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The 10 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

By: Gini Dietrich | July 24, 2012 | 

Last week, Jayme Soulati wrote a blog post called, “20 Things to Do Before I Die.”

It was an off-the-cuff blog post; not something she’d been thinking about for years, nor her “final” bucket list.

In it she described things she can control (write a book on how to buy colored stones) and things she can’t control (never say goodbye to my parents).

I learned things about her I didn’t know (she likes rocks), but most importantly, she asked the meme be passed along from blogger to blogger.

Because yesterday’s blog post was so intense, I thought we’d have a little fun today.

So here we go. I ran out of time, so here are the 10 things I want to do before I die.

  1. Ride the Tour de France route. Maybe not all 2,200 miles, but a good portion of it, particularly through the Alps. And I’m talking on my bike. Not in a car.
  2. Grow – and sell – a business. Sure, I could sell Arment Dietrich today if I really wanted to, but it wouldn’t allow me the flexibility to retire if I wanted to. So I guess the real goal is to sell a business that affords me that luxury.
  3. Adopt some kids in need. Mr. D always jokes he wants a built-in basketball team. I don’t want that many kids (I’m the oldest of six; I’ve experienced it already), but I would love to adopt siblings who would otherwise be split up.
  4. Make enough money to provide scholarships. Mostly for our 14 nieces and nephews. And, if there is money left over after that, provide it to under-privileged kids.
  5. Write Spin Sucks, the book. It won’t surprise any of you on this one. This is likely the next book. I am looking at 2014 to get it done. I need a break after this year first.
  6. Ride (and drink) through Italy. Again, on my bike. I’d love to ride from Italian winery to winery, sipping and tasting.
  7. Take cooking classes from a renowned chef. I love to cook and it’s my stress release when it’s too darn cold in Chicago to ride outside. How cool would it be to take lessons from an Italian or French chef?
  8. Write a novel. You would think this blog affords me the flexibility to write business books. And it does. But I’ve also began crafting my fiction, based on some of the bigger and loftier things we discuss in the comments about the change we’d like to see in the world.
  9. Support my mom. Not just when she gets old and can’t take care of herself, but even just provide her a little spending cash to go to the scrapbook store or fabric store or kitchen store. That way she could retire for good.
  10. Take one big vacation every year. I have this really bad habit of not taking time off. The last time I had a real vacation was when Mr. D and I went to Europe to celebrate our five year anniversary…four and a half years ago. That’s stopping this year. I don’t know where we’ll go this year, but somewhere warm after it gets cold in Chicago.

What about you? Care to comment below or blog about the 20 (or 10) things you want to do before you die?

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • michaelgiese

    I want to be the first person to comment on a Spin Sucks blog post!

  • Great list, and great goals. You’d be a great Mom. And your nieces and nephews will love you forever…Aunt Gini…

    •  @KenMueller Assuming I can make it happen. Wait, what am I talking about? They already love me.

  • jckreidel

    @ginidietrich We have #3 in common, so cool! But you’re on your own on with #1. My quads are crying, just thinking about it, Gini.

    • ginidietrich

      @jckreidel Ha! Maybe you could drive the response car? In case I blow out a tire.

      • jckreidel

        @ginidietrich You got it – I’m an excellent support team! LOL

  • margieclayman

    what a fun thing to think about. Now just to be clear, do I have to keep it at 10 or can I go longer? 🙂
    I’ll drive my car when you bike the Tour De France trail. Ya know, just in case ya get tired. Same with Italy. I’ll sacrifice myself that way.

    •  @margieclayman Well, Margie, the original post was 20!

    •  @margieclayman You can write as many as you like! No chance of cheating here. Also, I’ll take you up on your offer. Someone will need to carry food and extra wheels.

  • skooloflife

    Surf the Brazilian coast starting in the north and back to the site of my very first wave to see if the old guy who rented me my board still owns the surf shack on the beach. 

  • megmroberts

    I love these posts – I just learned so much more about you! I am a compulsive list-maker so I have countless bucket lists floating around old notebooks and in Google docs. They are based on different categories, too: runs/races to complete, places to travel, professional goals, family goals, etc. Luckily, I will be crossing off two big ones in the next year: running a marathon and traveling to Ireland with my mom and grandparents. 
    Also, the image you included in your post was taken in my neighborhood. One of the first nights that street art was posted, my girlfriends and I went and added to it. I put both the marathon and Ireland on there!

    •  @megmroberts Many in my community took up the meme and we have perhaps five floating around now. How about you?

    •  @megmroberts I’d love to see the lists you had when you were a teenager. Have you accomplished what you thought you would?

      • megmroberts

         @ginidietrich Not even close, but I love the different paths I ended up taking. That would be an interesting post for my own blog!

  • You could combine several from your “top 10” into a single big vacation.  Fly to Milan, take a class, stay a day and get some fashion, write a few pages for your next book, pedal to Torino, take a  cooking class, pedal to Savona, take a cooking class, pedal to San Remo,  take a class, ride to Nice, France take a class and enjoy the beach, write a few pages, ride to Marseille, take a class…
    I don’t know if you’d have the relaxation that a simple “stay on the beach” vacation would provide, but you would have a heck of a lot of memories!

    •  @JohnAkerson I was kind of thinking I’d take a few years to get those done…or maybe do them multiple times. Of course, if I took six weeks off, I could accomplish it all at once and then go another five years without a vacation.

  • Here are a few that I have had in stone for a while:
    -Hike the Appalachian Trail (North To South). I’ve done 175 miles.
    -Write a book on leadership. I know, like we need another one.
    -Retire by the time I’m 45 so I can volunteer for
    -Get my masters in photojournalism
    -Make enough money that my kids can go to any collage they want
    -Sit on the Green Monster for a Yankees night game (#RedSox!)
    -Successfully start another company
    -Live in Europe for a year
    -Take my kids to see the 7 wonders of the world
    -Run the CHI Full  

    •  @JustInTheSouth Where in Europe would you live? And your last one is easy! Just do it!

  • Excellent list! Not surprisingly, themes of hard work, generosity, family, cycling and food come up. I’m beginning to see a pattern… You know I connect personally to number 3. My siblings, twins, were adopted and I simply would not be who I am without them in our family. It kinda makes me queasy to even think that could have happened. And I would love to read your fiction! I’m always willing to read drafts, too. 

    •  @RebeccaTodd Yeah…me and food. I can’t stop! You are #1 on my list of people to read drafts of fiction. Don’t you worry. 

      •  @ginidietrich I do have a 21 hr & 50 minute flight next week…just sayin’…

      •  @ginidietrich My new list…
        1. Robert Downey Junior.
        That is all. 

        •  @RebeccaTodd LMAO!!!

        •  @ginidietrich  @RebeccaTodd ten times? And be careful what you say. remember: I AM RDJ

        •  @ginidietrich  @RebeccaTodd I can see the next Internet meme being: 10 People You Wanna Do Before You (or They) Die

        •  @KenMueller  @ginidietrich HAHAHA!!! Boy this could get quickly out of control. I’d have to think, but as long as he lives, Sam Elliott is on there for sure…

        •  @RebeccaTodd Just wait until you meet Bobbie Downey Junior, Nascar driver. He is hot.

        •  @KenMueller  @ginidietrich  @RebeccaTodd Is that before or until you die?

        •  @TheJackB  @ginidietrich  @RebeccaTodd Ha. Well, I think Rebecca just said she’d stop short of killing Sam Elliott

        •  @KenMueller  @TheJackB  @ginidietrich No promises! Remember his t-shirt in The Mask? Heh…

      •  @ginidietrich  @RebeccaTodd Ahem. I’m on vacation next week. Merely stating .

        •  @jasonkonopinski  @ginidietrich So you are in to stalking, er, I mean, socializing with RDJ with me? 

  • Twin! This is so cool  you took up the challenge! Thank you for pushing it forward! Love your list, too, and it’s probably exactly what I would’ve expected of you had I even thought of it. 
    This series was so serendipity; I know from whence it came, and it is such an escape for all of us to not cover the usual topical suspects. 
    Anyone else care to play? Thanks, again, Gin Blossom!

    •  @Soulati | B2B Social Media Marketing My pleasure! Thanks for the idea.

  • 1. See a world in peace.
    2. Climb Everest.
    3. Fly into space.
    4. See my kids happy.
    5. Make a documentary.
    6. Paint a masterpiece.
    7. Discover Atlantis.
    8. Have dinner with Barack Obama.
    9. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef.
    10. Drink a 100 year old single malt.

    •  @Danny Brown I love that you have stuff on there you can’t control…unless you have figured out world peace by yourself. I learned a couple of new things about you (painting and dinner with Obama?). Nice.

    •  @Danny Brown Hell yes on the single malt. Oldest that I’ve ever tasted was 50. 

    •  @Danny Brown I can personally recommend 9. 

  • This is a great list Gini! Might I suggest if you want to learn to cook from an amazinf chef and have an amazing vacation at the same time, then go to Tuscany and learn fr Alberto Menghi. It’s one trip I am planning with Shawn.

    Now that I feel older I started thinking about things I want to do before I lose all this energy:
    – skydive or paraglide, although I am regretting this as I write
    – build my own agency business: I have always had this dream but too scared to dip a toe in the water.
    – take more time to write! I didn’t realize until about 4 years ago that I was really good at it. Whether it be my own blog or for other publications, this really soothes me.
    – live in Paris (or in and around the city) and keep Pickering as my cottage
    – go to Haiti missions once a year. When I was younger I was a missionary and I absolutely loves it. The experience was truly humbling.
    – create a cello duo or quartet so we can play at old age retirement homes ( or whoever’ll have us) for Christmas.
    – do weed ( damn did I say that! 🙂

  • 1) Learn to cook well. Alberto Menghi from Tuscany holds fabulous cooking courses. 2) skydiving or parasailing –eek! 3) take more time to write 4) create a cello duo or quartet so we can tour all the retirement homes (or whoever’ll have us) at Christmas time 5) go to Haiti Missions once a year – a truly humbling experience 6) spend more time with my parents 7) start my own agency 8) live in Paris and use Pickering as my cottage 9) learn to swim 10) do weed (did I say that?)

    •  @hessiej OMG!! I ALMOST wrote “smoke pot in Amsterdam,” but my mom reads this blog. And I’ve never smoked it so I’m not sure I really ever would. But you know. I LOVE your #4. LOVE. I’d make sure you came to my retirement home.

      •  @ginidietrich  @hessiej I’d twist one up with you two. And? I have. In Amsterdam. 

  • VoiceNationLIVE

    @ginidietrich great list! If you write it down you are more than likely to accomplish it 🙂

    • ginidietrich

      @VoiceNationLIVE It’s on my fridge, too!

      • VoiceNationLIVE

        @ginidietrich that’s awesome! Good luck 🙂

  • mdirocco

    @ginidietrich I love your #4. I am going to add that to my list. Wonderful.

    • ginidietrich

      @mdirocco I hope I can make it happen!

  • yvettepistorio

    Love your list…I don’t know if I could get mine down to 20. #10 would be on my list for sure. I made a list of all the places I wanted to travel and my husband told me I should get a job as a travel writer. Who knows, maybe I’m the next Rick Steves?!?! I did the sipping and tasting part of your #6 and it was amazing! It’s a must 🙂

    •  @yvettepistorio Hey now! Be careful what you wish for…let’s at least wait a couple of years on that travel writer gig. 🙂

      • yvettepistorio

         @ginidietrich Haha! I’ll do the travel gig when I retire 😉

        •  @yvettepistorio Ohhhhh. Or when we sell the business and all make a gazillion dollars. 

        • yvettepistorio

           @ginidietrich Yes!! That sounds perfect!! Oh and guess what…I’m getting a puppy!! Maybe JB and him can be BFF?!

        •  @yvettepistorio OMG!!! 

    •  @yvettepistorio Have you read any of Bill Bryson’s work. I think he’s my favorite travel writer. 

      • yvettepistorio

         @jasonkonopinski I haven’t but I will now! Thanks Jason 🙂

        •  @yvettepistorio He’s great! “In A Sunburned Country” and “A Walk In The Woods” are two of my favorites. 🙂 

  • 1. Earn a black belt in a martial art.
    2. Get a private pilot license.
    3. Jump out of an airplane.
    4. Play Augusta, Pebble beach and a handful of the classic old courses in England, Scotland & Ireland.
    5. Build and sell a business.
    6. Vacation in Australia.
    7. Be proud of my three sons, each for different reasons.
    8. Hire an architect to design and build my own personal dream house.
    9. Life a life so rich that when I die the funeral is packed with friends, colleagues and proteges who come to say goodbye.
    10. Post a guest post on Spin Sucks.

    •  @Sean McGinnis LOL on #10. You know you are ALWAYS welcome! I think your #9 is already there. A gazillion people would be there (and so would Gumby) to laugh at the funny memories we have of you.

    •  @Sean McGinnis I’ve done 3 & 6 and highly recommend both. 

      •  @RebeccaTodd @Sean McGinnis Traveling to Arnhemland in ’08 changed my life. 

        •  @jasonkonopinski  @RebeccaTodd Is that where they make Arm & Hammer baking soda?

        •  @Sean McGinnis  @RebeccaTodd Zip it, McGinnis. 

  • I will have to come back later… or write my own post!

  • 1) Skydive from outer space 2) scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef 3) write a book for dads and daughters 4) take 30 day cruise with several stops in the Mediterranean 5) take a 30 day cruise with several stops in the Pacific 

    •  @Frank_Strong I’ve done 2 and it is superb. 

    •  @Frank_Strong The sky diving does NOT surprise me. Do you think they’ll ever allow it from space?

      •  @ginidietrich Ha!  Gotta have something to take my mind off the madness!  From space?  They already do — at least from the edge of space:  (Close your eyes when you read this — or don’t read at all!) 🙂

  • I hate these lists, but here are a few:
    1) See a baseball game in every MLB park
    2) write a book
    3) pivot my business to solely working with non-profits
    4) retire somewhere, preferably non-US to work with an organization that fights poverty or human trafficking
    5) See all my kids marry great spouses
    6) Write a semi-fictionalized account of my life
    7) Travel: Europe, Australia, out west, Alaska
    8) Get 50,000 followers on Twitter for just $5!!!!
    9) Meet Gini (and all the other cool folks I’ve met here and elsewhere online)
    10) Watch you and Hessie do weed

    •  @KenMueller @ginidietrich I’m so glad I’m not a virgin weed-eater. Gini, love to do this together:)

    •  @KenMueller @ginidietrich I’m so glad that I’m not the ONLY virgin weed-eater! @ginidietrich let’s plan a weekend for magic brownies”)

      •  @hessiej  @ginidietrich oh Lord, Social Mix just took on new meaning….

        •  @KenMueller  @hessiej  @ginidietrich What’s going on here?!? I turn my back for 2 seconds…

        •  @RebeccaTodd  @KenMueller  @ginidietrich I think Ken wants to have a private party!

        •  @hessiej  @RebeccaTodd  @ginidietrich All depends…

    •  @KenMueller Only 50,000?

      •  @Sean McGinnis Well, for $5. Not sure I wanna pay any more than that.

    • Mr.D

       @KenMueller Ken – for #6, which I think is awesome and can only imagine what the “made up” version includes, who gets to play you in the movie version?

      •  @Mr.D Well, you could try out for the part, but you’d have to do better than an egg for your publicity shot. And you might need more practice dealing with HS and college age kids. How are you at dealing with whiny females who stomp their feet when they don’t get their way? Oh…wait….

    •  @KenMueller 50,000 Twitter followers for $5. LOL!!

  • debdobson62

    I posted this on Jayme Soulati’s blog, but will share here too.  My list…
    1)  Learn French so I can chat with one of my best friends in her language and not just have her always speak in the only language I know
    2)  Go see the four tennis grand slams in one year
    3)  Play a tennis tournament on grass, clay and hard courts in one year
    4)  Go to Tour de France and stay for every stage
    5)  Visit my good friend in Santiago, Chile and tour the entire country
    6)  Visit my good friend in the UK/France
    7)  Create a foundation for kids in poverty to teach them tennis and give them opportunities
    8)  Live on an island
    9)  Live in a foreign country for a year or two
    10) Drive a ferrari (really fast)

    •  @debdobson62 You and @milafes should get together. Yoga and tennis for kids in poverty!

      • milafes

         @ginidietrich  @debdobson62 That sounds a very good idea! 

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  • milafes

    Interesting list!
    Well, it’s amazing how many simple things we want to do in our lives, and we just pospone them without a specific reason
    This is my list:
    1. Earn my 500 hour yoga certificate
    2. Teach yoga in a national yoga conference
    3. Open my yoga retreat
    4. Run the NY city Marathon
    5. Learn kitesurfing
    6. Take a trip to Europe
    7. Have a radio talk show about health, nutrition, yoga and happiness
    8. Open a foundation in Venezuela for kids and elderly people in need
    9. Have my own place
    10. Live a life full of rewarding experiences

    •  @milafes So you want to do some yoga? 🙂

      • milafes

         @ginidietrich Yes!!!! Let me know when and I go! 🙂

  • I want to find comfortable shoes that are also supremely fashionable. 

    •  @jonmikelbailey You make me laugh so hard. Every day.

      •  @ginidietrich Fashion is no laughing matter. Get it together!

    • rustyspeidel

       @jonmikelbailey go with the Clark’s!!

  • I’m going to think about this G’, as I really should already have a list. But a couple I’m sure of:
    1. That my 4 kids revere the person their father was and they individually know/feel the love I have for them.
    2. That I’m able to help millions individuals and families all over the world reach their potential in business and in life.
    3. That I’m able to look back with a smile.
    Loved your list G’. I have a feeling you may be the best aunt in the world. 🙂

    •  @Marcus_Sheridan I’m totally the best aunt in the world. And you’re number three? You’re already there.

  • I just finished today’s post on this very subject. 🙂 

  • Mrs. D, if you want to write a novel, I have a challenge for you. I’ve tried off and on to complete NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – in November, but never managed it. The objective is to write the rough draft of a 50,000 word fiction novel in one month: no editing, no carefully parsing words, just breaking the logjam by sitting down and doing it. You can organize plots, prepare notes and character sketches, but you can’t write the first word until 12:00:01 am on November 1st. Let’s stop denying ourselves and do it together this year. Dare ya!

  • <i>Ride (and drink) through Italy</i>
    BWI is a very serious offense in Italy. Be careful. 😉

    •  @TheJackB I drink and ride here…it’s not pretty.

  • jennimacdonald

    I’ll join you for “Ride (and drink) through Italy,” I’ll even buy a bike and taking riding lessons so I’m up for the adventure! 
    Never would’ve thought that you wanted to adopt children. I know that  you have said in the past that you didn’t want to have kids, I learned a new side of you today. Thanks for always  putting yourself out there!

    •  @jennimacdonald I’ll join for the drink part, but I’m going to need you and @ginidietrich to add a little seat on the back of your bikes and take turns taking me to the next place…I’ll make sure everything is going ok behind us haha

      • jennimacdonald

         @rachaelseda  Done! We’re gonna need a rear-view mirror anyway. : )

      •  @rachaelseda  @jennimacdonald Uh…no. You want to come along, you ride. 

        •  @ginidietrich  @jennimacdonald Oh cmon….the only bike I ride is a beach cruiser…and I have a feeling I won’t be able to keep up haha

        • jennimacdonald

           @ginidietrich  Don’t threaten me with a challenge! 

  • JustInTheSouth

    @jennimacdonald Are you saying I am not? 😉

    • jennimacdonald

      .@JustInTheSouth: You’re the transparent Ninja, but you didn’t write the post today : )

  • This is so cool! Its great leaning new things about everyone.  Here are a few of  mine.
    1) Grow old with @sydcon and have a lifetime of great adventures like Carl & Ellie in UP! (Yes I have found my Carl).
    2) See oldest daughter perform in a company dance troop 
    3) See our son play in either the NHL or MLB
    4) See youngest daughter be like Doogie Howser and embrace her genius or be a gymnast
    5) See my kids find their own Carls or Ellie
    6) Spend a month on a island sampling different tropical drinks to my hearts content
    7) Experience great joy at watching our kids chase their hopes and dreams  (#2,3,4) or change them and become loving, compassionate human beings.
    8) Take grandchildren to Disney
    9) Finish my nursing degree
    10) Know my kids will make a difference in the world

    •  @sydcon_mktg  Spend a month sampling tropical drinks. LOVE!

  • I like the fact that you want to take care of your nephews and nieces. What a great aunt! 🙂 So… what kind of food do you want cook? 

    •  @barrettrossie I’d like to cook almost anything. Except Indian food. My tummy doesn’t like Indian food, no matter how good it tastes going down.

      •  @ginidietrich I can work with you on Lebanese… 

  • PattiRoseKnight

    Number 10 should be number 1 in my opinion!!!!

    •  @PattiRoseKnight Ha! It was in no particular order.

  • I’m not terribly surprised that my list mirrors a few of these. See you in Italy!

  • Hey Gini – I won’t have the time necessary to digest all of this until later today – it looks deep… But I didn’t know you werea member of the “I’m the oldest of six kids club.” Me too!
    Carry on…

  • In no particular order…
    1) Do a 2-3 year round-the-world trip. This of course means being financially stable enough to take off for that period of time with the family. 
    2) Get my skydiving certification. I’ve gone once and loved it. Now it’s been too long. 
    3) On the opposite spectrum, nix my irrational fear of large bodies of water and learn to scuba dive.
    4) Cooking classes….yes more. I have taken a few at ICE here in NYC, would love to get back to it.
    5) Continue building my marketing efforts/department at my company and show my ROI!
    6) At some point, probably leave NYC. That is likely several years away, but the thought of a city where I can raise my kids with a backyard is appealing. But I get to stay at NYer at heart as my adoption here is complete. 🙂
    7) I’m going to second  Marcus_Sheridan here and say make sure my girls know how much I love them. Stick around long enough to see them fulfill their dreams.
    8) Finally get that full-on wedding ceremony and reception the Hubs owes me on our 10th anniversary. 2015, I’m looking at you.
    9) Live out my golden years somewhere beachy, sunny, temp in the high 70s and a cool breeze. 
    10) Finally learn to relax and stop being so hard on myself. It is a journey and I’m doing alright.

    •  @katskrieger LOL!! I get the full-on wedding ring at our 10 year…in April!

    •  @katskrieger Agree on #9 – Mr. C says he wants to retire somewhere that has no buildings over four stories. Too many years as a big city paramedic.

  • I just did the same thing on my blog today, yes thanks to @Soulati | B2B Social Media Marketing !
    I missed the one about taking vacations! The last I took was about two years back when I went to the South of India! But after that, I have been too busy saving for higher studies and I managed that!
    Also, in my comment section, someone mentioned tasting every kind of chocolate there is. Man, when we end up coming with a list, people come by and tell you awesome things you forgot! 

    •  @Hajra   Tasting every kind of chocolate?! That’s really funny! It wouldn’t be on my list, but I can see the appeal.

  • OK, now you and Soulati have inspired me to carry this forward on my blog,, which has been suffering some neglect this summer. It’s interesting how some of the same items keep showing up with different people. I didn’t add it to my list, but the take one vacation item should be on my list – we haven’t had one since 2004. Can I make it 21 items?

    •  @DebraCaplick  Make it 21 items!

    •  @DebraCaplick  Soulati Hot damn. This has turned into so much fun. Who knew?!

      •  @Soulati | B2B Social Media Marketing  Soulati I just made it 22 – forgot to list a single malt tour of Scotland. And, yes, it is fun!

  • M_Koehler

    Ok this should prove interesting. In no order and are completly random and off the top of my sleep deprived head.

    1. Skydive- i’m shocked I haven’t done this actually.
    2. Beer/brewery tour in Belgium. Fat Trappist monks are the greatest people on earth and they make the best beer. The world is a better place with then in it.
    3. Beer/brewery tour through England- This will require me to actually go to England which Mrs K will not allow. I have a good friend who lives in London who has promised me this. The problem is it would require weeks and I would not be coming back. Hence why I’m not allowed
    4. To see Pulp/Jarvis Cocker live in concert. One of my big musical regrets……
    5. Reconnecting with one of my closest friends from high school… Oh wait I did that already!
    6. Run a marathon. Oh wait, i did this 3 times already and working on more
    7. Get re-married to Mrs K. She really is my rock and savior
    8. Do a concert tour through England- See #3 as these will go hand in hand
    9. See both my kids graduate collage
    10. Learn to make cheese. What can I say, I love cheese.

    •  @M_Koehler I visited a few breweries & cideries when I was in Devon-Cornwall in ’07. Glorious Dark and Pale milds.  Making fresh cheese is quite easy – I make mozzarella, ricotta, queso fresco and feta often.  Aged cheeses require a bit more attention to temperature and humidity. 

      •  @M_Koehler Also I desperately need to take a beer/brewery tour through Belgium. Especially Westvletern and Cantillion. Nom. 

      • M_Koehler

        @jasonkonopinski Jealous on the tour. It really is my ultimate dream holiday, 2 weeks in Belgium and at least 3 in England. I may not survive but good grief what a way to go. Plus I love English cheeses so I’d do some damage there to

    •  @M_Koehler We can make cheese when you’re in town!

      • M_Koehler

        @ginidietrich This so happening! I need to thing about just moving in.

        •  @M_Koehler  I’ll reserve a spot in the fridge for you!

        • M_Koehler

           @ginidietrich Yessssssss. I rate enough now to get a permanent spot in the fridge.

    •  @M_Koehler You made me think of one I left off my list: A scotch tour of Scotland. There’s this one hotel, Craigellachie, in Speyside, that supposedly has over 400 single malts in its bar. That is nirvana!

      • M_Koehler

         @DebraCaplickOh. OH! Hell yeah

  • These lists are too fun to read – and too daunting for me to think about. Love the travel, mentioned it on Jayme’s post – that’s what I want to do more than anything .. the eat/drink/play through lovely places. I’d want (the time, the money, the freedom) to be a traveler, not a tourist. FWIW.

    •  @3HatsComm I love the idea of being a traveler, not a tourist. But on your own time, with no plans once you get there. I’m a traveler right now and it’s not so much fun.

      •  @ginidietrich If I’m spending my $$, I want to do it ‘right.’ Don’t want to rush from site to site, be herded like cattle. I’d rather cut out a few things and make the most of what I can do. And have time for a nice glass of wine. 🙂

  • ginidietrich

    @JimConnolly Hey Jim!

    • JimConnolly

      @ginidietrich 😉

  • rustyspeidel

    1. Your #1. How did you know?
    2. Your #6. Uncanny! 
    3. Write and record my solo album.
    4. Have my own, REAL recording studio, not this ProTools on the laptop BS.
    5. See all my kids through to healthy adulthood.
    6. Weigh 175 again.
    7. Own a 56 Chris Craft and and a sailboat.
    8. See Yosemite. And Montana.
    9. Mountain bike the Pacific Crest trail.
    10. Learn to be a gourmet cook.
    11. Be debt free. As if.
    12. Live in California. Even for a year. 
    13. Play guitar on a major rock tour. 
    14. Drive a Porsche convertible down the Italian coast. Maybe at the end of #2. With a brunette. 
    15. Develop a national reputation as a digital business strategist.

    •  @rustyspeidel You’ve never been to Yosemite?? 

      • rustyspeidel

         @ginidietrich Nope. The west is still largely a romantic mystery to me. 

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  • Excellent list, @ginidietrich – My only suggestion would be changing the title to be 10 Things I Want To Do While I’m Alive!! (Pollyanna has reared her perky head again!!)  😉  So now, I’ve learned we have yet another thing in common – I’m also the oldest child!  However, I’m pretty sure I’ll never have your #1 on my list, but you (and only you) might get me to go along with your #6 – or maybe I could just drive slowly alongside you!! 

    •  @lizreusswig Come along! I’ll just meet you at the next winery. 

  • ginidietrich

    @kbkcomm Deal!

  • Okay, I know a few of these… 
    1) Write a book. I’ve wanted to do this since I can remember. I have several stories on my computer…and most of them are hundreds of pages long. I’m hoping to turn one of them into a book once I’m done with school. One day!
    2) Own a horse. Preferably I can write books so I have a flexible-enough schedule to own a horse and spend as much time with it as I want. 
    3) Own a convertible (stick shift only). I learned on an automatic and my dad’s been teaching me how to drive stick on his Porsche. 
    4) Give back to my parents. They’ve done so much for me…I’d like to help them in some way that they would enjoy/appreciate.
    5) Have enough money to comfortably retire with my future husband wherever we want.
    That’s all I’ve got for now on the fly! 

    •  @annedreshfield When I was your age (which wasn’t all that long ago, I might add), I knew I wanted to write a book. It took me until this year to do it so don’t give that up. It will happen!

  • michandwalker

    We have SO much in common!! Tour de France, cycling in Italy (Duvine – have my eye on ztuscany), writing a book, and of course vacation!! Was so nice o meet you tonight. Hope we can keep in touch nd re-connect someday

    •  @michandwalker It was such a pleasure meeting you! Now I know where Kristine gets her looks, her charm, and her smarts!

  • Providing scholarships is on my bucket list that I wrote at the end of last year. I would love to have a scholarship for the PR program at Central Michigan University. One day. 🙂

    •  @Nikki Little I love that idea! If anyone can do it, it’s you.

  • 1) Own a place in Hawaii, with guest quarters for my zillion relatives (but no more than 4 at a time)
    2) Coach a kid to make it at a high level of pro soccer
    3) Help a great candidate win a big office
    4) Speak to a huge — really huge — crowd, and have them love it
    5) Take care of my parents
    6) Reconnect with people I was friends with in seven different cities and eras of my life, and thank them for their friendship, kindnesses and inspiration
    7) Build a great team to work with, like some of the teams I left in the above cities and eras
    8) Get back to my college weight (not saying what I am now, or was then!)
    9) Make my home so welcoming that everyone wants to drop in just because it’s so much fun (even if it’s not in Hawaii)
    10) Live off the interest

    • PattiRoseKnight

       @barrettrossie I love your list.  Your #5 tells me a lot about you.  Your parents should be proud and I am certain they are!  Bravo!  

      •  @PattiRoseKnight Gosh Patti, you’re making my eyes well up. And this is a business blog? Thanks from way down deep. 🙂 

        • PattiRoseKnight

           @barrettrossie not many people would put “take care of my parents” on their bucket list – you rock!

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  • namfos

    Seems to me, and probably Joe Queenan, that way too many here are too young to be talking bucket lists, 😉

    •  @namfos A proper bucket list is like seeing “Radiohead at midnight on New Year’s Eve at the North Pole beneath the aurora borealis on a quadruple bill with Björk, Willie Nelson and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir”

      • namfos

         @ginidietrich True enough, though I have no idea what Radiohead, or Bjork sound like.   BTW, who should open on that quad bill?

  • I’m a volunteer Guardian ad Litem; I currently have 5 boys, five and under in foster care who would LOVE to become Cubs fans. I’m sending them up………….:). Big kids too, if not basketball, certainly football…………..
    I just want to be like you when I grow up; that’s all I need. 

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  • How cool – we share number 3! And here’s 5 more to put in print.

    1) If I happen to outlive my wife, I’m going to the middle east. I want to meet with as many radical Islamic leaders and citizens to better understand were they’re coming from. My goal would be to craft a covenant toward the ever-elusive world peace thingy… Or die trying. 2) Be a Senator – Tony Bennett for Senate, 2020 baby hear we come! 3.) Build/design/be responsible for creating a dam in Michigan 4) start a research institute specializing in neuroscience, nanotechnology, and renewable energy 5) have something name after me, like a library or stadium

    •  @SociallyGenius Why do you have to outlive your wife to go to the Middle East?

      • @ginidietrich A.) she doesn’t want to go B.) I don’t want to put her in harms way. I’m not sure Hezbollah, Hamas, or Al Quaida are the safest group to hang around 🙂

  • jelenawoehr

    I never knew you wanted to adopt, Gini! I have the same idea — if (and that’s an IF) I ever feel ready for kids, I would love to adopt a sibling pair. I’ve browsed adoption websites from time to time and it is SO heartbreaking to see posts like “Tom and Jane would love to find a home together as they are very attached, but could be separated if no placement together is found.” I had the opportunity to visit a First Nations tribe where adoption is very common and kids tend to call all males their father’s age in their family “dad” and all females their mother’s approximate age “mom,” and just go back and forth through their upbringing between their many dads and moms, which works beautifully–the whole village really does raise the child. I’ve been in love with the whole concept of adoption since. (Also, pregnancy is terrifying.)

    •  @jelenawoehr It also breaks my heart to see kids who might be separated. I don’t know what the right answer is for Mr. D and me, but I do know we want to bring some of those kids into our lives.

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  • Sounds like you need that holiday (as I sit on holiday in uk)…. A touring/eating trip of France/Italy to boot… Just had friends “ride” the tour (some of it) as they watched… And loved it.

    •  @Nic_Cartwright I am so jealous! I really want to do that!

      •  @ginidietrich The UK has gone cyclo crazy – Bradley Wiggins, Golds galore at the Olympics….  Book your spot for next year Tour!!

        •  @Nic_Cartwright I know! I’m very proud of Bradley Wiggins. He held his lead for most of the three weeks. Pretty freaking amazing!

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  • ginidietrich

    @karlsprague I get to see you next week!

    • karlsprague

      @ginidietrich I look forward to wit, wisdom… and dinner!

      • ginidietrich

        @karlsprague me too!

  • I can relate to this one. There are many things that I wanted to do before I die. I hope I can fulfill this all before it will happen. 

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  • Hi, Gini, seamlessly continuing:  now that #6 and 7 are taken care off, you can add some more …
    What a lovely list, I particularly like #3, 4 and 9, considering the needs and wellbeing of others. And your #10 could be combined with 6 and 7, what an inspiration and battery charger this vacation would be!
    And how could I have missed out on the Scotch tour of @DebraCaplick , ok, make it 13 on my list.
    I would love to see @M_Koehler sitting in your fridge, make sure he does not squash your cheese!
    Thank you so much, you brighten a grey morning here in Basel, Switzerland! Sunshine for you! 

    •  @Late_Bloomers  Perhaps I’ll come visit you and do 6, 7, and 10 at once??

      •  @ginidietrich Absolutely, great wineries around, you might want to stay for #8!

  • MissDulcieMae

    When I think about things I want to do before I die, I usually think of places. I went on a few holidays when I was a child, however I would love to have the opportunity to actually visit these places and more now that I’m older, and can appreciate them without doing all the touristy things.I’ve already conquered Ireland (not that I remember a hell of a lot…)But also on my list …- New York- India
    – New Zealand
    – Austraila
    – South Africa
    – Canada
    – Some sort of tropical island, that I don’t know exists yet!

    •  @MissDulcieMae “Not that I remember a hell of a lot” made me laugh out loud!

      • MissDulcieMae

         @ginidietrich  @MissDulcieMae Hahaha, well it was Ireland, and there is only one thing they do best 🙂

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  • I think you are a brilliant writer. I added your blog to my favorites and will return in the future

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