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Open Call for Content Contributions

By: Arment Dietrich | September 7, 2011 | 

This post is written by Lisa Gerber.

Bring me your case studies, your articles, your podcasts, and your webinars!

Two weeks ago, I shared with you How to Create an Editorial Calendar, based in part, on work we are doing for Spin Sucks Pro. We are creating a curriculum for digital marketing, strategic planning, inbound marketing, content marketing, and digital PR. And that’s just this year.

Much of the curriculum has been designed, and a great deal of content has been produced. But it’s never enough. And that is where you come in.

So I’m turning it over to you, Spin Sucks community, with an open call for your content. We have a powerful and smart community here representing a variety of areas of expertise, from a variety of industries.

If you are interested in contributing, please read on for details.

First, some basics. Spin Sucks Pro is professional development for PR and marketing pros. It is subscriber-based, providing you hands-on experience using technology to enhance your careers. With forums, discussion groups, videos, podcasts, white papers, and more, you can learn at your own pace, in your own style, and create an experience around the types of things you need to learn.

The blog, Spin Sucks, will always remain free. It is opinion pieces, trends and news, product and service reviews, tips and tools, and case studies.

In both, our mission is to change the perception of the PR industry and to demonstrate best and ethical practices in public relations and marketing.

Four different ways you can contribute

  1. Educational articles, videos, and podcasts for Spin Sucks Pro. Within each section, there are 10 levels (young professionals through senior practitioners) around strategy, planning, execution, and measurement. No matter your level or number of years of experience, we’d love to work with you to develop content to go inside the site, within one of those subcategories.
  2. Case studies. We know you are working on, or have worked on, fascinating projects from which we can all learn. This is your opportunity to show it off and to give your clients and/or employer a little extra love. Case studies follow the PRSA standard with components in planning, research, execution, and measurable results. (We’ll provide the template.)
  3. Spin Sucks Pro webinars. We host hour-long webinars twice monthly and are always looking for passionate and dynamic presenters to share their know-how. If you have experience in webinars, and have a topic idea that fits within the curriculum, let us know and we’ll share more details.
  4. Guest posts on the blog. Guest blog posts publish at noon CT four times weekly. We are interested in topics of relevance to PR and marketing professionals; topics that help us do our jobs better, keep us ahead of the trends, and generate conversation. These differ from Spin Sucks Pro in that they are more opinionated, editorial, or news-related.

Most importantly, we want to work with contributors who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and being a part of the community.

Ready to contribute? Send me an email with your topic idea, format, your background, and previous samples. I’ll share more specific guidelines and, together, we’ll narrow down topic and deadlines.

It’s a content hungry world! We have a lot to learn from one another.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

  • Needless to say, I would love to contribute as often as possible and help you guys out.

  • Me too! I can offer plenty! I am easy to find – just remember to look down!

  • I’ll have to think of a topic idea.

  • @Erin F. I especially want case studies!! We’ll have a constant need!

  • @KenMueller You’ve already given us some great stuff. We can talk about more if you want. I had an interesting conversation with the guy on the plane next to me yesterday who saw me editing one of your articles! We got into a conversation about helping him get his blog started. 🙂

  • @NancyD68 Excellent, let me know via email!!

  • @Lisa Gerber I’ll have to think about that. I’ve never written a case study, and I’m not sure my efforts in the past year would work into one. The only thing I can visualize is a real-time study of the efforts I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned with my business. Those are lessons I’m trying to apply with clients, but most of my current clients have hired me as a writer not as a consultant.

  • @Erin F. How about writing; writing for the web, improving your writing skills, that kind of thing?

  • @Lisa Gerber Those topics definitely are in my alley. I love to write about writing. 🙂

  • DBailen

    Do you accept bog posts? I write on brand strategy.

  • DBailen

    Do you accept bog posts? I write on brand strategy.

  • DBailen

    Do you accept bog posts? I write on brand strategy.

  • DBailen

    Do you accept blog posts? I write on brand strategy.

  • Putting on the thinking cap.

  • I have a lot of info on very small business (single props, mostly) that seems to work. Their big issue is usually time commitment so I have a number of ways to develop a time-efficient system and a few li’l tricks for maximizing reach with each effort. I’ll think about what I want to share. it’s an odd niche that’s often overlooked – but potentially very valuable.

  • Count. Me. In.

    I’ll email you this week re: case study ideas…

  • Count. Me. In.

    I’ll email you this week re: case study ideas…

  • We would love to submit another guest post! I will work on one & send it your way, Lisa! If there is something in the web development world you think would particularly be of interest to the community, do let us know and we will tackle it!


    Would love to guest blog on Spinsucks! I’ll work on possible topics and get something over to you soon.


  • @wabbitoid can’t wait to hear more. We have tracks for professional development and leadership and it sounds like this might fit in there; time management, or productivity?

  • @jasonkonopinski shoot me an email if you want to email brainstorm. by the way, I’m slow to reply. Getting lots of queries, and they take time to respond to.

  • @EricaAllison (cookie monster voice) CASE STUDIES CASE STUDIES CASE STUDIES.

    Oh man, I just cracked myself up. sheesh.

  • @sydcon_mktg sounds good! I’ll send you an email.

  • @Lisa Gerber@EricaAllison I’m sorry, Lisa, but that comment screams “WE NEED VIDEO OF THIS!”

  • coolio! (PS, i never say that in real life. It just felt appropriate right now.)

  • @KenMueller@EricaAllison ok, I need erica’s case studies, then I’ll print them up and i’ll smoosh them in my face as I scream case studies. There, I’ve got the storyboards done, I just need the CASE STUDIES!!

  • @KenMueller@EricaAllison ok, I need erica’s case studies, then I’ll print them up and i’ll smoosh them in my face as I scream case studies. There, I’ve got the storyboards done, I just need the CASE STUDIES!!

  • @Lisa Gerber@EricaAllison or, you could just skype with me now and entertain my family.

  • @KenMueller@Lisa Gerber me, too! me, too!

  • Hi Lisa… if you ever need any guest posts regarding video production, please let me know. I’ll send a note to Gini letting her know as well.

    –Tony Gnau

  • @T60Productions awesome! would love it. Shoot me an email. Gini will just direct you to me. Directions are just above in the blog post! thanks. We especially need video for Spin Sucks Pro too.


    Hi Lisa,

    Is there an email address that i can use to send you some ideas?@Lisa Gerber

  • yep, it’s embedded in the link above, but it’s lgerber at armentdietrich dot com