded friends.

It helped form a community around a common goal—becoming healthy.

I’m excited to check and see how my friends are doing each week, and how far behind or not I am.

And when you get called out on Facebook cause you lost your FitBit (cough Eden), you feel great, because you realize your friends care.

It’s fun and it’s motivating.

There you have it.

These are the some of the things FitBit taught me about accountability.

How about you? What experience do you have with FitBit or other brand?

About Corina Manea

Corina Manea is the chief community officer at Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She works directly with Spin Sucks students and writes for the award-winning PR blog. She also is the founder of NutsPR. Join the Spin Sucks  community!

  • I experience a sense of “what’s the point” when you know Laura and Gini will always win the Challenges. Always.

    In all seriousness, though, I love the community and encouragement that comes with weekday challenges with friends, and the sense that you’re part of something global and fun. 🙂

    • I feel much the same.

    • Corina Manea

      LOL! Well you never know…

      Me too, I love the community and challenging one another. It’s super fun.

    • Me three! It sure does keep me accountable even if I have no intention of showing Gini up. But I do feel good for the hour or two a week when I’m ahead of her. 😉

      • Corina Manea

        LOL! Celebrate every success, no matter how small 🙂

        • Laura Petrolino

          LOL! Corina…way to be the optimist. Well said!

          • Corina Manea


  • Thank you for sharing this, Corina. I love my FitBit, so this made absolute sense to me!

    • Corina Manea

      Yay! So happy to hear that, Hilmarie!

  • I got a FitBit last Christmas and love tracking my steps, resting heart rate, and sleep. It’s helped keep me accountable and I love the community aspect of it. I’ll probably never win the steps challenge (a couple of friends are ultramarathoners) but it’s fun to see the progress everyone is making and to cheer one another on.

    • Corina Manea

      It’s so motivating. And even if you don’t get to catch up with your friends, you can still set your own personal record.

  • A post floated across my awareness this morning re: why fitness devices result in people being less active. I only skimmed it but I think the premise was something like “they feel they’re working out more so they can eat more.” // It took me a LONG time to become a FitBit user. I’ve already got lots of monitoring/logging going on: Training Peaks (for my coach), Daily Mile (for the DM community), Charity Miles (for the causes), my Garmin, and my human microchip (an implanted loop recorder that records every single beat of my heart – yippee…). // BUT as Danny pointed out elsewhere … there’s power in community. Power and humility when you end up at the bottom of the pile every week. 🙂

    • Corina Manea

      Maybe, Paula. But the purpose is not to become the winner in your community, unless you want to.
      The best part of it is to train and have fun.

      As for “they feel they’re working out more so they can eat more.” Well you can eat more only by sitting on the couch, you don’t actually need to exercise.

      The idea is to be conscious about your health and do something about it, and if an app or a device can help you get there, even better.

      • Great point! 🙂

      • Hmmmm. Don’t know about that. FourSquare in its hey day had plenty of competition for badges to be mayor of a location!! LOL.

    • You have a Garmin?! OMG, we must connect. Logged 100 walking miles in Europe!!

      I wonder if you’re referring to this story —

      • Yes that’s the story – thanks! I just remembered it skimming by this morning. Look for me in Garmin Connect under paulakiger … if you have trouble let me know. Yay!

  • Hi, I’m new to the community! I like this article on creating realistic goals for yourself and then making yourself accountable with a community of likeminded individuals… I think that it makes a difference though if you already have a built-in community (your PR friends, trusted co-workers, etc.) that you can tap into once you have made your goals. if not, I think the first step is to find a community or accountability partner.

    • Corina Manea

      Hi Jessica,

      Thank you for your comment and thank you for reading Spin Sucks.

      It’s true having a built-in community of friends and colleagues can help a lot!

      • Laura Petrolino

        Welcome to our craziness Jessica!!! So happy to have you here!

  • I love my FitBit! I got it initially to track my sleep habits – which were terrible. Its helped me stay accountable to a regular sleep schedule and my energy levels have improved. Honestly, at first I was hesitant about the community aspect. For some reason knowing that my friends knew how many steps I took weirded me out. I’ve gotten over that and now love that aspect and the challenges that come along with it.

    • Corina Manea

      As you get to use it you love it more. That’s what happened to me too.

  • Corina, I believe you took a bit of artistic license with this piece. I don’t know many people half as accountable as you. I heard a rumor FitBit tapped you as their accountability consultant.

    • Corina Manea

      LOL, Pete!