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Simplify Blogger Outreach with Inkybee

By: Arment Dietrich | April 11, 2013 | 

Simplify Blogger Outreach with Inkybee“Sixty one percent of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.”

That’s from a report by Blogher last year.

I don’t find it surprising. Do you?

Technorati’s  2013 Digital Influence Report, cites 60 percent of respondents as planning an average increase of 40 percent in social spend in 2013.

The report details results of a 2012 survey of 6,000 influencers, 1,200 consumers, and 150 top brand marketers.

Apparently blogs rank high with consumers and factor into purchasing decisions.

Blogs Rule

We’re all reading blogs today.

Interestingly, while brands begin to understand the power and influence bloggers hold in the minds of the consumer, many hesitate to engage with them. Blogger outreach programs, designed to build relationships with the authors of such influential earned media, are time-consuming, complex, and can be difficult to measure.

Bloggers are people. People are difficult to measure and are complex (and often time-consuming!).

Until recently, finding the influential bloggers in a particular niche was extremely time consuming. Evaluating how effectively these same bloggers reach their audience, how engaged their readers are, and how active the bloggers are in social networks–important information and an integral part of the process of building a blogger relations program–took valuable time.

Blogger Outreach Made Easy

Until now. Enter Inkybee.

I’ve enjoyed being part of the beta for Inkybee, a tool which defines itself as making effective blogger outreach simple. While I am far from a power-Inkybee-user, I find the tool does what it says it does. I am excited about the information it provides and the work it automates for me.

To create an effective blogger outreach program you need to find the bloggers who are writing about the things your customers (or your client’s customers) care about. You need to know what said bloggers are writing about, where they show up in social media, and what aspect of your products or services might appeal.

Inkybee automates much of this work for you and, while you still have to communicate with the bloggers and work to develop the relationships, there are four valuable areas where Inkybee does the heavy lifting.

Inkybee Builds Lists of Blogs for You

As a starting point, Inkybee builds your blog list. Supply the criteria for your search, blogs you already know about, the keywords you have identified as relevant, and Inkybee starts working. You get emails each time Inkybee identifies a new blog and adds it to the list. You can easily download your list and review it with your team or client.

Inkybee Assesses Blogger Influence

Next, Inkybee helps assess the blogger’s level of influence. This is huge. The blogs are presented in an easy-to-read format that allows you to compare them at a glance, easily view their social profiles. and follow them without leaving the page.

They also provide the following “influence” and SEO metrics:

  • Size of audience
  • Levels of engagement
  • Frequency of posting
  • Numbers of Twitter and Facebook followers
  • Number of inbound links
  • SEOmoz mozRank
  • SEOmoz PageAuthority
  • SEOmoz DomainAuthority

Having all of this information in one place for your review and assessment? Fabulous.

Inkybee Tracks Relationships and Engagement

Inkybee doesn’t tell you how to reach out to the bloggers you choose. That’s on you. Once you have started communicating however, this blogger outreach tool helps you track the relationships you’re building and makes it simple to add all forms of blogger interaction and then easily stay on top of the day-to-day activity with each blogger. Best of all? You can produce reports to share with your clients. Easily.

Inkybee Measures Your Campaigns

As you know by now, measurement is huge. Being able to judge the success of your blogger outreach program is critical. Being able to easily download a report that highlights the potential size of the audience who may have read a blog post about your product? Heavenly.

Inkybee measures your campaign and also includes information on:

  • Actual levels of engagement with your story
  • Engagement compared to the average for those blogs
  • Actual links from the blog posts to your website
  • Actual traffic from the blogs to your website (via a Google Analytics plug-in)

All of this information is available for total campaign and on a blog-by-blog basis. Easily downloaded in a report you can share with your team or client.

Conducting an effective blogger outreach campaign holds tremendous value for brands and organizations. While using a a blogger outreach tool to automate essential functions doesn’t remove the need for personal involvement and interaction with the bloggers or for using simple common sense in your communications, it does offer incredible value.

Inkybee not only gives you back time – it hands it to you, gift wrapped with your tracking and measurement reports.

Who doesn’t want to have their job made easier and look like a superstar to the client? I know I do. This blogger outreach tool makes that a reality instead of a distant possibibility.

RUN, don’t walk to the Inkybee site while you can still sign up to be part of the beta. They’ll be launching the live product any day.  

Editor’s Note: Inkybee is so excited by the support they’ve received they’re launching a super special pricing deal starting *today* which will only run until May 1st. Pop over and check it out. 

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  1. EdenSpodek says:

    allenmireles I’ve always been skeptical of tools that automate blogger outreach. Although I wouldn’t rely entirely on a tool for identifying a list of bloggers because personal relationship building is a critical success factor, Inkybee sounds promising and affordable for small businesses. I’ll definitely check it out for an upcoming project. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • allenmireles says:

      EdenSpodek allenmireles Eden, I don’t disagree. I think one never wants to totally automate anything. What I have found, however, is that the automation this tool provides is incredibly handy.

    • Danny Brown says:

      EdenSpodek allenmireles Hi Eden,
      Having been on the beta since early days, and seen it evolve (as well as spoken with Hugh Anderson numerous times on it), the automation part is just one facet. All it’s doing is simply taking away some legwork to identifying relevant blogs, and letting you see when they were last active, the kind of engagement they have, reach, etc. There are some other cool features (tag identification, for example, helping to narrow down the most active on your topic).
      You still need to do the legwork of relationship building, but InkyBee is a great icebreaker. 🙂

  2. AmyMccTobin says:

    I just had a demo of Inkybee yesterday and I’m obsessed – it’s not about automation but showing you actual levels of engagement on very specific key words.  I can’t imagine and PR pro  not loving it.  And super affordable – awesome that they’re getting some attention here on Spin Sucks.

    • EdenSpodek says:

      AmyMccTobin I’m looking forward to having a demo soon. I was on their website and after clicking around a bit, hit some error messages so didn’t get much information. Thanks!

      • allenmireles says:

        EdenSpodek AmyMccTobinI’m sorry you ran into error messages when you checked it out. I’ll ask Hugh to follow up with you on that.

        • EdenSpodek says:

          allenmireles EdenSpodek AmyMccTobin Hugh followed up quickly – before you gave him a heads-up based on time stamps. 😉  I’m very impressed with his customer service. Thanks Allen.

    • allenmireles says:

      AmyMccTobin I have enjoyed using it and was pleased to see the pricing when Hugh sent it over. Totally affordable and a great tool. 🙂

  3. allenmireles says:

    hughforth SpinSucks Hugh, it’s a lovely tool and extremely useful.

  4. allenmireles says:

    EdenSpodek SpinSucks Thanks Eden. 🙂

  5. biggreenpen says:

    This is really interesting, Allen. It gave me several angles to explore that I would not have thought of before.

  6. bigboxcar says:

    Good post. Have you used GroupHigh? If so, does Inkybee work as well, better? Thanks!

    • allenmireles says:

      bigboxcar Thanks. Nope, havent used GroupHigh yet. Will have to check into it. 🙂

    • Danny Brown says:

      bigboxcar Haven’t had the chance to use GroupHigh, though have checked them out and requested demo. My understanding is the model is different – their pricing structure is around $3k per year for one license (though this could be wrong, it needs confirmation) and paid upfront (again, needs confirmation). Hugh and the InkyBee product is much more aggressively priced with a focus on different feature sets.

  7. hughforth says:

    AmyMccTobin Thanks, Amy 🙂 And nice to meet you yesterday. Just shout if I can help at all.

    • AmyMccTobin says:

      hughforth Having a blast with it – fascinating. DannyBrown has an additional idea for you – I’m sure he’ll be speaking to you soon.

      • hughforth says:

        AmyMccTobin Thanks Amy. Look forward to learning the outputs of DannyBrown’s whirring brain 🙂

      • DannyBrown says:

        AmyMccTobin hughforth Oh, just quick idea – om Discovery search, last “updated” info would be useful to see before adding to Lists

  8. SpinSucks says:

    AnneReuss Hey Anne! Hope all is well 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  9. SpinSucks says:

    maxhansen Thanks for sharing Max!

  10. SpinSucks says:

    AmyMccTobin I have to try it out now…thanks for sharing Amy 🙂

  11. HughAnderson says:

    Thank you to allenmireles for the great review and thanks to everyone for commenting. We’re looking forward to an amazing year of developing Inkybee to provide a truly extra-special experience for everyone working in this area. 
    And we will stick by our beliefs in making sure Inkybee is available and affordable to the people and organisations that really need it – principally individuals and smaller, independent agencies/organisations.
    So chuffed to feature on Spin Sucks, it’s such an awesome community. Certainly made my day 🙂

    • belllindsay says:

      HughAnderson allenmireles Just as an aside: I absolutely LOVE the name! 😉

    • bigboxcar says:

      HughAndersonallenmirelesSo, did you use Inkybee to reach out and connect with allenmireles? 😉

      • HughAnderson says:

        bigboxcar allenmireles Well, we certainly used Inkybee to tell us how relevant and influential Spin Sucks is. Inkybee deliberately does not do any automated (read: spammy) reaching out, so the relationship building was done as it should be. And now we are using Inkybee to measure the success of the coverage of our beta – and @SpinSucks is definitely now the leader for level of engagement.

        • belllindsay says:

          HughAnderson bigboxcar allenmireles You can’t automate relationship building right? Though many seem to want it to go that route. Interesting that in this day and age, with all the technology we all use every second of every day, the *human* aspect remains at the core. Bring on the robots! Real human connection will always triumph.

      • AmyMccTobin says:

        bigboxcar HughAnderson allenmireles I like it, but I just adore the word chuffed.  🙂  We’re chuffed with Inkybee is even better.

    • allenmireles says:

      HughAnderson allenmireles I love the use of “chuffed”. Trying to figure out how I could say it myself. Wouldn’t sound right without the accent, though.

      • HughAnderson says:

        allenmireles Oops, I hadn’t appreciated how coloquial Scots “chuffed” is. Braw!

        • AmyMccTobin says:

          HughAnderson allenmireles Ha! Didn’t see this comment when I made mine – and it’s not only Scottish is it? The English use it too.
          Here’s my idea:  T shirts that say: I’m chuffed with Inkybee.  Bzz.

      • belllindsay says:

        allenmireles HughAnderson That’s the great thing about being Canadian – we get to use British’isms and not sound silly doing it! LOL

  12. Dr_Rae says:

    Great article Allen, and conversational information…  Plan to look into Inkybee, thank you all for sharing!

  13. allenmireles says:

    annelizhannan SpinSucks Thanks Anneliz! 🙂

  14. ForthMetrics says:

    Soulati ginidietrich allenmireles Thanks, Jayme. We won’t forget the guys who were first to give us a bump up 🙂

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  16. NateStPierre says:

    ginidietrich I don’t know or care what Inkybee is, but the name did make me chuckle. #tehcuteness

  17. allenmireles says:

    suddenlyjamie SpinSucks Thanks for the retweet, Jamie. Happy Friday!

    • suddenlyjamie says:

      allenmireles My pleasure. I was glad to learn about InkyBee and look forward to giving it a try. 🙂

  18. dbvickery says:

    Hopefully, we will get to the point of needing this kind of service with our own product offering. I do not see it having as big a play with our B2B services (software dev, business intelligence, etc). Basically, we should be the content drivers and thought leaders in those fields.
    I definitely see where it would apply to B2C products/services.

  19. IBRevolution says:

    All Inkybee features are currently free?

    • HughAnderson says:

      IBRevolution Yes. Free public beta has access to all areas. Moving to a paying model now, but all new users still entitled to a 30-day free trial with full access.

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  21. Tinu says:

    Cool sounding tool with reasonable pricing. I really like when a subscription is priced so that even if I don’t use a tool every month, I won’t mind staying subscribed just to have my work saved.

  22. […] been a great 7 days for Inkybee with huge numbers of new users joining and a very positive review in Spin Sucks highlighting the importance of blogs in digital […]

  23. SylviaDewy says:

    Hi Allen,
    I like the post and thank so much for sharing such inkybee tool with us. You have done wonderful job.
    Sylvia Dewy

  24. […] marketing should focus on building relationships and cultivating feedback, not just driving transactions. You won’t be successful if you simply […]

  25. GrowMap says:

    I use Inkybee almost every day. We were just discussing it on #AtomicChat last night. Chase McMichael at Infinigraph knows I recommend Inkybee regularly so he sent me this link. Inkybee is very reasonable in price, but if you want it at the current price you may want to act quickly. They have been adding features and I know they are considering raising the price. Anyone on the fence can check out the video I made in January 2014 for this review:

    That video doesn’t show that you can now organize your lists in folders and assign them to specific clients. I may not have shown how campaigns work. I’ll be doing a new video as soon as I can, but if you want a way to find blogs and prioritize them by influence I would definitely just sign up for the free trial.

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