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10 Additional Ideas to Generate Comments and Shares

By: Gini Dietrich | March 21, 2012 | 

Nearly two months ago, we talked about 10 content ideas that generate comments and shares.

Apparently the seventh idea in that blog post (lists) worked because it had 190 comments and a gazillion shares on all of the networks.

The moral of the story? Write lists!

But that’s not my point. In the comments, there were a lot of really good additional ideas and I promised to do a second post (maybe the comments here will get us a third post!).

Without further ado, 10 additional ideas to generate comments and shares.

  1. Book Reviews. New Spin Sucks friend, Bhaskar Sarma, suggests doing book reviews. He says, “Posts based around a book can be full of win. If that book is a must read in your industry, doing something as simple as summing up the key points or at least doing a review can easily give you 500-700 words. And, if you can tie in the lessons of the book with real world examples, then that’s frosting on top of the cake.”
  2. The Rant. John McTigue says he loves a good rant, both to read and to write. He says, “I really enjoy a good rant, especially when it’s packed with both humor and enough facts to back up your position. Mostly, I love writing one every now and then. Don’t want to be too much of a whiner, but a well-placed kick in the chops goes a long way with me.”
  3. Interviews. Michelle Quillin (most of us know her as New England Multimedia) suggests interviews. She says, “Interviews work well, if it’s someone your audience is interested in learning more about. Use the social networks to ask them who they’d like you to talk to and publish the interviews.” This works with audio, video, and written text. Michelle publishes her interviews in one spot so they’re easily found.
  4. Question of the Week. Everyone knows we do Facebook question of the week on video and both John Falchetto and Jack Steiner suggest it be on the list. John said, “Not only do you cross platforms with YouTube but you answer a question that most of us (ok all of us) have on their mind but are just too dingbat to ask.”
  5. Education. John Trader suggests going back into our education archives. He says, “Remember when social media was not around? Our education and previous experience can directly tie into how we communicate today. Make comparisons to how businesses used to roll vs. how they roll today and show your audience the similarities or gargantuan differences and the strategies to capitalize on them.”
  6. The Parable. Matt LaCasse suggests the story or parable. He says, “Telling a story to make a point in a post, to me, is an incredibly interesting, and difficult, post to write.” Danny Brown did a nice job with this on his blog about a year ago. He then took those blog posts and combined those them into an eBook.
  7. The Latest Trends. Jayme Soulati (hot on her addiction to Pinterest; OK, me too) suggests talking about the latest trends. She says, “Let’s not forget the latest trend in XX (we’ll use social media). Like just now, when I took an oldie (Pinterest) and put my spin on it (today, spin doesn’t suck).”
  8. The Sales Questions. This is one that Marcus Sheridan pounds home on his blog and when he speaks. Write content around the questions you’re asked during sales meeting. Ken Mueller repeats it, “I like to answer questions I hear when I’m in front of clients or prospects. If they’re asking it, I know others are too.”
  9. Roundup of Voices. Michelle Quillin had a second suggestion with a roundup of voices. She says, “A roundup of voices from across the blogsphere on some topic of interest to your audience. A tip of the hat to Adam Toporek and Kaarina Dillabough for this one! See Adam’s “What Is Customer Service?” and Kaarina’s “Money, Marketing and Monkey Business – The Alphabet Series Continues.”
  10. The Smarty Pants. Ike Pigott simply sent me his Eleven Words Guaranteed To Generate Killer Search Engine Traffic and Clicks. Go ahead and click on it. I’ll wait.

Now it’s your turn. Let’s see if we can another 10 or more ideas!

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