summer readingMy summer reading addiction always goes into overdrive in June, July, and August.

I don’t know if it’s the long, lazy days or holiday travel, but I consume books at a much faster pace in the summer months.

Almost every night before I fall asleep, I scroll through Goodreads to see if there’s anything new to add to my ever-growing summer reading list.

I’ve always tended to read more horror novels.

Even as a kid I would devour Goosebumps and the Fear Street novels by R.L. Stine.

When I got older, I switched over to Christopher Pike.

Our last #SpinSucksQuestion revolved around books that help with professional development.

This week, we decided to add on to that conversation, but with books that covered any topic or you’re just reading for pleasure.

What is the fiction or non-fiction book you’re most looking forward to reading this summer and why?

So, while I can talk about my favorite books from now until eternity, I’ll turn it over to the answers from our wonderful community.

The Spin Sucks Community’s Summer Reading—Fiction

Heather Feimster:

I’m working my way through the “Sigma Force” novels by James Rollins. It’s as if the Jeffersonian scientists from “Bones” were also special forces and black ops ….

Katie Robbert:

I’m about halfway through “The Stand” by Stephen King—not my first time reading it, but about 20+ years since the last time. The way he writes and tells a story really gets my brain churning.

Shane Carpenter:

“The New Girl” by Daniel Silva. What can I say, Silva is my favorite fiction writer. “The New Girl” is the latest adventure of Gabriel Allon, the Israeli spy and gifted art restorer. This story was inspired in part by the Jamal Kashoggi murder.

Nik Korba:

Beginning “Steppenwolf “by Hermann Hesse this week. Hoping I can use it as the topic for a paper I need to submit with my college application. Starting a Master’s Program in English Literature in the spring.

Debbie Johnson:

I just finished “Daisy Jones & The Six.” It is obviously based on Fleetwood Mac, but the story was told in an interview format, which made for a compelling story. Highly recommend.

Rachel Michelson:

I just finished “We Were The Lucky Ones” by Georgia Hunter. It’s fiction/memoir. Follows four Jewish siblings from Poland during the war. It’s the author’s family story which is why it was compelling. Also it talks about Russia’s role which most holocaust books don’t mention.

The Spin Sucks Community’s Summer Reading—Non-Fiction

Sallie Goetsch:

I’m reading “Invisible Women” by Caroline Criado Perez, which I just heard about on 99% Invisible. The premise: everything around us is designed for only half the population. Sometimes excluding women from your design is irritating. Sometimes it’s fatal. 

Mitch Rezman:

Commuting from Lowell Indiana to Chicago weekly I found LibriVox.

I’m now on chapter eight of “On the Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin 6th revision (1860). It’s also a professional read as 80% of the content I write is about pet bird behavior and their 120 million years of instinctual expectations—that most pet bird keepers ignore—helping me to connect a few dots.

Ozan Toptas:

Looking forward to reading Sigmund Freud’s “Civilization and Its Discontents” and Carl Jung’s “Man and His Symbols”. Especially interested for possible use in communications.

Summer Reading List—Spin Sucks Team

Laura Petrolino:

I read “The Huntress” by Kate Quinn a few weeks ago and LOVED it. It’s a great “girl power” book, which you can’t go wrong with.

Whitney Danhauer:

I’m re-reading IT by Stephen King for probably the third or fourth time. It’s King’s second-longest novel, and it is absolutely bizarre in some places. It paints a clearer picture than any other book I’ve ever read. When you finish it, you feel like you personally know every single person you encountered in it and, to me, there’s something so impressive about having the ability to write like that.

I can guarantee it won’t be the last time I re-read it.

What’s Your Go-To Book This Summer?

We want to hear about it!

All of us at Spin Sucks love to read and we’re always looking for new books to add to our summer reading list.

Now it’s your turn to leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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