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Spin Sucks (the Book) is Here!

By: Gini Dietrich | March 31, 2014 | 

Spin Sucks, the Book with Gini DietrichBy Gini Dietrich

Warning: This week is all about Spin Sucks. We’ll return next week to our regularly scheduled programming.

It’s official! Spin Sucks is now available!

There is a lot going on this week, including a contest, free content, social media fun, a live Q&A, a webinar, and more.

Our goal is to be like Jay Baer and become a New York Times bestselling book.

But we need your help! We have to sell 10,000 copies between now and Saturday.

Here’s what you need to know.

Buy a Copy (or Copies) of Spin Sucks

If you buy a copy (or copies) of Spin Sucks, email me a copy of your receipt and I’ll send you $200 worth of free content.

You’ll get:

Encourage your friends and family to do the same. Anyone who emails me their receipt this week only gets all this free content.


For two organizations that buy 300 or more books by April 5 and pay for my expenses (I’m a really cheap date), I will speak at your conference for free (a $15,000 value).

Just like the individual copies, please send me your receipt and we’ll work out details, including timing and location.

Livefyre Q&A

On Wednesday, Lindsay Bell will host the Livefyre Q&A because I will be the featured author (one of the key benefits of owning the joint).

At noon ET (that’s 11 a.m. CT, 10 a.m. MT, and 9 a.m. PT, for those of you who can’t do time zones), I will be right here on the blog answering questions about Spin Sucks live.

If you’ve never attended a Livefyre Q&A, it’s easy!

All you have to do is create a Livefyre account (if you don’t already have one, which is easy to do either with an email address or one of your social networks) and be ready to type questions on Wednesday during the noon-1:00 hour.

There will be a blog post on Wednesday morning with more details.

It’s really fun, moves very fast, and you get my undivided attention for the hour.


On Thursday at noon ET (that’s 11 a.m. CT, 10 a.m. MT, and 9 a.m. PT, for those of you who weren’t paying attention above), I am giving a webinar about Spin Sucks.

You’ll learn:

  • How to tell your story without sex or extortion;
  • How to work with the customers who control your brand; and
  • How this crazy digital world has completely turned PR on its head…and what to do about it.

You can go ahead and register now for it. It’s free.

But hurry! We have room for only 100 people live.

If you can’t attend live, please do register. We’ll send you a copy of the video afterwards. But, if you don’t register, we won’t know you want the video.

To register:

  • Just click here to go to the free purchase page.
  • Click the blue “free purchase” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Click the blue “checkout” button.
  • Login if you have an account. If you don’t, create a free account.
  • Click the gray “free download” button.
  • Then you can do one of two things: 1) Click the blue link that says, “Spin Sucks, the Book” under Products; or 2) Wait for the email to arrive in your inbox.
  • Fill in your name and email address on the ClickWebinar site and you are all registered!

How You Can Help

  • Buy the book, read it, and post a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads.
  • Encourage your fans and followers and friends and family to buy this week. If they do, have them email me their receipt and they’ll get the freebies listed above.
  • On both Twitter and Facebook, please use #spinsucks. It’d be cool if a celebrity doesn’t do anything crazy and we could get it trending!
  • Share any social media updates or blog posts you see about Spin Sucks.
  • Enter the Facebook contest for fun giveaways, including free consulting time with me. Find it on the Arment Dietrich Facebook page.
  • We put together a list of social media updates to make it easy on you. Visit that page and copy and paste or click “click to tweet.” We’re adding new social media updates every day, so check back often. It’s super, duper easy!

The Spin Sucks Video

Thanks to Tony Gnau and T60 Productions, we have an official Spin Sucks video.

It’s a less than two minute look at what you’ll find in the book.

Here we go! New York Times bestseller list, here we come!

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro.


Gini, I'm so proud to know you! I can't wait to read the book and to teach myself to reuse these pr muscles of mine after too many years of dormancy! Here's to you and your team and all the good that will come from your shared wisdom!


I still have three copies of your first book! ;) Two signed and one to give away (which I keep replacing as I give it away) so I think I will be needing a few of this one, too. So happy for you -- excited to see you on the NYT best-sellers list!


Woooohoooo! So excited for you, Gini! I ordered my book over the weekend. Looking forward to reading it! I'm sure it's going to be great. :) 


Gini, Congratulations and all the best on both the book and being like Jay Baer, getting on the NYT best selling list.  As opposed to all the various efforts you have underway, Jay just sent me his book, autographed personally and then I reviewed it on my blog.  

In the meantime, I must say you got a lot "hustle" going on here...

Personally, I cant wait to read it.  it sounds awesome and I am keen to dive in, as well as see you all over the place doing amazing work ...and for that I say thanks too!   


Really well done video and I very much enjoyed the book. FYI - I did a review of your book on my podcast and will have a blog post out later in the week.


Congrats, Gini! I'm definitely buying a copy!  :-) 

I already signed up for the Webinar. I just hope I can make it at that time. I'll try my best, though! I'm so happy you're on the up-and-up! I'll see what I can do on my end for you. 

I wish you all the best with the launch! 

Latest blog post: The Deaf Club


YAY! So happy to see all the posts and reviews today and so thrilled for you! The video is a perfect addition. I hope tons of people buy this -- not just because I want you to be successful, but because it's a really good book!


Book purchased, so I'll now be able to add my review. Also, my T60 blog post review will be up tomorrow!

--Tony Gnau


SO excited for you, Gini! Try not to lose too much sleep this week ;-)

Cision NA
Cision NA

Congrats, Gini! We can attest that the book is a must-read for communicators and those that drive business. We read our galley copy in three sittings - I think that is all the 'review' you need! 




My dear Ms. Dietrich: I'll buy your book If you'll buy mine title ROBBY.  


It's out for delivery today! (How I love Amazon Prime!) @ginidietrich I'd email the receipt, but you have to promise not to mock me for a) Still buying physical CDs (I have trust issues with iTunes) and b) my taste in music. :)


Adding my voice to a constantly growing congratulatory chorus! 


@ginidietrich 3:30 during launch week? Not too shabby. Get that under eye concealer ready!

Cision NA
Cision NA

@ginidietrich Haha - yes, a very good thing! It was a detailed and thorough read - and it sounds trite - but we couldn't put it down. Although it's a 'business' book with case studies and tips, it reads like a story; like Hunger Games :)


@ginidietrich @jdrobertson I am for sale on Amazon - however the hard copy is in the mail to you via Box 13013 Chicago IL - USPS tracking number: 9114901159818104302254. I was only teasing about a trade I send my magnum opus to you in appreciation for the wonderful SpinSucks (hate the name by the way) blogsite and the great, great bunch who frequent (abuse) it. It is fun, civil, way upscale and if I could get all the people I'd like to meet who appear on SpinSucks it would take Lincoln Center three shifts to  hold them. I would particularly like to meet you, Rebecca Amy Todd, who I sometimes think you need to throw a net over and Bella Lindsey. That said, I do believe it's just possible - just possible  mind you - if you're careful you just may.learn something. I don't remember how I came on to SpinSucks but it most certainly was a red letter day for me. - God bless. p.s.


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