content mediumIf binge watching television shows and movies was a sport, I would be the undisputed world champion for 10 years running.

(It sounds very lazy when I say it that way, but hey, no shame in my game and all that.)

I love video.

The creation process intrigues me, the creativity required impresses me.

I can’t get enough.

All of this is why video is my content medium of choice.

While I love to read, and do quite a bit in my free time, I will almost always choose video content first.

Bonus points if the video content is accompanied by a more detailed written article.

And I was curious to hear what everyone else’s favorite content medium was as well.

Behold this week’s #SpinSucksQuestion:

What’s your favorite content medium? Do you prefer reading blog posts? Maybe you’d rather watch a video? Are infographics your thing?

The Written Word

Several of the responses included reading/writing as their content medium of choice.

Katie Robbert said:

I like to read rather than watch/listen. I’m usually trying to do more than one thing at a time. Watching or listening to content perpetuates that bad habit and it’s easy to not pay attention, whereas having to stop and read, and absorb helps me slow down and pay attention.

Sara Frey plants herself in the written camp as well:

Love a succinct and witty newsletter, 4-6 min read articles, and an occasional infographic. I know videos are meant to be the hot thing, but for me, they’re a pain to actually watch.

Joseph Thornley prefers reading too:

RSS Feeds—Feedly is a great RSS reader. And Apple News also picks up RSS Feeds. By subscribing through Feedly and annotating/saving through another great tool, Diigo, I can build up my knowledge in a searchable database of the sources I trust. And it keeps clutter out of my email!

Now, let’s see if anyone besides me prefers video content…

Listen, Linda

Does anyone remember the Listen, Linda video?

If you’ve never seen it, you’re welcome. I just made your Friday.

Matt Maxey might not be able to turn down a good photo essay, but he’s also a fan of podcasts:

A photo essay will win my heart every single time (likely from my moonlighting as a photographer), but I also love a podcast from a great storyteller. I’ve found over the years that since I work in creating written word/blogs all day, I tend to consume it differently on personal time.

Video (Didn’t) Kill the Radio Star

Did I give you a lovely little earworm for your Friday? Good luck not singing that for the rest of your day.

Deirdre Lopian, who might also be my spirit animal, picked video as her content medium:

If I need a refresher or full on education on how to do something, I Google a How-To video on You-Tube. I prefer videos on the short side and from reputable sources.

Although she did add she doesn’t rule out other forms of content:

If I am looking to keep up with the trends in our industry or extra insight on a topic, I am going right to blogs. Of course I start with a search in Spin Sucks. I also keep an eye out on new stories from the official Instagram for Business Instagram page. This usually means they rolled out a new feature and are demonstrating it and showing users how to do it! Now, when it comes to anything fitness related, such as wanting to perfect and educate myself on form or find rehab/correction exercises, I go right to reputable  (notice that is the second time I used this word) people on Instagram. I wonder if Laura Petrolino does the same thing.

Content Media Combos

Eric Eastwood loves video but he wants it to be accompanied by a written blog post:

I like a blog post with a YouTube video paired. That way if I have time, I can read and get more in depth, but if I am short for time I just throw the video up. As long as said videos are not excessive in duration.

Kimberly Crossland likes a combination:

I like a combination of content. I listen to a lot of podcasts and enjoy the concept of bringing web audio to a website. You’re able to read while you listen to someone talking to you about what’s in front of you, helping you get from one page to the next. We call it conversational guidance. I also like video when something needs to be presented/shown. It just really depends on where I’m at in my journey.

Shane Carpenter believes there’s a time and a place for all types of content media:

That’s not an easy answer. It really depends on the type of content and why I’m consuming it. If I’m trying to learn, I prefer writing because I can go at my pace. I’m also more likely to remember something that I read. For interviews, I’d much rather have it in an audio or video format. While infographics look great, I don’t really like them because I don’t usually remember the content. I tend to only consume video when it I want to be entertained, or when when I need walk through. Podcasts are lectures and I need to be in a place where I can give them 100% of my attention or I’m wasting my time.

No Wrong Answers

There is no right or wrong way to consume your content.

While video content might be on the rise, there’s no need to worry that written content is going away.

We will always have listeners, readers and viewers.

Besides, it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round, right?

But now, I want to know your answers. As always, the comments are yours.

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Until next time!

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