Five Reasons to Begin Podcasting Today

By: Guest | March 15, 2012 | 

Today’s guest post is written by Kristine Simpson

It all started with Inside PR, a 15-minute discussion about PR, social media, and communications and how they intersect and on occasions diverge, hosted by Gini Dietrich, Martin Waxman, and Joseph Thornley.

And now I have become an advocate of the podcast.

As the producer of Inside PR, I have seen what a podcast can do to build your brand and relationships with your audience.

Here are just a few reasons why I love podcasting, and why you should love it too.

Extend your network by communicating with everyone. 

Everyone absorbs information in different ways. Some of us are visual learners who do well with charts, graphs, and colors. This part of your audience probably loves your YouTube channel.

Some of us are tactile learners who gain through experience. This part of your audience probably loves communicating with you directly through Twitter, Facebook, or other social media channels where they can share personal, one-to-one conversations.

And some of us are more auditory, learning best from oral speeches and music.

In walks the podcast.

Put a voice behind the face. 

The face of your company may be an attractive woman in her 30s (who has a dog and an awesome blog, *cough* Gini *cough*) in a smashing outfit, but to your audience, a picture and a bio on your “about page” isn’t personal enough. Podcasting puts the face of your company behind a microphone and shows your audience you do exist. You are human…just like everyone else.

Show them how smart you are.

A podcast gives voice to your CEO/business leader. As with blogging, podcasting is a form of sharing your knowledge and your insight on current issues and affairs in an informal and relaxed environment. Take Inside PR for example: Gini, Martin, and Joe recently discussed the privacy issues behind Pinterest. These debates and discussions can truly demonstrate your expertise while showing some personality.

It is easy.

OK, so this point may be subjective, but podcasting is not difficult. There is very little cost involved in running a podcast, and, once you get a hang of the production, it doesn’t take up a huge chunk of your time either. If you are not a fan of writing, blogging may not be your best outlet to share your knowledge, but if you can talk, then you can podcast.

And the final reason podcasts rock…

Because… #5

My mom used this line a lot when I was a kid, and I used to say it was unfair and didn’t work. Her response: “It does work if I know more than you.”

So take it from me, podcasting is an easy, fun, and unique way to connect with your audience through a new outlet.

Have you been thinking about adding podcasting to your content strategy? What’s stopping you?

Kristine Simpson is a public relations and communication professional working in Ottawa, Canada. When she is not at her desk at Thornley Fallis & 76design, she produces Inside PR, writes at Running a PR Life, and soaks in the genius minds of our day on Twitter. Kristine is launching her very own podcast called Young PR Pros with her co-host Charlie Hamilton from London. Stay tuned for their first episode coming soon!

  • Kristinesimpson

    @JimConnolly thanks for the mention!

    • JimConnolly

      @Kristinesimpson you’re a wonderful writer.

  • Kristinesimpson

    @tiglu thanks for the mention 🙂

    • tiglu

      @Kristinesimpson You’re welcome!

  • Podcasting is the one thing I simply cannot give up no matter how busy I am. I love it. You are definitely preaching to the choir with me but it’s nice to hear someone else advocating for it!

  • I’ve long debated about doing a podcast and I think I have finally have a format that could work. Currently I co-host a weekly podcast with @GettysburgGerry (or more accurately, he lets me call in and blather on for 30 minutes at a time. :))

  • Whitney Punchak

    Great post Kristine! And keep up the awesome work – I’m a fan! I’m looking forward to checking out your new podcast. 
    I also wanted to take this opportunity to say hi. Through Facebook I found that we have a mutual friend, Alexandra (aka Zanda). Small world!

  • JeffGeoghan

    @jasonkonopinski @kristinesimpson I just had an agent approach me today about starting on blogtalkradio – he was looking for encouragement

    • jasonkonopinski

      @JeffGeoghan Well, @kristinesimpson is your huckleberry there. I do a show w/ @GettysburgGerry but he handles tech side. I just talk. 🙂

  • I have been doing minipodcasts with Audioboo and have found it to be pretty effective. I am curious to find out what software people are using and whether is a free or paid service.

  • Kristinesimpson

    @ContntMarketing thanks for the mention.

  • Kristinesimpson

    @jasonkonopinski thanks for the mention.

    • jasonkonopinski

      @Kristinesimpson You’re welcome! 🙂 How are you, friend?

  • A podcast is a brilliant way to add something fresh to your content mix. And with the exception of editing (which takes the longest), they’re fairly easy to do. You just need to know to ask the right questions if you’re interviewing someone 🙂 
    Personally, when I’ve done a podcast in the past, I know that it’s been a great source of referral traffic!

  • Doing podcasts is on my to do list for this year.

  • courtneybosch

    We’ve started podcasting this year – what another great way to reach people!

  • Kristinesimpson

    @SavvySexySocial thanks for the mention!

  • Narciso17

    [Good/Quick Read] 5 Reasons to Begin #Podcasting Today via @Kristinesimpson | h/t @ginidietrich @shonali

  • jonbuscall

    Since starting to podcast 18 months’ ago it has become the second biggest lead generator for my business after word-of-mouth. I agree, it’s the show instead of the tell that does it. You get a sense to show just who you are and what you know. 
    My top reason to podcast, though, is that even though its a small market the conversion rates are much higher in my experience. A relatively small but really engaged audience is priceless. Being in someone’s earphones ! Now that’s what I call real permission marketing. 

  • Just catching up on my post-vacation blog posts and I wanted to stop by and say thanks Kristine – for the great job you do on producing Inside PR and making us sound…well, hopefully good.  I agree that podcasting is easier than blogging – especially if you’re a re-writer.  Hopefully, you’re got energy, a personality and something to say.  Then there’s the production part. On Inside PR we record three separate tracks.  And while there are great tools, it takes a talented producer to put it all together week after week.  So thank you!

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  • I’ll give you 82 other reasons. Top of the list: You get to talk to A-listers like Gini Dietrich. That unto itself merits anyone taking a punt on podcasting. Thanks, Gini – for joining me on Conversations last week!

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