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By: Gini Dietrich | March 8, 2010 | 

I would love to say that I was riding my bike (still stuck inside on the trainer and put in 200 miles last week…so I have A LOT of thinking time) and I came up with this brilliant idea to let you pimp your blog here, but I cannot take credit.

A couple of weeks ago, Toronto HAPPO champion, Danny Brown, invited his blog readers to pimp their blogs in the comments of his blog. You should go check it out – An Invite to Pimp Your Blog – because there are a myriad of blogs on there, which surprised me. I thought it would be all PR, social media, or marketing blogs. When, in fact, those are in the minority.

So, I invite you to do the same in the comments here. Let’s see what kinds of blogs you have and let’s see if we can find you some new readers.

Please include the following:

1. The blog’s name and link

2. A one sentence description about why someone should read your blog.

3. Your full name

4. Your Twitter handle (if you have one)

As an alternative, if you don’t have a blog, give us one blog you love to read in the comments.

Go ahead! Pimp your blog!

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro.

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162 responses to “Blog: Share Your Link Love”

  1. Arment – Great idea and I am SO with you on wanting to get outside. Soon hopefully!

    1. Productive & Organized – Finding Your Way

    2. Executives, entrepreneurs and producers that want to be able to do more with their information, time, space, profit and life will find this blog covers strategy, tips, tactics, and resources that will help to get the job done.

    3. Stephanie LH Calahan

    4. @StephCalahan {Arment and I are also featured on @hipmomswhowork/kickasschicks – just love that list name}

  2. Akash Sharma says:

    Hi Gini, This is definitely a great initiative as started by Danny, My name is Akash Sharma{@MrAkashSharma} and i blog at Uber Marketing Blog – | |.
    I confess that am still not too consistent with my postings but am working hard on improving that.
    I share thoughts on relating some really basic stuff to things like social media marketing and business’s user interface design.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts…and an such an encouraging platform for newbies.

  3. Gini, thanks for giving us the space to promo our own blogs!

    Salt and Light ( is the name of my blog…there I give you a glimpse into my life, both professionally and personally. I try to provide relative info and encouragement where and when I can!

    You can follow me on Twitter too: @patrickreyes

  4. Well hello Gini – would always love to find some good new reads, and see a few new faces over in my neck of the woods (hope you’re doing well by the way).

    Matt Cheuvront
    Twitter: @mattchevy
    Blog: Life Without Pants (
    About: Perspective on life “less restricted” (pun intended)

    Rock on! Have a great week everyone!

  5. Michael says:

    Thanks for the help! My blog is on my experiences as a runner.

    I’m @jumbolaw on Twitter.

  6. Joe Heidler says:

    My blog is the BestRoofer blog. It is at Here facility managers and property managers and anyone with roofing issues will find helpful tips from my 40 years experience in the business.
    I am Joe Heidler and I can be found on twitter @BestRoofer.


  7. Fantastic idea…I’ll have to go check out Danny’s post, but I definitely have found some of my favorite blogs from comment conversations around the web.

    The Whole Kitchen
    About: Cooking healthy, gluten-free food from scratch
    Twitter: @jennsutherland

  8. Stampylisa says:

    I have a blog featuring specials and ideas for rubber stamping and paper crafters. I am a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and my blog can be found at
    I also have a booklist of all the books I read, listed on my blog.
    My product/online shopping webpage is and I’m @stampylisa on Twitter.

    Thanks and have a Stampy Day!!

  9. Mitch Byrne says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my blog!
    Northeast Cooling llc blog
    Combination of social media experiences and refrigeration eco tips!
    twitter handle: @refrigeration

  10. Anne P says:

    Thanks! 🙂

    My blog: fANNEtastic food –

    Come for healthy recipes, fun fitness moves, beautiful photography, and awesomeness 😉

    I’m @fannetasticfood on Twitter.


  11. Thanks! What a stellar idea! And I love the photo of Statler and Waldorf! The best!

    1. The blog= The Way I See It (Known “on the street” as TWISI)

    2. My blog champions theatre in Canada- with reviews of incredible productions and interviews with fascinating people from Toronto and coast to coast.

    3. I’m Amanda Campbell- nice to meetcha!

    4. Follow me on Twitter! @mt_champion. I’ll follow you back!

  12. the most exquisite moments

    Written by Jessica Ruano

    For those who get turned on by the arts, a passionate, thoughtful, and enthusiastic exploration of all things theatrical, artistic, poetic, and exquisite; with a current focus on the arts scene in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

  13. Hi Gini! I’m pimping out my friend’s blog
    “Random Thoughts by Rebecca”
    Her posts are about family, work, and daily life. Posts are often short but thought-provoking (or just plain fun & funny)
    Rebecca Hession – @rebeccahession

  14. Jake Jordan says:

    Thanks Gini!

    Come by and check out how to deliver more high quality content for your brand. Think less personal branding, more brand delivery.

  15. Great idea (as always :)) Gini,

    Here’s mine:

    I’m Doug Davidoff, Founder and CEO of Imagine Business Development. My blog is It’s filled with information and real life stories highlight how companies can break free from commoditization, develop a sales process that becomes their competitive advantage and to eliminate competition.

    You can follow and engage with me on Twitter at @dougdavidoff.

  16. Lori says:

    Hi Gini! I’m drlori71 on Twitter. Thanks for the chance to pimp my blog.
    My blog is Loripalooza and it’s a humorous blog about everything – work, kids, life. I think your readers will enjoy it.

  17. Brigitte says:

    This is so fun!

    My blog is Covet Chicago (,a chronicle of my personal experiments in the decorative arts, with a healthy dollop of budget-friendly finds and inspiration.

    My Twitter handle is

    And sometimes I’m funny.

  18. Deb Dobson says:

    Gini, what a great idea. I’m pimping my blog.

    It’s Just My Take
    Written by…Me 🙂
    It’s about relationships in the world of social media, and you get to Meet a Tweep sometimes.

  19. Pimping my blog.. cause I am a great Realtor.. in Tallahassee, FL and I’m proud of it..and the fun things I do here in this little North Florida town!

    It’s Home Sales of Tallahassee. and here’s the link:
    I want people to read it, to engage with me and to use this blog as their Florida Home Search site and to get to know about Tallahassee, my home town!

    Debbie Kirkland… better known at @FloridaSunSales on Twitter!
    Happy Pimping!

  20. Gini,

    thanks for the opportunity to pimp my blog, it’s really nice of you.

    The Marketing Mark is my evolving blog of observations about marketing, social media, advertising and things like that. I say its evolving, because it’s becoming a little more personal rather than just informational – I’m starting to put a little bit more of myself and my opinions and observations into the articles.

    Thanks again!!!



    Much like good ‘ol MC Hammer broke it down with his “Hammer Time” nearly two decades ago, our version – HMA Time – will break it down, too. As PR practitioners of varying ages and experience levels, each of our personal blogs on the profession of PR gives us the chance to sound off about the good, bad and ugly in our industry and those related to our field. We welcome participation from other PR people, media folks and anyone else who stops by.

    To quote Mr. Hammer once more, this blog is “Too legit. Too legit to quit.”

  22. My name is Mimi Meredith. My blog is the Bloomin’ Blog and is generally about growing better relationships, leadership and life balance…unless I see something shiny, and then it might be about that. You’ll find it at

    You should read it if you engage with other life forms and want to feel better equipped for that interaction.

    Follow me on Twitter @MimiMeredith

    Thanks for this generous forum for connection, Gini!

  23. boliyou says:

    Hi Gini,

    Thanks for this opportunity! I’d love it if you and your readers stop by.

    I {heart} Rhody ( is a travelog of sorts. My daughter and I, recent transplants to Rhode Island, are blogging our way through the sites, events and local businesses in our new home state.

    Erika (boliyou)

    Thanks again!

  24. Hi,

    Thanks for giving us the chance to showcase our blogs!

    The Jenn Lee Group’s blog

    Blog explaining the causes and effects of Mobile Marketing

    Christina Abatecola, The Jenn Lee Group


    Check it and out and please don’t be shy, let us know what you think!

  25. My name is Stephen Schmidt – Editor of – it encapsulates the randomness of pop culture, and adds a bit of humor. We work hard to make sure we aren’t necessarily “topical” as we are “funny” – and although not everything’s a hit, we often put a smirk on your face!

    Thanks for the opportunity for the share!

    @robotstephe on Twitter.

  26. Jaimie Field says:

    Hi, I’m Jaimie B. Field, Esq. – author of Jaimie Field – The Enlightened Rainmaker Blog which is located at

    The blog concentrates on helping attorneys (and other professionals) to grow their practice while building fulfilling lives.

    You are more than welcome to follow me on twitter

    And Gini – still waiting 🙂

  27. Ike says:


    Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, WHATSOEVER, should any of you read my blog. has been known to cause cancer in juvenile laboratory mice. Some say it’s about communications, some say it’s about explaining things, but to be honest, I have no idea what it is about and I WRITE THE DAMNED THING.

    I also tweet at (@ikepigott), and after more than 25,000 little bursts of narcissism, I don’t know what I’m talking about there, either.

    In fact, you probably ought to block me, and report me to Google.

  28. Adine Deford says:

    Hi Gini,
    I think that we have a mutual friend – @katjaib? Anyway, I saw Danny Brown’s post as well and was thinking of doing something similar, but you beat me to it. So I will say thank you for the opportunity to share our blog here. The Exari Blog, is designed for people who draft contracts or complex documents. We talk about document assembly, MS Word issues and share contract-related ideas. We tweet as @Exari. Thanks for the platform,

  29. Find me on Twitter: @TheCoolestCool
    Or Blogging:
    About: Advertising – Marketing – Socia Media and Entrepreneurship. Pretty much just the thoughts and chronicles of a self made ad man…

  30. Thanks for this opportunity!

    My blog is called First Smiles and Tears –

    It’s a portal for parents to share stories, happy, sad and everything in between.

    @InMadison on Twitter.

  31. Sam Brace says:

    I’m Sam Brace, public relations and social media manager for The Caliber Group, which is a Tucson-based brand marketing and PR firm.

    We have an excellent blog titled Caliber Pulse that provides tips, trends and data on marketing, PR, business development, social media and more. However, it all comes from the perspective of a group of Southern Arizonans.

    I encourage you to check out our latest posts and follow us on Twitter at @CaliberGroup.

  32. Thanks for the opportunity Gini – loved this when Danny did it as well. –

    Helpful information on Marketing, Social Media and Personal Development.

    @FrankDickinson on Twitter

    Thanks again Gini – great stuff!

  33. Alicia says:

    This is great! My name is Alicia and I blog over at Making Time For Mommy — I blog about life as a working mom of two under two. I am on twitter (@aliciamarie112) and love to chat with others 🙂

  34. Dyan Flores says:

    My Two Weeks Notice

    My blog is both an insightful one, with reflections on the process of leaving a successful job to follow one’s passions, but it’s also practical, showing how I attack financial decisions and other obstacles that arise because of such a life change.

    Dyan Flores

  35. Hello, my name is Brian and I’m a Mac. I love technology, games, and I create my own electronic music for free on my site. Check it out!

    My blog is called Operation: Brian and is located at

    Follow me on Twitter at

    Thanks everyone for visiting!

  36. Gini, I too love Danny’s idea, am working on my own little homage to it (hopefully this week). Thanks for the free promo, so here goes:

    Blog name, for now: “I blog.. You’ve Been warned”


    About: rants, raves and other ramblings on PR, social media, marketing and small business

    @3HatsComm for Davina K. Brewer

  37. Chris says:

    I’m an artist/creative type who loves Abraham Lincoln and lives near downtown Springfield, IL – Mr. Lincoln’s Home Town. My blog is about my creations (like my artistic Lincoln T-shirts) and my adventures along the way, Lincoln, Springfield, and the occasional other things I find interesting. It’s called Heart of Lincoln Land:
    Twitter: @heartoflincoln

    Thanks for allowing me to share!

  38. Thanks Gini for giving us all an opportunity to share. Pass the thanks along to Danny and keep riding that gold mine of a road bike!

    21st Century Marketing Systems

    Our blog is new, and dedicated to giving everyone online access to our 20 years of non-traditional marketing experience in helping small businesses increase their sales and profits systematically without spending more money.


  39. javilabbe says:

    Gini, hola… Fun idea! I will probably add most of these blogs to my blog roll.

    Check out my blog “Get Connect” @

    I have no idea what I am doing writing a blog, other than to babble on about me and the things I think are interesting enough to share.


  40. Thanks for this opportunity Gini.

    My name is Roger Wohlner and my blog is called Chicago Financial Planner

    I write about personal financial planning issues including retirement planning, investing, and the confusing fee structure of my profession. I also write about issues pertaining to 401(k) plans. Much of what I write about comes from my experience as a fee-only financial planner for individuals and as a fee-only advisor to 401(k) plan sponsors.

  41. Jill Sites says:

    Great idea Gini! I love it! is my blog all about food, drinks, and various other forms of consumption. I teach and try while keeping folks entertained by various intimate stories.

    Jill Sites


  42. Far be it for me to pass on an opportunity to pimp out my blog! 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    My blog is called Suburban Scrawl ( and is mostly about my family: my husband and I have two teenaged boys who keep things interesting around here. My readers tell me they enjoy my writing voice and my sense of humor. (they rock, as well!)

    On twitter, I’m @melisalw.

    Thanks again!

  43. Little Miss Sunshine says:

    1. Queen of Heart Breaks
    2. A girls troubles dating in dc

    it’s one of my favorite blogs!

  44. Arik Hanson says:


    Great idea. Loved it when Danny did it–and I think it works here, too. Different communities.

    1. Communications Conversations (

    2. A look inside the next evolution of digital communications.

    3. Arik Hanson

    4. @arikhanson

  45. Dragos Roua says:

    Great idea 🙂 Here’s mine:


    2. be brilliantly better

    3. Dragos Roua

    4. @dragosroua


  46. I have two blogs:
    Jeff Lipschultz’s Blog ( non-unique title I know, but I have a name people tend to remember, right?)
    The Bike Whisperer (

    My main blog covers everything you need to know as a job (or promotion) seeker for your personal career branding.
    My biking blog is geared (no pun intended, I swear) towards those starting out in road cycling (both adults and kids who are about to lose their training wheels).

    Tweet with me @JLipschultz and @Bike_Whisperer
    Let me know Gini sent you!

  47. Ashley says:

    What a great idea, Gini! As a relatively new blogger, my first focus was to provide good content. Now that I feel comfortable with my writing, it’s time to increase readership! (So thank you for the opportunity.)

    Blog: PR Geek: It’s Chic to be Geek.
    About: Experiences and thoughts from a young PR pro
    Twitter: @ash_lumm

  48. Erin says:

    What a great idea & thanks for the opportunity, Gini!

    1.), The Mother Load

    2.) Trying to make my blog more accessible/interesting for all sorts of people

    3.) Erin Margolin

    4.) @erinlynn76

  49. Thanks!


    2. Holistic fitness blog

    3. @trainwithsusie

  50. Laura Scholz says:

    What a great idea, Gini! I’ll have to check out Erik’s post, too. I love discovering new blogs.

    My blog is

    Basically the ups and downs of entrepreneurship (and the PR industry in particular) in a digital age. I talk a lot about writing, work/life balance, running and business growing pains.

    Can’t wait to check out all of your blogs!

  51. Tim Bograkos says:

    1. The Sixth Option –

    2. I blog about experiences I had playing collegiate and professional basketball and how they translate to the corporate setting.

    3. Tim Bograkos

    4. @timbograkos

  52. Marko Saric says:

    Here is mine:

    1. How To Make My Blog
    2. To create a great blog and improve their careers.
    3. Marko Saric
    4. @howtomakemyblog

  53. B Thrasher says:

    1. Flyest Guy U Know –

    2. My blog is all about fashion, music and the random oddities/adventures of my life

    3. Brandon Thrasher


  54. 1. Randolph Sterling 2.0 ( ) and Hot Sales Strategies ( ).

    2. Sales and Sales Management tips

    3. Rich Burghgraef

    4. @randolphsterl

  55. Bob Donohue says:

    Be A Rock Star

    I blog about using the law of attraction to turn your passion into a business.

    Bob Donohue

    Great idea. Thanks Gini!

  56. 1. The ENTiPping Point:

    2. You’ll get a lot of brain dumps on technology and emerging media. Some practical tidbits and some theoretical just to spark conversation.

    3. Jamie Sandford

    4. @jsandford –

  57. Peter Faur says:

    Thanks, Gini!

    1. The Right Point –

    2. I have just redefined my blog purpose. I’m blogging almost exclusively about CEOs – the good, the bad, the ugly and how to be useful to them if you serve them as a PR person.

    3. Peter Faur

    4. @peterfaur

    Gini, you’re the best! Pete

  58. Gini, gotta love it Pimp my blog…may I also suggest to everyone here who has pimped their blog to go visit them and leave comments-“to spread the love”…hey it was too easy with the pimping already started.

    I would like to pimp TWO pretty please, 🙂

    My radio show is Breakthrough Business Strategies where we have high profile guests each week on topics of success mindset AND web 2.0 tools, techniques & strategies.

    Then my new baby on social media for business owners…

    Twitter handle

    Now to visit some of these awesome blogs listed and read and comment.
    Remember spread the love-shazam

  59. Martha Baur says:

    I’m so new,let’s give this another try.
    1. Mosquito Squad of Greater St. Louis
    2. New to blogging and loving it, I’m helping readers enjoy outdoor living to the fullest!
    3. Martha Baur and Carson Baur
    4. @stlmosquitosqd (Twitter)
    5. (Become a fan!)

  60. Les McKeown says:

    I’m in!

    My blog is at

    It’s about what I call ‘Predictable Success’: Getting your organization on the growth track – and keeping it there.

    My name is Les McKeown, and I am on Twitter @lesmckeown – see you there!

  61. Nicholas Pelotte says:

    All American’s Wisdom

    Sport’s Nut / Pop Culture Bloggin’

    Nicholas Pelotte


  62. Deb Evans says:

    Love this idea but hate I didn’t come up with it! Can’t wait to start reading and commenting.

    Blog: Franchise Executive

    2. I enjoy blogging about my franchise brand and challenges and rewards leading a great organization of people.

    3. Deb Evans

    4. Of course I tweet! @DebCE

  63. Thank you! Lovely gift!

    Megan Matthieson here. Of
    I blog about life, love, dancing and shoes. Something like that.

    I’m idance_iwrite on Twitter.

  64. 1. The Lost Jacket:

    2. A blog about marketing, community and public relations (with a dash of awesome).

    3. Stuart Foster

    4. @Stuartfoster

  65. Carla Howatt says:

    What an awesomely generous idea!

    1. Link:
    2. I try to take the basics of business communications and make it easier for the non-communicator to understand. For example, I never use the word “collateral” 😉
    3. Carla Howatt
    4. @tricommstrategy

  66. Hi My name is Desiree Adaway of The Adaway Group. I help to change people’s perception of the poor & marginalized -and in doing that help people change their perceptions of themselves.

    @desireeadaway on twitter

  67. Kevin says:

    Kevin DeShazo | Life in Slow Motion
    really, it’s just me trying to process my crazy, random thought on life.
    Kevin DeShazo

  68. Gwen Stickle says:

    What a great idea. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks.

  69. Ray Lapena says:

    Ray Lapena
    It’s a PR student’s blog, narrating my life as I prepare to graduate and start my career in corporate communications. Also includes my experiences with the job/internship hunt and peer advice.

  70. susan hart says:

    We’re already in Love, links that is. But I wanted to play anyway!

    Purpose: Targeted to small and medium businesses, the blog analyzes current issues from a seasoned public relations perspective and distributes weekly award for best public relations performance, good, bad or indifferent.

    Susan Hart


  71. JillPR says:

    My blog is called Jill.PR. and is located at (or just click my name on the comment.)

    Read my blog to follow my journey into solo PR, including the challenges and solutions I meet on the way. My twitter handle is @jill_pr

  72. Shelly says:

    1. RandomShelly’s Blog

    2. Sometimes I write something funny, or sappy, or stupid.

    3. Shelly Gibbens

    4. @RandomShelly

  73. Douglas Kling says:

    I believe Atlanta is a microcosm for technology hiring in the US, and my blog takes a deep dive into the market.

    If you are interested in understanding hiring dynamics in the Atlanta Technology Marketplace, and therefore, the rest of the country, check out Atlanta TeCh Recruiting Blog at:

    My twitter handle is:

    I tweet about Technology hiring, Live Music, The Syracuse Orangemen, The trials and tribulations of being a 4 and 6 yr old soccer coach and the things that I find funny in life.

    -Douglas Kling

  74. Natalia says:

    My blog explores issues facing home business owners while also offering business ideas and tips! It’s fun and informative reading with lots of links to even more information if you’re still left wanting 🙂

    Follow me on Twitter @nataliajones

  75. Tim Zager says:

    1. Magicdude Marketing –

    2. Marketing Lessons from magicians and street performers.

    3. Tim Zager

    4. @timzager

  76. Jeff Hammond says:

    Another great idea Gini. Thanks!

    Digital media, marketing and metrics with a light side dressing of pop-culture reference

    Jeff Hammond
    Twitter: @jeffhammond001

  77. Dave Charest says:

    Thanks Gini! Very kind. =)

    1. The blog’s name and link

    2. A one sentence description about why someone should read your blog.
    For Inspiration, Creativity and New Media Marketing for the Human Condition

    3. Your full name
    Dave Charest

    4. Your Twitter handle (if you have one)

  78. Love this idea!

    My blog: Head4College-NE

    I write about the college planning process (admissions & financial aid)and anything to do with higher education.

    Sharon McLaughlin


  79. diyworkouts says:

    Great idea!

    Exercise and nutrition information to help motivate you to get in shape, lose weight and add lean muscle in the comfort of your own home.

  80. I can’t pass up a great opportunity like this.

    I hope people find, keep and enjoy their money.

  81. CJ Bowker says:

    Thank you!

    I write about what it’s like to be hated for your job title.


  82. Guess late to the party is better than not at all… 🙂
    Need some time management tips? Come check out my website!

    1. Time Management Ninja –

    2. Winning the battle against wasted time, disorganization, clutter, and all other things evil…

    3. Craig Jarrow

    4. Find me on Twitter: TMNinja

  83. Misha says:

    1. Divergence Vocal Theater –

    2. Tales from an opera & mulit-arts performance company

    3. Misha Penton

    4. @DivergenceDiva

  84. 1. BackPocket COO Blog

    2. Real world experience sharing for Entrepreneurs, CEOs & teams in entrepreneurial companies. The same content that had me rated MIT’s #1 lecturer at their Entrepreneurial Masters Program.

    3. Cameron Herold

    4. @CameronHerold

  85. Dave Soucy says:

    1- | Weight Loss from the Neck Up

    2- When it comes to weight loss and fitness, what’s between your ears is infinitely more important than what’s on your plate.

    3- Dave Soucy

    4- @davesoucy

  86. Kristina says:

    1. PR & Career Related Thoughts from a Millennial |

    2. Focus on the relationship between Gen Y journalists and PR pros, as well as thoughts from someone just entering the PR field.

    3. Kristina Allen

    4. @allenkristina (

  87. Bob Corlett says:

    1. The Staffing Advisor –

    2. If you run a small to midsize organization, and you want to recruit, hire and retain achievement-oriented people who consistently produce results, we’ll show you how to do it.

    3. Bob Corlett

    4. @BobCorlett

    Thanks Gini!

  88. Darryl says:

    Loving the Bike –

    Loving the Bike is about celebrating all cycling champions whether you’re a weekend rider, competitive road cyclist, or rely on a bike as your means of transportation. Enjoy Your Ride.

    Darryl Kotyk


    Thanks for paying the Danny Brown love forward. Nice job.

  89. kevin says:

    Thanks Gini. Great idea. I have just started blogging again so this will motivate me to keep it going.

    1. I have a blog and I’m not afraid to use it –

    2. I blog about my experiences as a husband, father, and those times when I’m neither.

    3. Kevin Vandever

    4. @kevinvandever

  90. kevin says:

    One more for me:

    1. Jonesin’ for some Jazz? –

    2. All things jazz music related. Coming soon: The Jazz Life Music Hour podcast.

    3. Kevin Vandever

    4. @jazzlifejunkie

  91. Rachel says:

    1. Mosquito Squad of Charlotte’s Blog

    2. We give great tips about helping your outdoor space be mosquito free, while also reviewing events in Charlotte, NC!

    3. Rachel de Bernardo

    4. @cltmosquitosqd

  92. Nick says:

    Another fabulous idea, Gini, but 200+ miles on the trainer? You are B.A. The outside season is upon us, thankfully.

    Our business is interior design, primarily Kitchen and Bath–, ready made interior design for your kitchen and bath projects and, full service interior design.

    We blog about things we love–many of which emanate from the kitchen–food, cooking, wine and design and


  93. Gini this is a great idea. I have found about 15 new blog that I put into my RSS feed. You have some great ideas and this one is FABULOUS.

    1. New York Real Estate Lawyers Blog –

    2. We provide information relating to and pertaining to all aspects of Real Estate Law, including loan modifications, buying and selling real estate and foreclosures.

    3. Stefanie Devery, Esq.

    4. Twitter handle: @StefanieDevery

  94. RomyS says:

    I’m a Foodie, a World Traveler, Cross-Stitcher and Art Lover. I write about all these things and general observations about life living in Los Angeles. Pls, check it out. Thank you.

    1. link to blog –


    On Twitter: @ItsRomy

  95. Nick Shin says:

    Marketing Shindig – Online Marketing Blog at

    If you’re interested in “how-to’s” of online marketing specifically social media and SEM, check it out.

    Nick Shin @shinng

    I am also the voice behind @marketwire

  96. Maris says:

    Hi Gini! I love this idea! Can’t wait to read through the comments and find some new blogs to read.

    1. My blog is In Good Taste.

    2. A resource about all things food for twentysomethings and busy professionals.

    3. Maris Callahan

    4. @mariscalla

  97. Such a great idea! Thank you. I’m a photographer here in Chicago.

    1. Image of Humanity

    2. Image of Humanity: bringing attention to non-profits/events in chicago.
    Melissa Hayes Photo Blog: sharing my experiences in photography both personal and professional

    3. Melissa Hayes

    4. @melissahfoto

  98. mollyc says:

    My Twitter name is salamicat; come visit me at My blog chronicles the adventures of a woman who gets hot flashes and tattles on her family…

  99. Bill Oates says:

    Hey Gini,

    I launched a new blog and videolog today at, and took your advice to “pimp it” on Danny Brown’s website. Would love to get your take… to see if it”s not too obvious this old dog has a hard time learning new tricks!


  100. Sharon Cain says:

    Hi from Blighty guys – what a fabulous invitation and one which I’m delighted to take up. We’re a team of former journos who are passionate about PR, media training and social media and our blog is
    Thanks for your fab guest blog post Gini – and thanks for the opportunity to check out the wide-ranging blogs featured above.

  101. Whitney says:

    What a great idea.

    1. The Philosophical Stylista –

    2. Originally started as a project for a Women in the Media course I took last semester. Now starting to gear it toward Millennials entering the PR world.

    3. Whitney Oppenhuizen

    4. @Owhit

    Thanks for this opportunity, I always enjoy FADS.

  102. VT says:

    1. Industrious Bastard Blog,
    2. The premise of the Industrious Bastard blog is very simple: in business, it’s all important.
    3. Vince Todd, Jr.
    4. @hitsoltns

    God Speed

  103. […] giving people a chance to pimp their blogs on his own site. Gini Dietrich liked this so much she “acquired” the idea herself, though she did warn Danny she […]

  104. What fun!

    Blog Name: Escaping Mediocrity

    This blog gives inspiration and practical strategies for breaking free from the death grip of mediocrity in our lives and in our businesses.

    Sarah Robinson


  105. Stacey Hylen says:

    Marketing Blog for 6-7 figure business owners to optimize their business for increased sales and profits so they have more time for who and what they love. Because growing your business at the expense of who you love stinks.

    Stacey Hylen


  106. Jessica Reed says:

    I’ve already subscribed to several blogs within the comments – looking forward to checking them out.

    1. Mod Manners at

    2. The basics of communicating and building relationships offline and now online still should have some common courtesies – so I explore, suggest and encourage discussion around modern etiquette.

    3. Jessica Reed

    4. Blog focused at
    Personal focused at

  107. Tegan says:

    Thanks for the opportunity, Gini!

    1. Public Relations Hybrid-

    2. A blog in the form of an integrated marketing ice cream cone- Two scoops public relations, one scoop online marketing, and one scoop SEO with sprinkles about life/career on top.

    3. Tegan Zimmerman


  108. Great idea Gini (& Danny Brown).

    Fantastic blog published through our Gallery (Station Gallery)…

    1. Curator by Day:
    2. Words from an artist, art enthusiast & Gallery Curator.
    3. Bloggers name: Olexander Wlasenko (My name… Paige Sprecker, but I don’t write it, I promote it!)
    4. @PaigeSprecker

  109. PR Nonsense ( is the corporate blog of March Communications, and, at times, as the name indicates, is full of nonsense! And while all the posts make for a good read, the majority discuss the latest technologies, PR tactics, and social media fads that have the industry buzzing! So check it out and find us on Twitter @MarchPR 🙂

  110. Kay Ballard says:

    New Media Martini

    It is a new blog, a personal blog, and definitely, an acquired taste. Among other things I use it to support and annotate the many fun new media publishing projects that my company is involved in, like Social Media #Soiree, Women Are Not Funny Radio, and Kay Kay’s Divorce. I love to write and do a lot of writing, however my blog is a place where I enjoy playing with words and thoughts and writing in more of a whacked out style than is appropriate in much of my work.

    My name is Kay Ballard, so given that, it is not surprising that my twitter name is @KayBallard.

  111.…tackling bad webinar presentations one post at a time.

    thx Gini!

    Roger Courville
    Author, The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook

  112. John Rich says:

    1. digital::thinking

    2. A wildly subjective chronicle of the imploding mass media/mass marketing industry and the post-advertising world we are all creating.

    3. John Rich

    4. Twitter @digitalmem

  113. Joe Gangwish says:

    Yeehaw! For anybody with rural roots, here is the Tractor of the Week blog on our radio station site.

    This blog features a different tractor from our listening area each week submitted by the listeners themselves. Great way to re-live old memories.

    My name is Joe Gangwish and I’m a practicing tractor addict. (original, huh?)

  114. Steve McKee says:

    1. When Growth Stalls –

    2. Read this blog if you want to gain current insights about why and how companies stall, and what it takes to turn them around. Oh, and because Gini likes it.

    3. Steve McKee

    4. @WhenGrowthStall

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  116. Marie P. says:

    1. AffinityClick Blog –

    2. A repository of helpful and handy info all around online advertising, blogging, and social media. Plus a self-depreciating joke or two 🙂

    3. Marie Prentice

    4. @affinityclick

  117. Rebecca L says:

    1. Third Time’s A Charm-

    2. I write funny things, things about writing, and things about being back on the CT shoreline after 4 years in Miami, newly single.

    3. Rebecca Lucente

    4. @Bohopoetgirl

  118. Love it!

    Soultravelers3 Family Travel at

    We’re a family on an open ended, non-stop world tour since 2006, living large on just 23 dollars a day per person! 4 continents, 32 countries, over 175,000 miles (most overland & in Europe so far).

    Jeanne Dee


    Don’t miss our fun viral travel videos on Youtube!

  119. Cory Shanes says:

    Hey everyone, my name is Cory Shanes, and I’m an Entrepreneur 😉

    My blog is where I write about the entrepreneurial lifestyle, and include tips for other Entrepreneurs.

    I can be found on twitter @ and on facebook @

    Thanks for looking!

  120. Sandra says:

    Hi my name is Sandra
    Blog ” A Dove’s Flight”

    Its about my life as a freelance publicist and the experience that it brings.

    My twitter is @solodovepr

  121. […] a blog? We’d love to help you find new readers ginidietrich – Mon 08 Mar 13:06 previous next pblackshaw […]

  122. My sister and I really would like to thank you, this was good to read…

  123. […] we had more than 100 blogs submitted in our “share your link love” post from a couple of weeks ago, I’ve decided that Fridays (in association with […]

  124. […] he wrote about pimping your blog in this comments of his post and an idea was stolen! I shamelessly created the same idea here, but I did give him credit!  A lot of the blogs I now read are because of that blog post that […]

  125. Chris says:

    The Keep Shooting Photography Blog at

    I write about my experiences as a wedding and family portrait photographer, and
    I can be found on twitter @keep_shooting


  126. Ricardo Correia says:

    Death By Depression

    I write about my depression and my feelings in hope of helping other people out.

    twitter @correia_24


  127. ChicagoJason says:

    Chicago Poker Club –

    Chicago Poker Club is intended for the reading and posting pleasure of Chicago Poker enthusiasts.


  128. Tom Miesen says:

    I’m calling it “Tom Miesen’s Musings” until I get a hit of inspiration and change it to something more appealing:

    Follow along as I start navigating the murky waters of marketing, advertising, media, and pop culture on my own.

    I’m Tom Miesen, by the way.

    @tmiesen for short.

  129. Lisa Hill says:

    hi! i have two blogs!
    first one is Lehla Shop

    this one is where i feature anything about my company! whether it be press, posted reviews, celebrity connections to my products.

    my second blog is the MOMpreneur Diaries

    I just started this blog and it will be where i share my thoughts & favorite things!

    My name is Lisa Hill
    twitter @lehlashop

    thanks for the help!

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  133. […] Share Your Link Love with 131 comments begins the list, mostly because this is where you were able to recommend one blog to our readers. It couldn’t be self-serving and had to be a blog that publishes at least weekly. Lots of great reading in there! Also, this was a blatant rip-off to a post Danny Brown did, so thank you my Scottish friend who lives in Canada! […]

  134. Stefff says:

    That blog’s pretty much me talking to the world about all those little things we all have gone through 😉

  135. iliketvandmovie says:

    I have two blogs of mine that I’d love to share:


    I Like TV and Movies —

    You should check out this blog if you’re a fan of television and movies because I love to write about them.

    Julie (I know you said full name, but I just go by my first name online.)



    I Think This Is Cool —

    You should check out this blog if you like finding out about cool new things; I post about products and links that I think are cool.


    Thanks for the opportunity to pimp!

  136. ginidietrich says:

    @iliketvandmovie I’m sending your first blog to my husband!

  137. iliketvandmovie says:

    @ginidietrich @iliketvandmovie Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

  138. […] Link love . We’re big believers in the you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours mentality.  When I’m running low on things to post about I’ll check out some of our favorite pages and share their links on our page.  This helps build our community and also helps build some of our friends and clients pages. […]

  139. emculp1 says:

    The Slow Down Project

    I reek of positivity and want to share that stank with you. The blog’s words are motivating and inspiring for my readers and for me.

    Emily Culp

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  153. Hborstad says: my name is H. BorstadMy blog is about living in Germany, dealing with the military and a 4 year old. I am an aspiring photographer, I like sharing recipes, crafting, photoshop and travel. I am happy to do a link exchange via my blog!! send me your buttons! (and I can’t follow directions)

  154. robert conway says:

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  155. l1nd3ymgun1 says:
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    Name: Lindy
    I’m going to be blogging a few times a week about everyday things, funny life stories, my friends, lessons that I’ve learnt, recommending things to you and fashion of course! And well I hope you can relate to some of it and enjoy my reads.

  156. […] he wrote about pimping your blog in this comments of his post and an idea was stolen! I shamelessly created the same idea here, but I did give him credit!  A lot of the blogs I now read are because of that blog post that […]

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