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Spin Sucks Relaunches!

By: Gini Dietrich | July 7, 2010 | 

A few of you have been dying for today to arrive (cough, Courtney Dial and Valerie Simon, cough) and it’s finally here! Spin Sucks relaunches with a new design, look, and feel! But that’s not all…check out what’s to come!

As a recap, what you can expect to see every day:

* More content under communication, advertising, marketing, social media, SEO, and business growth

* Guest bloggers every day

* Expert Q&As

* Industry innovations

* Comment of the week

* Giveaways and contest

All of this will remain free, but be watching later this year for a subscription-based, behind-the-scenes Spin Sucks that will garner you access to more content, discussion groups, brainstorming, and access to experts.

Tell us what you think, what you’d like to see more (or less) of, if you know experts you’d like to see interviewed, if you’d like to guest blog, and if you’ve seen an industry innovation you’d like to see highlighted. This blog is evolving to help you do your jobs in the above six categories so tell us what you need from us.

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter…we’re Spin Sucks!

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • Love the counter-intuitive thought here…first, get named PR Blog of the Year (congrats, BTW) THEN re-launch?

    Zag when everyone else zigs.

    Go get ’em!

    • Gini Dietrich

      I guess that was kind of backwards, huh??

  • Gini, you’re a natural on video! I love it.
    So excited I was part of the pre-launch as a guest blogger and can’t wait to see how Spin Sucks evolves.

    • Gini Dietrich

      You are so my BFF now, Paige!

      • I’m OK with that! And LOVE that you can comment on individual comments. That makes interaction so much easier! I LOVE exclamation points!!

        • Gini Dietrich

          I also LOVE exclamation points and the fact that we can comment on individual comments! 🙂

  • Ike

    The site looks great! Take the best, and make it better.

    (I guess with all the stuff here, I need to just shut down my site…) 😉

    • Gini Dietrich

      Are you kidding me?? You gave me fodder, just yesterday, for a blog post I’m writing now.

  • My favorite blog just went from good to amazing! Guest bloggers every day? This is amazing. Love the layout, love the new additions, fabulous!

    • Gini Dietrich

      You crack me up! I really just want to win FADS tablescape stuff.

      • Well well, you’re in luck, stay tuned.

  • Great job, Gini! Love the new concept and look! BTW You are fabulous on camera!

    • Gini Dietrich

      Oh wait! Now you AND Paige are my BFFs! Thank you!

  • Go to it, girl! Good stuff. 🙂

    • Gini Dietrich

      Thanks Nate!

  • This looks great!Congratulations to you and the AD team. I have always found this blog to be informative (and fun!) and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

    • Gini Dietrich

      Thanks Abbie! And thanks for acting surprised… 🙂

  • Congrats, miss.

    New site looks awesome – very clean and clear. Just, please, don’t turn into Mashable with all the goodies to come… 😉

    • Gini Dietrich

      We have zero desire to try to be Mashable, so don’t worry! And…thank you!!

      • Good. 😉

        One quick suggestion – might want to consider having the design separate threaded comments/conversations, just so it’s easier to see commenter versus Spin? Just a small indent, or different colour background for author comments?

        Of course, tell me to take a running jump, too. 😉

        • Gini Dietrich

          I really like that tip…adding to the list of tweaks that need to be made. Thanks!!

  • Thanks for all your comments and support, everyone! It will take us some time to work out some of the kinks, so bear with us. But we’re so happy to hear the positive reviews so far. Thank you!

    • Dan, I love The Kinks! I still have some on vinyl! Don’t get rid of them.

      Seriously, love it! Great job everyone!

  • Congrats on the PR Blog of the Year. That’s huge! Love the shorter name and new site. Nice and clean. Love your videos. Cracked me up when you stopped to drink your coffee.
    (Can I tell you how many times I reshot my video because I did the same nose scratching thing you did? Next time, I’ll let it go.) Now, I’ve got a few cool ideas for you. Will tell you privately. And what the heck is up with calling Michelle Tripp (who is fabulous) and Paige Worthy (also cool) your BFF’s? I thought I was. Is this about that ocean water???

    • Maybe the F’s have different meanings, Kat…
      Like Michelle is her “best fabulous friend,” and I’m her “best fat-kid friend” (we did have an awesome brunch together) and you’re her “best effin’ friend.”


      • Paige, you are effin brilliant. You can be my new BFF (best fun friend). And apparently, Gini is easily influenced by compliments. And food.

    • I agree with all of the above about how great the relaunch is, and that Gini is a natural on camera. However, I am confused about how many BFF’s Gini has. I thought I was her BFF, now I’m shocked to find out that she has at least THREE other BFF’s! This must be some kind of PR strategy she learned at Creighton University, or something…..

      • I think Paige might be on to something. Maybe mine stands for “Best Funny Friend”-but then Gini tends to laugh all the time about everything. Though, I seem to be one of the few people that she laughs AT (instead of with) all the time!

        • Gini Dietrich

          You compliment me or send Pete food, you get the title. That’s how it works. Though the ocean water is a great gift. Okay, Kat. You, too, are my BFF!

  • Ces

    Nice! Promise not to let my political side out anymore!

    Looking forward to the new stuff!

    • Gini Dietrich

      HAHAHAA! I’ll believe it when I see it! 🙂

  • Don’t worry, the Tour is on in primetime!

    • Gini Dietrich

      I have it TiVo’d AND I have the iPhone tracker AND I have the extended coverage online. I’m all about it!

  • Oh, and the new blog design looks great, BTW.

    • Gini Dietrich

      Oh…and thanks!

  • Wow, love the makeover!

    • Gini Dietrich

      Thanks Lyn!

  • Nice Work!

    Love the new layout.
    Clean, simple, functional, and chock-full of great stuff!

    I am more than excited for the daily guest bloggers, comment of the week, and more Gini on video (I think you are great on camera as well?).

    All the best to you and the entire AD/Spin Sucks team! Can’t wait to see what comes next;)

    • Gini Dietrich

      You really think more video? I don’t think I have enough to say for more than one a week. What would I put on video?

      • I think contest winners, comment of the week, etc. should be announced via video! It is fun, personal, and engaging. And if you do not want to get in front of the camera more than once a week, you can make Dan or Molli do it;)

  • Kara Vanskike

    I really liked the old site, but the cleanliness of the new site is great. Love the white space. I’m looking forward to the new content.

    Questions about guest bloggers: How do you determine who to ask? Do you give them a topic or do they have carte blanche to write about whatever they want?

    • Gini Dietrich

      Hey Dan! Talk to Kara about guest blogging. Also Kara, I owe you an email.

  • Love it! Love the blog. Looks awesome. Comments are sweet. Great example of a blog that focuses on community engagement and interaction. Thanks for adding us to the blogroll. You’re my hero.

    • Gini Dietrich

      No, you’re MY hero!

  • Gini, that was very nice of you to say in the video. I am glad you and everyone else likes it.

    It was an absolute pleasure working with you and of course Dan. Enjoy the blog, don’t break anything! lol


    • Gini Dietrich

      And you should know that the comment about it taking six months to launch is all me…not you. We both know it took me three months to do two hours worth of work.

      • LMAO!!!

      • Thanks for the mention, Nick! Your work is top-notch, and I’m so happy we finally get to share it with everyone (now that Gini got her act together ;-))!

        • Test, test.

        • Gini! So nice to finally see your smiling face next to your comments!

        • But wait, this is the only place it has shown up. Why are you depriving us???

  • You are really a natural at doing these videos! I loved the coffee break in the middle 🙂

    I love the new look and can’t wait to read the content and learn!! Thanks! 🙂

    • Gini Dietrich

      Ha! Thanks!! And big congrats to you on getting everything aligned for the new site!

  • Congratulations Gini…this is not only amazing to be at the beginning of the re-launch but to have the opportunity to become a contributor either by recommending content or being a “guest blogger” just goes to show why you have been, are and will continue to be the one to watch on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Cheers,


  • Yay! Love, love, love it (plus, it’s fun to see your fab bangs on a regular basis). I request more shots of your wardrobe, especially your shoes. 😉

    Seriously, though, SO proud of you. It’s been almost a year since we “met,” and I’ve learned so much from you and so appreciate your generosity and humor. I’d be happy to guest blog any time, should you find that my random hybrid approach to life and business writing suits your needs.

    We’ll toast over margaritas and cheese dip in September!

    • Gini, do you have a SHOE THING?

      I like this Laura lady, by the way.

      • Paige, how did you not know this?! Hang on…I’ll send you proof through Facebook.

        And Laura? Thank you! I’m getting used to the bangs…I am going to be brave and trim them myself tonight. And we definitely would love for you to guest blog!!

      • Paige, 2e can be BFFs, too! 🙂

        Gini–you are brave to trim your own bangs! And I’d be honored.

  • This is a test…sorry. 🙂

  • Marketing is missing as a category!

  • Gini & Team-
    GREAT job! Congratulations and best of luck to you during this really exciting time:)

  • Awesome. Me likey. Well done guys! I’m here everyday and can’t wait to see everything in store moving forward!

    • And you’ll be guest blogging soon??

      • He owes me an email about that…but I’ll cut him some slack since he’s been on the road.

  • I have been enjoying this blog for about six months now. I find Gini’s writing to be a delight. The guest bloggers seem to be of similar caliber, so I look forward to reading the works of future guests.

    I really find the new design to be inviting. Clean lines, easy to navigate, and very contemporary, are the three things I like best.

    Congrats on the redesign. Very well done.

    • Gini Dietrich

      Thanks Brian! I’m a big fan of your writing style, so be sure we’re going to be asking you to submit a post!

  • Congratulations- this looks terrific and I could not agree more with all of the comments regarding your videos 🙂

    • Gini Dietrich

      Thanks friend! I guess more video needs to be in the works, huh?

  • Gini, Finally got around to commenting on the blog relauch. Like the look, agree with Danny that either an indent or color change would help for nested comments from the author.

    CONGRATS on BLOG of the YEAR. May have said that before, but it’s worth repeating. Look forward to the changes, always liked the Comment of the Week that Mark does on Grow, smart idea for community.

    All the best, Davina

    • Thank you, 3Hats! We’re pretty excited about everything that’s going on here.