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Three Secrets to Your Own Success

By: Gini Dietrich | November 21, 2013 | 

Three Secrets to Your Own SuccessBy Gini Dietrich

The best Christmas gift I could receive (well, other than a Cervelo) is being told I no longer have to turn off my phone or iPad during takeoff and landing on the plane.

Merry Christmas early to me!

So, while we were preparing for takeoff yesterday, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and came across an interesting article on Samantha Collier’s page.

Called “Nine Things Extremely Successful People Do After Work,” I thought, “I’ll bite.”

And I was pleasantly surprised! Of the nine things, I do seven quite consistently. Does this mean I’m extremely successful?!?

Take a look:

  • Unplug
  • Go to happy hour
  • Have sex
  • Plan your weekend
  • Play an instrument
  • Go outside and play
  • Play a crazy sport
  • Focus on family and friends
  • Get eight hours of sleep

Likewise, an article in Inc., revealed the “Eight Things Really Successful People Do.”

  • Make materialism irrelevant
  • Enhance knowledge
  • Manage relationship expectations
  • Practice emotional self-awareness
  • Commit to a physical ideal
  • Gain clarity about spirituality
  • Adhere to a code of ethics
  • Focus on time efficiency

And yet another article, “Early Riser? What You Should Do When You Wake Up,” describes what entrepreneurs who get up early do with their time (I’m writing this at 4:09 a.m.).

The point is, there is no secret to success. It’s different for everyone…and it constantly evolves.

Secrets to Your Own Success

But there are three things I think are imperative to anyone’s success: Eight hours of sleep, a commitment to a physical ideal, and unplugging.

Eight Hours of Sleep. I don’t get eight hours every night, but I do average that throughout the week (I know this because my UP band tells me so). I find I’m much more productive, energetic, and a better leader when I get enough sleep.

Commitment to Physical Ideal. I have always said exercise is like brushing your teeth … it’s just something you have to do every day. I used to have insomnia pretty badly. I’ve had nightmares since I was a kid and they used to wake me up and scare me so badly, I refused to go back to sleep. Then I started riding my bike a gazillion miles every day and my body decided it was too tired to even let me dream. I always have nightmares on my rest days (which is why I unwittingly only take one each week) and I don’t sleep as well. Without the daily exercise, eight hours of sleep is not doable.

Unplugging. This is totally counter-intuitive, particularly in our society, but my New Year’s resolution this year was to stop working weekends. Even if I have a crap load of work to do, I let it sit. I shut my computer down on Friday night and don’t reopen it until Monday morning. I have found I am soooooooo much more productive during the week. There is no more telling myself, “Oh you can do that this weekend.” The work has to get done during the work week. Sure, I don’t totally unplug – I still check emails and the social networks on my phone or iPad. But the work, work? It waits for two days.

These are the three things I encourage among my team…and I challenge you to think about them, too.

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • Gert- good stuff. But what is your CRAZEE sport?

  • rdopping

    You forgot eating fruit loops! 
    A guy I work with was a former professional athlete. 
    When I started back on a health plan (eating the right food and regular exercise) he suggested that I have a “cheat day”. Apparently even the most rigorous athletes have cheat days. I suppose the idea is that you don’t let your vice or “nice to have” rule your life. So if you don’t want for it so much it weighs less on you. Personally, I need that.
    It helped me so much I am recommending it for Rob Ford.

  • Unplugging is a big one for me, especially with not touching “work” work on the weekends. And you’re right — it absolutely makes me more productive and focused during the week. Being “on” all the time doesn’t make me more efficient or more productive. Quite the opposite, really. 
    Having a healthy amount of humility about the work that we do puts me in the right headspace. No one is dying on my watch. There are always things that can wait until the next day. Always.

  • Todd Lyden For me, driving to the store to pick up milk during the holiday shopping season.

  • All great points, even greater when we act on them! Thanks, Gini.
    After I started freelancing while still working a “day” job, my youngest (ah, the wisdom of a teen) made me promise not to work on Sunday, which she reminded me is “the day of rest.” I promised, the world spins on, and my family and I are happier.

  • SavvyCopywriter

    These are fantastic!! The commitment to living a healthy lifestyle (sleep, exercise, and smart eating) is big in my world. And I wrote the start to a talk I’m giving last night in the middle of the night – hey, that’s just when inspiration hit! Now if I could just learn how to really unplug on the weekends! 😉 Thanks for posting this!

  • I thought you were going to start off my morning reading about your consistent sex life but I will have to leave that to my imagination which I also consider a trait of successful people 😉

  • Bravo re: your turning off on weekends! Please note that taking a call from me on the weekend is NOT part of business, so would not be in  violation of your new rule. So I’ll expect NOT to get your voicemail when I call (And remember, you never know when it’s officer Fikowski of the Illinois Mental Health Association calling for Kelly!) While I’m not yet doing seven hours of exercise a day, I’m shooting for five, but generally doing six!

  • Thank you, ginidietrich for another kick in the butt (can I say “butt” here?)…I KNOW these are important and yet it’s too easy to push them to the bottom of my daily priorities!  So, I’m getting a jump on 2014 and making these three my focus as of today!
    I’m pretty sure of the 9, you’re not unplugging, so I’m wondering what the other one is you’re not doing…for Mr. D’s sake I hope it’s playing an instrument! 😉

  • lizreusswig ginidietrich Butt is appropriate.

  • lizreusswig ginidietrich OH MY GOD I just finished reading your comment to the end. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! #NOTappropriate (jokes)

  • belllindsay ginidietrich Phew!

  • annelizhannan Oh dear.

  • KensViews I just can’t ‘turn off’ on weekends. But I think that says more about my personality than any *need* to be constantly wired. I like being connected.

  • Thanks for this ginidietrich. I seem to be blowing all three.
    Unplugging is the hardest for me. Sure I can avoid the social, the email and not mosey over to the computer to do some work. But I have trouble unplugging my brain.

  • ClayMorgan ginidietrich If you figure out how to unplug your brain, help a brother out?

  • SavvyCopywriter The healthy lifestyle one is tough for me. I mean, I’m as healthy as I can be – but as Gini says, you can always do more. #lazy

  • rdopping I love cheat days. Lately though, every day is a cheat day for me. Must change that. LOL

  • belllindsay SavvyCopywriter #somethingabouthosecigarettes.

  • Todd Lyden Riding 8,000 miles a week. Amiright, Gini?? 😉

  • jasonkonopinski ClayMorgan ginidietrich I can easily unplug my brain. But doing so flies in the face of the ‘healthy living’ part. #beer

  • With two kids under 3, the 8 hours of sleep thing isn’t happening. But the other two seem pretty spot-on.
    I’ve made a counter-intuitive change that has really paid off on my work over the past six months. I’ve GREATLY reduced my caffeine and cut all sodas (except for the rare mixed drink). I find that it helps make the green tea more effective when I really need it, like before trainings and presentations.

  • JohnMTrader

    Smart list here. I find it incredibly difficult to unplug over the weekend mainly because I work for a small company that has the mindset of working as hard as we can to create value so we can boost our profile as an acquisition target. That requires digging a little deeper so we can’t afford to take weekends off. 
    I dig the physical balance though. If I didn’t have running/exercising in my life, it wouldn’t be a pretty sight. It truly helps me to relax, sleep more regularly, and pretend the punching bag at the gym is the face of everyone evil in the world.

  • JohnMTrader

    MikeSchaffer Considering giving up coffee myself (already mastered the soda cleanse). Glad to hear it’s working for you.

  • SavvyCopywriter

    belllindsay Just cause it’s big in my world doesn’t mean I’m always doing as much as I can be 😉 I love my wine on the weekends, I use my treadmill desk to justify not making it into the gym probably more than I should, and one of my guilty pleasures is terrible reality TV… there… I admit it!

  • Ok, here’s the deal: I *love* doing a bit of work on the weekends. I find that I get more done in one hour on a Saturday than I would in THREE during the work week. No pressure. No emails. No pings. No interruptions. Same reason I like to work in the wee hours of the morning. And I don’t feel that working a little on the weekend necessarily means you’ve been unproductive during the week. I think of it as prioritizing. “I think I could knock this off better and more efficiently on Sunday” is me freeing up valuable mid-week time for other stuff. Also, since I deal with so much content, sometimes the old brain just gets fried. It makes more sense in those cases to pick it up again when well rested. Speaking of rested! As Gini knows, I love my sleep. I quite literally can NOT function when I don’t get enough. Where I fall is in the “healthy life” part. Definitely. But I’m working on it. 🙂

  • JohnMTrader MikeSchaffer Yeah, the kids thing really throws a wrench into things. LOL But, having been through it, I can assure you it will get better. Soon, you won’t be able to get THEM out of bed. Or off the bloody couch! 🙂

  • I feel so bad for all those emails, texts and phones calls I use to complain about rdopping and what he says in the comments here. I will refrain til Monday! 8)
    These are great. It is hard when you have kids to have time for somethings. Like my exercise time is almost none lately which is killing me. 
    That said I will just use a quote from an obscure Pink Floyd song:
    The memories of a man in his old age are the deeds of a man in his prime.
    And to me work is not deeds unless you are working to save the world vs making money. And anyone who choose work over a rave party, concert, meal with friends, playing with the kids, climbing a mountain, skiing, biking, getting loaded with Lindsay, etc will be old and when they look back will only remember… And to me that is a wasted life.
    Some of the most successful business people and entrepreneurs are some of the biggest failures at life. And I want to win at life.

  • SavvyCopywriter You have a TREADMILL DESK!!?? *swoon*

  • Yes, everyone is different, but this is a great list. We all will find our own way to have the work/life balance we crave, but these are a good start and something I try to do every week.

  • Howie Goldfarb rdopping Holy CRAP I nearly spit my coffee out! HAHAHAHAHA!! Howie, we must do that some day! #epic

  • belllindsay SavvyCopywriter seriously that is the worst thing having a dreadmill desk if it means working longer hours. But a great idea if you work normal hours because sitting is the worst. I am so going to miss being able to walk outside of my home and within 200 steps start hiking wilderness. But there is now a gym within a few minutes drive. Not sure it is a good trade off. City/Town life kind of sucks for that.

  • jasonkonopinski SavvyCopywriter Unlike Mayor Ford, I will happily admit to being an addict. #smokes

  • SavvyCopywriter Howie Goldfarb How big is this “city” you’ve moved to Howie? LOL

  • belllindsay JohnMTrader MikeSchaffer We hit a milestone this week when our 7-month old slept 8 hours. In a row. Hallelujah!

  • JohnMTrader MikeSchaffer If you can get past two weeks, you’re home free!

  • I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that was considering what kind of blog post this was going to be after that first list.
    And I recently found my crazy sport. Best decision of 2013 for me.

  • SavvyCopywriter

    Howie Goldfarb belllindsay SavvyCopywriter Not working longer hours – just getting a little bit of movement in during the regular work day 🙂 But nothing can beat getting outside for a quick midday break to breathe some fresh air! And be glad your gym is only a few minutes drive away – mine is 35 minutes one way! Eep!

  • jasonkonopinski ClayMorgan ginidietrich yesterday I drove to my folks a new way from my new home which took me past the place I learned to fly fish on the White River. And Irene wiped out the campground completely. So badly the owners just walked away from it. There were 4 trailers left tossed in the woods and trees felled everywhere. And knowing Jason loves to flyfish and we are talking about unplugging…how better to unplug than to put on waders and hunt for trout. Was so sad seeing that place yesterday.

  • belllindsay Scheduling some tasks for weekend work can be really helpful! I like to plot out tasks by where/when I can do them best. If I have a ton of writing on my plate, I plan a day to work from Panera. For some reason, I do my best writing with scones.

  • Howie Goldfarb jasonkonopinski ClayMorgan ginidietrich Yeah, or maybe you don’t have turn off the brain completely, you just have to march it in another direction … like embroidery or making candles or building Unicorn Castles in Cotton Candy Clouds in your daydreams. Those are just mine, you can choose your own.

  • JayDolan HAHAHA! What’s your crazy sport…?

  • MikeSchaffer Exactly. 🙂

  • JayDolan Jay you’re going to keep us in suspense re: what your crazy sport is? Harrumph.

  • MikeSchaffer Mike, I really can’t even fathom how I got through those years. Big props. 🙂  JohnMTrader

  • DwayneAlicie Howie Goldfarb jasonkonopinski ClayMorgan ginidietrich Love this.

  • belllindsay DwayneAlicie Howie Goldfarb jasonkonopinski ClayMorgan ginidietrich I think Laura Petrolino would have brilliant insight on being “off” while being “on.” How do we summon her? Usually she just materializes. laurapetrolino

  • belllindsay You may have what one of my coaching clients told me I might have, vis a vis my FB addiction: FOMO Fear Of Missing Out. What I realized from her insight was that I was actually missing out on more–growing my business, quality time with my family, etc.–by my need to know everything my many contacts were posting on FB. So what might you–and I–gain if we reserved weekends for non electronic connections: Time with family and friends, connecting over coffee or even the phone, but not texting, email, FB, etc

  • DwayneAlicie belllindsay Howie Goldfarb jasonkonopinski ClayMorgan ginidietrich laurapetrolino You know, Dwayne, I think you’re really on to something. There’s always a place for some mindless entertainment, but I find that I need to keep my brain engaged deeply, even in leisure.

  • Gini;
    This year (and by that I mean 2014) I’m focusing not so much about what good leaders DO, but who they ARE. It strikes me that some of these items cross over to both lists.
    Shutting down isn’t so much a thing I “do”, but instead I am a person who knows my limits. I CAN’T get it all done, and so I have to be OK with some things that go undone.
    Exercise and getting good sleep are things I DO because I AM a person who values my health and wellness.
    Somehow making them about my identity makes it seem less like a nanny telling me to do something, and more a thing that comes from inside me. When it comes from inside me there’s less resistance.

  • jasonkonopinski DwayneAlicie belllindsay Howie Goldfarb ClayMorgan ginidietrich laurapetrolino Indeed… we can take cues from the concept of active resting, like when you’ve been training hard physically. Resting can look like doing more of what you love doing so much during your professional life, but in a different way. Maybe it’s following recipes or doing Sudoko puzzles, reading poetry or organizing non-profit fundraisers, or writing personal blog posts!
    Or watching The Simple Life starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie for 8 hours at a time  — again this is my choice, feel free to make your own …

  • belllindsay JayDolan biggreenpen Kickball. You would not believe how hardcore my team is.

  • belllindsay Me, too! When I have a really long, complex thing to do, like messing with my website, I really relish very early morning or weekend time when I know I can devote uninterrupted time to it. Some work you just can’t do piecemeal, or it all blows up in your face.

  • blfarris Excellent points. No one wants to be told what to do! 🙂

  • JayDolan belllindsay biggreenpen What the heck is kickball??

  • RobBiesenbach YAY for weekend working!! LOL

  • KensViews I’d probably be divorced. Again. 😉

  • belllindsay JayDolan biggreenpenOh come on now, they must play kickball in Canada. Oh wait, it is called Kick The Penguin or Curling or something like that. 😉

  • lizreusswig ginidietrich She plays a mean tuba.

  • Getting enough sleep is definitely a key to success, but I’d argue we all need different amounts. For me, 7 hours is plenty sufficient and I can get by fine on 6.
    Gotta work on unplugging, though. If I’m in front of the TV at night I’m doing email, reading blogs and news, scheduling tweets, etc. There are only a few shows that require and get my full attention.

  • Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. I am not even close to the kind of shape I like being in but if I don’t get regular exercise I can guarantee that I will find multiple ways to get into trouble and that my normal loving curmudgeonly self will morph into the guy who uses a fire hose to keep the kids off of his lawn.
    Unplugging is important too. It takes a certain amount of discipline but I have found that if I take at least one full day off of work my productivity increases.

  • belllindsay Also, of course, if you love your work, it’s isn’t work, right?

  • EricPudalov

    RobBiesenbach I think you’re right, Rob.  Just as with diet, different people require different amounts of sleep, and I suppose it depends on what you’re used to.
    I’m curious as to what shows get your full attention…because as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes that’s enough to keep me awake late!

  • EricPudalov

    Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes So when you say “unplugging,” is that completely unplugging (including your phone)?

  • EricPudalov

    Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes belllindsay JayDolan biggreenpen Isn’t kickball basically baseball, but you kick instead of using a bat?

  • EricPudalov If I am not expecting important calls the phone gets turned off and put inside a drawer. Can’t do it for the entire weekend but significant chunks of time.
    I also turn off the sound so that notifications are less likely to entice me to check the phone.
    Since I love writing and prefer to compose at the computer it is not unusual to see me writing during the weekend, but I don’t post most of it.
    And I make a point to avoid work stuff unless absolutely necessary. It hasn’t been easy because I spent most of the past seven years working 7 days a week.
    But it has made life more enjoyable overall.

  • EricPudalov

    Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes EricPudalov I definitely like the sound of that.  It would be somewhat of a challenge to develop the habit, but that’s like anything else!  Great advice, thank you.

  • rdopping

    belllindsay rdopping Har…they can sneak up on you!

  • EricPudalov Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes JayDolan biggreenpen I have NEVER heard of kickball. I do love a good bonspiel however. 🙂

  • RobBiesenbach That is very true. I don’t find “working” working. You know? Because I really do love what I do.

  • EricPudalov Ha! Great question. I close my laptop for the following shows: Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Downton Abbey. Used to be true for Modern Family and Parks and Rec, but not as much anymore, sadly.

  • DwayneAlicie jasonkonopinski belllindsay Howie Goldfarb ClayMorgan ginidietrich laurapetrolino <cough>guest post</cough>

  • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes EricPudalov  I put my phone on airport mode before I go to sleep.   (Just occurred to me, I guess we don’t need that mode any longer for flying) Laptop lid down, tablet – vibrate only…

  • danielleserrano

    I think that the unplugging one is very interesting.  Last year, I served as President of the Student Association for my school.  Although I didn’t go to the office on the weekends, I was flooded with calls, texts and e-mails.  With today’s technology, I feel that it is impossible to “unplug.”  My iPhone is attached to my hip and of course my e-mail is linked to my phone so with every e-mail I receive, I also get a notification.  I think that unplugging is something that really takes some restraint.  Although in the long run unplugging feels great, their is a bit of anxiety that occurs prior to doing it (or at least for me).

  • Doesn’t sex consist of , Happy Hour, Crazy Sport & Physical Ideal combined? 
    Unplugging is a challenge, I do unplug from my full time job, however i use “plugged in” evenings and weekends to pursue my “wanna be” future career..
    I’m usually up at 5am,  6am on weekends.

  • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes belllindsay JayDolan biggreenpen  Correct me if I’m wrong, I believe  nearly all the Provinces and a few of the Territories have outlawed penguin kicking…

  • Great post Gini! Ugh…I get the nightmares, too. Waking crying and screaming sort. And as my habits get more messed up during sales season…they get worse. I very much know that exercise would help…but just can’t manage to sort my schedule out. Ugh…I guess I need to start running again. Oh yes, you are an early riser… one that texts meaningless series of emoticons at 5:44 am…which I know because of course I sleep with my phone on and beside me…

  • Howie Goldfarb Again you are dropping some BIG truth here, Howie. An old Eddie Bauer bag used to have the slogan “never confuse having a career with having a life.” Stuck with me. And I am so in for the Goldfarb-Ell Bee booze cruise… belllindsay

  • belllindsay I agree. And my thought is…if I feel like working, and am enthused about it, then DO it! But- you tend to put in crazy hours during the week Ell Bee. As long as you are balancing what works for you, it is all good.

  • jasonkonopinski DwayneAlicie belllindsay Howie Goldfarb ClayMorgan ginidietrich laurapetrolino YES we need a Dwayne Guest Post! Great points, Dwayne. Agreed- I like to write and read and debate and learn in my off hours…full brain (or part brain) engagement, but to things that make me feel energized and (hopefully) not saw teeth-grindy…

  • belllindsay lizreusswig ginidietrich HAH I had the same curiosity! Although G’s dancing skills should count as some sort of instrument…

  • KensViews belllindsay YES to FOMO!!! Drives a lot of behaviour right now. Me…this surprises many, but I don’t actually like Face much. I use it when on the road to connect to family and friends, but at home on the weekends…I actually don’t like it much. May be considering weekends off the Face. We shall see…

  • rdopping Yes- interesting- self-control IS finite. If we are “good” all day, then have late day stress, that’s when we turn to eating chocolate in bed. In theory, clearly…

  • belllindsay Todd Lyden Cycling, sure. But it’s about to be ski season so I’ll be dropping out of a helicopter or two to do some back country hills.

  • rdopping Does he get to cheat with heroin?

  • annelizhannan LMAO! I love you!

  • KateNolan

    I think unplugging is they key to achieving a lot of these. Once you’ve taken that time away it’s easier to see everything with a clear head. Then the clutter of blogs, facebook, videos, etc. isn’t just hanging out in your brain. Then you can add in the family, friends, exercise, and hobbies that are meaningful and fulfill you. Gotta quit the digital addiction first!
    I’m realizing, as I re-read Quiet by Susan Cain (yes, I’m that big of a fan), how much environment dictates my mood and, thus, my success in any project. So I’m focusing on clearing out the digital and physical clutter. Do I really need this blog in my feed? Do I ever comment or take action on the content? Do I really need these books and miscellaneous paper? Um, well, yeah… 😉
    Anyway, really great post and it comes at that time of year where I (and a lot of others, it seems) are reflecting and planning for 2014, so thanks!

  • ClayMorgan Whoa, whoa, whoa. I didn’t say anything unplugging your brain!

  • Digital_DRK Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes belllindsay JayDolan biggreenpen Surely not the *Territories*…!!??

  • RebeccaTodd Howie Goldfarb Sorry, it’s a date with me and Howie only.

  • RebeccaTodd I’m a master at balancing, my dear. 😉

  • ginidietrich rdopping Ermagherd! Heroin is so *yesterday*!

  • belllindsay RebeccaTodd Howie Goldfarb Ew. Then Howie and I have our OWN date, and we will find a much dive-ier bar than where ever you are taking him…EW.

  • KateNolan I really need – and want – to read that book.

  • Too funny Gini! I’m just editing a post for next week with a very similar title but completely different content! So much can be said about success!

  • KateNolan

    belllindsay KateNolan Oh, you have to read it! It’s a like a nice, warm hug that says “you’re ok”. I’d started to think I was crazy, just couldn’t function at work, and this helped really point out why that was. So… a nice, warm hug that says “you’re not crazy, you’re ok”. There’s my review!

  • 8 hours of sleep!!! Well crap! But I totally win in the getting up early and exercise departments!

  • Ah, the need for sleep! No one can seem to get a full 8 hours anymore. 
    I think we should seriously set in motion a “work less” campaign in this country. Seriously. Why do you think people of other countries are happier than Americans? It’s because they have more time for themselves. 
    Anyway, I really enjoy reading your posts, Gini! Keep it up!

  • Eight hours of sleep? My body won’t let me anymore – once I got past 33, I automatically started sleeping less. But with all my furballs, I automatically have the exercise part down. Now if that pesky plantar fasciitis would quit interfering.

  • belllindsay JayDolan biggreenpen going to shock you all but in DC kickball is huge. And it is the one game that both aides and workers for the Dems and GOP consort together and play.

  • DwayneAlicie Howie Goldfarb jasonkonopinski ClayMorgan ginidietrich wasn’t Dwayne’s last guest post about how social media is like fritos?

  • I had 2 of the 3 things you’ve mentioned down path Gini – I always get 8 hours a sleep, because I typically get up around 5:30 and go to bed fairly early. Also, since last summer, I started unplugging during the evenings and weekends. I don’t feel as dependent on my technology anymore, and I do agree with you that I tend to get more done during the day.
    The one that was lacking for me was exercise, but have been getting back to the gym lately, at least 4 times a week. I’ve been feeling much healthier lately, and much happier 🙂

  • Howie Goldfarb belllindsay JayDolan biggreenpen The league I’ma part of started in DC and they started a branch down here when a few of the players moved here.

  • Digital_DRK If you’re doing it right.

  • JayDolan Howie Goldfarb belllindsay biggreenpen I played in the DC leagues when we lived in VA. It was awesome.

  • ginidietrich belllindsay Todd Lyden Man, I miss skiing.

  • LauraPetrolino You’re totally doomed on the sleep department.

  • danielghebert The gym is the bomb! So glad you’re getting back there.

  • JRHalloran Oh I can get eight hours. I LOVE sleep. To your point, though, I saw an article the other day that described how much more relaxing other countries do compared to us. It’s fairly significant.

  • LauraPetrolino You are terrible about sleep. I have proof.

  • Lori I can’t wait to read it!

  • KateNolan Thank you for mentioning Quiet. I should re-read it, too.

  • RebeccaTodd Um, it was 4:43 a.m.

  • Digital_DRK Ha! If you’re doing it right. LOL!

  • danielleserrano I don’t think I could go completely without my phone. But I don’t do any work, work on the weekends anymore, which includes writing, strategy development, or getting through my pesky inbox.

  • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes I’m with you. Today was my rest day for the week and I can definitely feel it. Crazy how that works, huh?

  • ginidietrich LauraPetrolino I’m pretty sure we need to adjust our UP competition to include sleep statistics!!

  • RobBiesenbach I got 5 hours and 53 minutes last night (traveling) and think I might die.

  • KateNolan Remember the classic “I’m OK – You’re OK” book?? Totally ’70’s self help. My mom had it on her bedstand! LOL

  • jasonkonopinski JayDolan Howie Goldfarb belllindsay biggreenpen You crazy ‘Mericuns.

  • RebeccaTodd Howie Goldfarb C’est impossible.

  • ElissaFreeman

    Yes, yes, yes to working out – and on the day(s) I don’t do it? I feel somewhat incomplete…

  • ginidietrich I traveled Monday/Tuesday on early flights and got 4.25 Sunday night and 4.5 Monday night. Tuesday I got 9 plus a nap!

  • On the topic of physical activity, there’s a pretty good book about this –
    A lot of the research suggests that we actually think better and are more productive with regular exercise, and particularly right afterwards (he uses the example of students in Napierville, IL who did physical activities at zero hour and had a reading/writing/critical thinking class afterwards saw huge improvements).

  • JoeCardillo I have found I am certainly much more productive when I exercise. During the summer, I ride at lunchtime and you should see what I accomplish when I get back. Now, though, I’m riding early, but the results are pretty comparable. My brain functions A LOT better. In fact, my team will say to me, “Have you been for a ride today?” That’s code for, “You’re grouchy.”

  • ElissaFreeman I had a rest day yesterday and I was grouchy. So I’m with you. It does feel incomplete.

  • DebraCaplick I think my body wanted me to sleep less, too. But I’ve found the 250-300 miles a week doesn’t care. It craves sleep.

  • ginidietrich JoeCardillo  Agreed,  my summer kayak evenings/weekends really help center me emotionally, which in turn helps my “processing” side.  Winter time – little more challenging with just the gym.  New Years resolution – Yoga and meditation.  “Staying in the Moment”

  • ginidietrich JoeCardillo I usually just say “You’re GROUCHY!!”

  • ginidietrich JoeCardillo I never fail to come back with better, fresher ideas after a workout. When you’re blocked it totally clears the pipes. (Hmmm … that sounds a little graphic.)

  • RobBiesenbach ginidietrich JoeCardillo Putting the casual in Casual Friday huh Rob =P

  • KateNolan

    belllindsay KateNolan Bwa ha! That’s funny! I hadn’t even thought of that. It could be a new tagline for the book!

  • KateNolan

    ginidietrich KateNolan I rarely re-read, there’s always something new on the list, but this is one where there’s more to “get” with another read-through.

  • rdopping

    belllindsay ginidietrich rdopping totally.

  • SFerika

    Making sure to get enough sleep and to take time for yourself to recharge seem to be the two things people all too often sacrifice in the supposed interest of something else (typically their job.) Excellent reminder on this going in to the holiday season.

  • tnfletch

    I completely agree with your recommendations and I would also add eat healthy for a strong body and mind. (Or at least try to eat healthy some of the time, I am not giving up pizza anytime soon!)

  • tnfletch LOL! I’m not giving up chili con queso. But yes, I totally agree with you.

  • tnfletch

    Yum that sounds good too! I love any food with cheese really, I’m from Wisconsin I think it’s in our DNA!

  • Hey ginidietrich this is my first comment on a blog in SOO long! I’ve been a horrible blog/social media commenter! – big smack to the head. 

    And I’m not surprised that you did 7 out of the 9 things – you are one of the most successful people I know! And you’re also one of the most busy people I know so it’s great that you do all of these things. I’ve been having major issues getting my 8 hours of sleep recently. I’m going to commit to getting that done before I tackle the other 8. 🙂