Get More Shares on Your Content with these Five Tips

By: Guest | September 25, 2012 | 

Soskey, GinnyToday’s guest post is by Ginny Soskey

If you’re feeling disappointed that people aren’t sharing your content, you’re not alone.

You spend hours crafting content you think readers will love and then…crickets.

There’s good reason to want to fix that.

Shareaholic’s data, based on 200,000 websites reaching 300 million people each month, shows that last month 32 percent of the traffic sent to our publisher websites was through referral traffic.

This is evidence of a change in content consumption behavior.

It’s now less about email and RSS subscriptions and more about people finding your content through social media.

Even then, it’s not all about the magic solution of social timing—your content has to stand on its own and be good enough to motivate your readers to share.

While there isn’t a strict recipe for creating content people love to share, there are some ways you can identify what will work for your audience:

Recognize What’s Working in Your Content Analytics

Before trying a new content marketing strategy, make sure to analyze what content has worked for you best in the past so you can replicate success. Are there certain topics, keywords, or formats that drive the most traffic to your content? If so, change up your content to mirror the successes of your past posts.

You also don’t have to completely forget about your most successful posts once they are written—if the older content is evergreen, continue to link to it in new content to keep new readers engaged.

Develop Your Own Distinct Voice

The key for writing online is to have a distinctive writing style. You shouldn’t be copying your competition’s way of writing—you want your own superfans who will religiously share your content. It doesn’t matter whether you differentiate by making a few enemies or by drawing comics—having a unique voice will make people more invested in sharing your content because it comes from you, not just another blog.

If you need an example of a great writing style, you’re in the right place—On Spin Sucks, Gini Dietrich has a very unique voice that you automatically pick up on when reading. She gives you an insightful and no-B.S. thoughts on what’s going on in the world of PR and marketing, and that’s why you keep coming back.

Engage With Multimedia

There is a reason Pinterest is now the fourth largest social network in the world—people are drawn to visual content online. Including more images in your content is an often-recommended tip, but there’s even more you can do with multimedia to drive traffic to your blog.

If you plan on creating your own images or posting your own photography, make sure to brand your images with the name of your company or blog in order to increase brand awareness. When people know your blog by name, you’ll see your direct traffic improve because your target audience knows where to go for the content they liked on social media. One of our publishers who does this really well is PB Fingers—all of her workout and recipe photos have her URL and the name of her blog on them.

Include the Right Social Sharing Buttons

“Include social sharing buttons” is another often-shared tip when it comes to content. If you want people to share your content, you have to make it easy for them to do so.

Always have easily accessible and stylish social sharing buttons on your blog, but be very selective with which ones you provide. We have found that the Shareaholic publishers who get the most shares are actually the ones who stick to just a few social media icons—five or six at most. Identify the social sharing buttons you actually need by looking at your content analytics and determining where social referral traffic comes from and where your audience is already sharing your content the most.

Enable Content Discovery

We’ve all heard that social media and content marketing can shorten the buying cycle by educating your potential customers before they even land on your website’s product pages. Educated prospects can evaluate your product or service more efficiently because they know what they are looking at.

You can speed up this process even more by serving your potential customers more content with a related content tool such as Recommendations, which will recommend your own posts at the bottom of each blog article you publish. This improves engagement and time on site for your content, as well as creating an opportunity for each visitor to learn even more about what you are offering.

Ultimately, getting people to share your content relies on understanding their motivations for sharing. By following these tips, you’ll better engage with your readers and inspire them to share your content with their network and beyond.

Ginny Soskey is a marketing manager at Shareaholic. Shareaholic creates social sharingrelated content and content analytics tools for more than 200,000 websites, reaching 300 million people each month. You can learn more about creating shareable content and keep up with Shareaholic on the Shareaholic blog.  

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    .@ginidietrich Thanks for having me on the blog! Hope your week is going well 🙂

    • ginidietrich

      @gsosk Thanks for the great content!

  • Gini and Ginny, love this combo 🙂 

  • Actually I come back to Spin Sucks because of the free food and the chance to use words such as “like” and “that” with reckless abandon.
    Like this sentence where I will tell you that good posts are like that one where that guy likes things. 😉

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  • When I took at the traffic sources on my daily posts, at least 30% is coming from search with the rest a blend of direct visits, social and referral links from other web properties (i.e this one!) 

    • Ginny Soskey

       @jasonkonopinski Nice! Sounds like you already have a good strategy already around social shares and referrals. 🙂 Appreciate you stopping by to share your success!

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  • Thanks for this good advice, Ginny. It makes a lot more sense than my usual technique, which involves begging people to retweet my stuff. 🙂 
    I’m not really a Facebook guy, but a friend of mine who is says the biggest single thing he’s done (for his client) is include a great visual with every post. Even for YouTube content — he still uses a large image, and then adds another link to the video, because sharing direct from YouTube gives you a small image. He swears this makes a big difference. 

    • Ginny Soskey

       @barrettrossie Thank you! Glad these tips were helpful for you. 🙂
      I definitely agree with your friend on the Facebook strategy–photos have been found to be get the most engagement ( and I’ve personally seen higher engagement on Shareaholic’s Facebook page by using photos as posts. Maybe that would work for you too! Thanks again for stopping by. 

  • I’ve found that what really works are images, as @barrettrossie says, inspirational messages, quotes and testimonials. It’s all content that people can’t help but to share. I have shared a plain old news story but pulled a quote from it and saw it shared way more often than ones I’ve posted without them. And if you can combine an inspirational message with an image, you’re golden!

    • Ginny Soskey

       @Anthony_Rodriguez  100% agree with you, Anthony. Tapping into common emotions through images and quotes is a great way to connect with others online. Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts!

  • Great blog posting, it was a brilliant read.

  •  @Ginny Soskey thank you for sharing potential advice and tips. Content is the most important thing in marketing. Yesterday I was discussing the same matter with one of my twitter friend, and most of the people these days jumping into Q&A sections, especially in LinkedIn Answers to get fresh ideas about keywords and content to attract their target audience & search engines too.

    • Ginny Soskey

       @Tufee Glad you enjoyed this post! LinkedIn Answers is a great way to come up with new ideas. I’m also partial to Quora for brainstorming topics and keywords. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

      •  @Ginny Soskey Quora is also a very potential platform to show-off your expertise to attract your potential prospects/target audience. Many of my Answers on Quora & LinkedIn Answers selected as a best answer and I’m also getting help from both to generate tutorial/help based videos.

        • Ginny Soskey

           @Tufee Agreed. Congrats on your success!

        •  @Ginny Soskey Thanks!

        •  @Tufee  @Ginny Soskey Great ideas – I will definitely start using Quora more since there are always interesting questions and topics there. Do you prefer Quora or LinkedIn Answers? 

        • Ginny Soskey

           @patrickwagner  @Tufee I prefer Quora, just because of the variety of topics and experts available on there. That’s just me. 🙂

        •  @patrickwagner  both having their own potential you may schedule your time for both, you can even add Quora Q&A feed to your reader like Google Reader so you don’t need to visit when new questions or answers arrives there!

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  • Really great advice here. I’d definitely add thanking people for shares to the list of recommendations. It’s always good to know the author is not only grateful, but aware that you’re sharing his content. This really encourages folks to share future content.
    Another tid bit would be to narrow down the social sharing options. Someone is more likely to make a decision when given three or four options versus eight or nine. One can always experiment with analytics and pick the social avenues that generate the most referrals.

  • Great blog posting.

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  • Thanks for the tips! We’ve also found that we get lots more shares when we acknowledge our creative partners and clients in our content–everyone seems to love a genuine, heartfelt shoutout.

    • Ginny Soskey

       @KimGrob Anytime, Kim! Totally agree–people love to be recognized and appreciated. Glad that’s working for you! 🙂

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    Ginny – So important to develop your own distinct voice. Stand out from the clutter!


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    ginidietrich gsosk Develop your own, distinct voice. Stand out from the crowd.