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Eight Common Blogging Mistakes

By: Gini Dietrich | August 9, 2012 | 

When we started Spin Sucks nearly six years ago (go ahead and look at the very first post; it’s TERRIBLE), we thought we were pretty darn clever.

Not only was the URL available, but we had a fun little acronym: FADS – the Fight Against Destructive Spin.

We created an editorial calendar and everyone was responsible for blogging, from the interns on up through me.

Our goal was to blog about the silly things people do to hurt the perception of the PR industry and perpetuate the “spin doctor” image.

It. Was. A. Disaster.

There wasn’t a common voice, there wasn’t a common theme, we had no idea about SEO or links or using images or contextual calls-to-action, or, well, anything related to really good blogging.

But we kept it going, in the hopes that we would one day figure it out.

And figure it out we did!

But it wasn’t without a lot of mistakes or some pain.

That said, there are several mistakes we made early on we still see bloggers making. So I’ve created a list of eight things to consider while you’re blogging.

  1. Attach content to what’s happening in the world. It can be in your industry, a lesson learned from world events, or even pop culture. Some of the most popular blog posts are along the lines of, “Three Relationship Lessons Kim Kardashian Taught Me” or “Lessons Learned from the Susan G. Komen PR Disaster.”
  2. Think about your internal links. We strive for one internal link per 100 words. You want the links to be related to your topic and enforce the thinking you’re providing in the content. As it relates to number eight in this list, try to include one internal link in each of your blog posts, if only so you’re alerted when someone steals your content (and it will be stolen).
  3. Link to people. When you read a blog post or article you really enjoyed and it creates an opportunity for you to create your own content around it, link to the original author’s blog post or article, “about me” page, or Google+ profile. Doing so not only helps your own search engine optimization, but it alerts the person that you are giving them some link love and, typically, they’ll come by to not only comment but share what you’ve written.
  4. Use an SEO helper. When you’re first starting out and don’t know how search engine optimization works, you can get some help with tools such as Scribe SEO or Yoast. Install them and use them. They’ll teach you what you’re missing and you’ll soon be on your way.
  5. Use a commenting system. If you have a WordPress blog, it comes with its own commenting system. But, if you install a commenting system such as Livefyre, it helps you create conversation and community. You see, the WordPress system allows people to be alerted when someone comments on their comment, but Livefyre allows people to be alerted when anyone comments, driving interest, conversation, and debate.
  6. Write compelling headlines. One of the easiest ways to do this is type into Google what you think you’ll use for your headline. See what kinds of things come up. Are you going to be competing with Forbes and Fast Company for the same headline? Or is the competition minimal and you can own the category? Combine that with understanding how people search when they’re looking for the content you’re sharing and you have a winner.
  7. Provide social media share buttons. I’m still amazed at how many blogs I go to that don’t provide social media share buttons. There are PLENTY of plugins you can use to easily allow readers to share your content. I’m a fan of both Digg Digg and Jugnoo (client). I would venture to guess I’m one of the very few who will take the extra steps to shorten a link, go to the social networks, and share the content if the blog doesn’t have the share buttons. But the content has to be superb for me to go the extra mile like that. Make it easy for your readers to share!
  8. Use anti-scraping tools. There are content “farms” whose sole job is to move throughout the blogosphere and scrape (or steal) content they then publish on their own sites/blogs. Most of this is automated, meaning robots are scraping the content, so you can use a tool such as AntiScraper that alerts you anytime anyone steals your content. This also creates a link that tells people where the content was first published, which makes the duplicate content OK in the eyes of Google.

Trust me when I say, not everyone (not even well-established bloggers) does these things in every blog post.

What other things do you see missing in blogs?

A version of this first appeared on Engage121.

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • belllindsay

    Fantastic tips @ginidietrich – as per. xo

    •  @belllindsay I feel like I’m following you all over the web this morning!

      • belllindsay

         @ginidietrich HA! I prefer to follow. 

  • rdopping

    Now I know what I am doing write. Ha. Anti-scraping? Ah heck, I would be happy if someone read my crap instead of wanting to scrape it off the floor.

    •  @rdopping Oh people steal it. If it’s on the web, they’ll take it. The first few times it makes you smirk. Then you get really angry about it.

      • belllindsay

         @ginidietrich  @rdopping I’m pretty sure I haven’t been scraped yet. 😉 

        •  @belllindsay  @rdopping I’ll bet you have. This is what the content farms do. Create algorithms around keywords and then sell the content to their clients. Ken Mueller and I have great fun commenting on blogs where our content has been posted. They always delete us, but they know we know.

        •  @ginidietrich It’s pretty funny sometimes, especially the last time it happened when they scraped, and then put it thru some kind of translator program.
          And I don’t use any SEO plug-ins. I tried a few early on, but I learned fast just to let my content do the talking. It’s worked incredibly well for me. Plus I was reading an article that Google might start penalizing for those plugins, since they want to weight the natural content more with the newer algorithm. 

        • belllindsay

           @ginidietrich  @rdopping  Ken Mueller Really?? That’s insane. I’m gonna try that scraper thingy you mentioned and see! 😀 

        • belllindsay

           @KenMueller  @ginidietrich Ken, I’m with you re:  the SEO stuff. It feels so “game’y” to me. 

        •  @KenMueller  @ginidietrich I still don’t get SEO so well. Maybe I am a slow learner, but then SEO is tougher than theories on depression… (I am shrink…)!

        • belllindsay

           @Hajra   @KenMueller  @ginidietrich I could use a shrink right now!! 😀 

        •  @belllindsay I begin college next month… I could use a client right now…. 😉

        • belllindsay

           @Hajra  I may be too much for you. LOL Right, @ginidietrich !? 

        •  @belllindsay  @ginidietrich The first session is always the most expensive… I can always refer you to someone else, later on! 😉 (I hope the ethical boards aren’t listening!)

        •  @Hajra   @belllindsay  @ginidietrich oy. you take Lindsay as your first client you’ll switch careers fast.

        •  @belllindsay  @ginidietrich It doesn’t have to be gamey, but the way Google is going, less is more. People tend to overdo the SEO thing.

        •  @belllindsay  @ginidietrich  @rdopping  You should try it. Here’s the post I wrote about my latest experience, but only read it if you need a good laugh.

        •  @belllindsay  @KenMueller  @ginidietrich Here’s a good primer on SEO for bloggers. 

        •  @Hajra   @KenMueller The plugins are really good for those just starting out…or who don’t have any clue about SEO. It doesn’t teach you how to do keyword optimization. Rather it teaches you the internal to external link ratios, how to link to others (social media vs. sites), and other fun stuff like that. We don’t have any of them on Spin Sucks anymore, but as we add contributors from our team, I’ll use the plugins to teach them how to do SEO.

        •  @ginidietrich  @Hajra  That’s true. I just worry about how often those plugins are updated to reflect the changes in the search engine algorithms. 

        •  @KenMueller  @ginidietrich  @Hajra  Yoast updates frequently and writes on his dev blog about how to do things like auth=rel tags and the like. 

        •  @KenMueller I don’t use an SEO plugin either. Nice to hear your take. SEO constantly changes, so the best SEO program is just relevant, quality content. (So I’ve been told!) I’m amazed at some of the long-tail stuff that brings me dribbles of content every day. 

        •  @barrettrossie It’s interesting. I’m not blogging this week for a variety of reasons, but I’ve noticed some interesting things with my traffic, and that long-tail stuff is really working well. I’m actually shocked at how good my traffic is without new content this week…and it makes me wonder how much more I’d have if I WAS publishing! Oh well.

  • I’ve been playing around with Inbound Writer after a recommendation from Jay Baer. Real-time SEO analysis. Super powerful plugin. 

    •  @jasonkonopinski I tried it, too. Didn’t love it. 

      •  @ginidietrich I need to spend some more time with it, but I much prefer All-in-One SEO Pack and Yoast. 

        •  @jasonkonopinski Me too. The best thing about these tools is they teach you what you need to know and then let you graduate. 

  • There is nothing as good as experience. When I started blogging about 1.5 years ago, I did not care about excerpts, categories or tags or meta descriptions. I just started.
    In time, I have some work to do to “repair” things, but in the end it seems to work.
    Kind regards from Germany

    •  @HLeichsenring That’s exactly my experience! I didn’t even know you could schedule posts so I would hit publish when I finished, even if it was 2 a.m.

      •  @ginidietrich
         And the best thing: The learning curve nevers ends 😉

      •  @ginidietrich  @HLeichsenring Oh man, I totally used to do that, too. I’m impatient. 🙂 

  • I write for a website and once found a whole article of mine copied word to word. When I did get in touch with them, they told me “you should be impressed”… And then they kept deleting my comment; but yes, they know that I know.
    I didn’t know you could schedule post until about a year into blogging… there is just so much to learn while blogging, and there always will be….

    •  @Hajra  You should be impressed?! That someone stole your content? Yeah…that’s impressive. Jeez.

  • Great list, Gini!
    I would add that multimedia is also a good thing to consider. Using images and videos in your posts help drive interest – especially on Facebook, Google Plus and yes, Pinterest. The trick is using Creative Commons or purchased images. Scraping from Google images could get you in trouble.
    I’ll have to check out Antiscraper. I’ve only had my post scraped a couple of times (that I know of). So, this would be super helpful.
    What do you think about Scribe SEO? I’ve used Yoast, but I wonder how Scribe compares and if it’s worth the investment. I may just need to try it.

    •  @lauraclick I actually like the paid version of Yoast just a little bit better. Scribe is great if you’re just starting out.

    •  @lauraclick I heard scented blog posts work also. @ginidietrich likes Patchouli but I tell her go with Chanel or Calvin Klein or a Karadashian scent would totally work better.

  • Thank my Gini-friend…wonderful information that I can learn from, which I greatly appreciate! 

    •  @NancyMyrland And thank you for posting it on LinkedIn!

      •  @ginidietrich My pleasure…friends don’t let friends blog alone! 🙂

  • Hey Gini, great list. What other things are missing in blogs? I’m so used to skimming I can barely read a blog that isn’t broken into sub-heads, bullet points and numbered lists. You’ve done a great job of doing just that with this post. I could easily read your list, identify what I’m doing right and read more about where I need to improve my blog posts. Thanks for sharing!

    •  @Shelley Pringle Yes, yes, yes! I’ve recently added even more of that (even though I’d love to think everyone reads every word of my very compelling copy). 

  • Hey, I don’t need you telling me what’s wrong with my blog; I get it…….I’m just too lazy to do anything about it…….
    If it took you 6 years to figure it out, then I have another 4 1/2 to go….:).
    It’s like going to the Y for a pickup game of basketball. All I have to do is ‘show up’ and I can play. There are some things in life I am perfectly content with the ‘just showing up’ scenario; for now, that’s working for me in the blogging world. 
    Good info Gini-san; that’s why you are way up there and I’m way down here. As you can see, I’m not the best student. However, now that I have a picture of us together, I do tell everyone I know you.
    I hope you have a lovely day. 

    •  @bdorman264 You are nuts. You know that, right??

      •  @ginidietrich Certifiable, but let’s keep that between us…..

        • belllindsay

           @bdorman264  @ginidietrich I’m certifiable too. 😉 

        •  @belllindsay  Yes, you definitely are @bdorman264 

        • belllindsay

           @ginidietrich  @bdorman264 You have privileged information Dietrich! 🙂 

        •  @belllindsay  @ginidietrich  @bdorman264 bill is only 31.76% nuts. and his Klout has been dropping while his golf handicap has been rising. Which is unique usually it is the opposite.

  • JoycePodlesnikMcCall

    Thank you for sharing what you learned from personal experience. I’ve been playing with the idea of a blog, but must admit to feeling a bit intimidated about the mechanics. Knowing you just took the plunge probably with the same concerns is reassures me that I can write and manage a blog. I continue to learn from your posts — scraping is a term and activity I wasn’t aware of until today. Thanks again.

    •  @JoycePodlesnikMcCall In this case, ignorance is bliss. You just have to get started and learn along the way. If you try to figure it all out before you start, you’ll be intimidated and never do it. So just start!

  • I. Love. When. You. Write. Like. This. Although that example was a bit too lengthy. You’re right, I don’t do 30% of the stuff here! I’m going to create the anti scrape nuclear device that blows up the offenders page! That would be suhweet!!

    •  @SociallyGenius I. Love. To. Write. Like. This. Blow ’em up! It’s actually really fun to go to the site and comment and see how long it takes before they delete you.

  • John_Trader1

    Didn’t know about the anti-scraping tools, I have to try that out. Our content is constantly being stolen, especially by international sites that translate it and re-publish. It’s annoying.

    •  @John_Trader1 I love it when they translate it…it’s never quite right!

      •  @ginidietrich  @John_Trader1 my stuff is always stolen and then reprinted on this site called Spin Sucks. Irks me to death,

  • My best blogging advice is to just write. Stop thinking, wondering and worrying and just write.

    •  @TheJackB Ha! That’s exactly what I just told @JoycePodlesnikMcCall . It’s less intimidating to figure it out as you go along.

      • belllindsay

         @ginidietrich  @TheJackB  @JoycePodlesnikMcCall BOOM! My sentiments exactly. I had NO CLUE what I was doing when I started, and still don’t know the half of it! 😀 

        •  @belllindsay  @ginidietrich  @TheJackB  @JoycePodlesnikMcCall I still practice cuneiform. That is why I use Blogger. WordPress doesn’t recognize the ancient script.

        •  @HowieG  @belllindsay  @ginidietrich  @JoycePodlesnikMcCall 
          I still have one of those ancient blogs and a town crier to go with it. That is how I promote my posts.

  • Consistency. It’s something I was great at when I had more time on my hands. But looking at folks I came up with who are consistently publishing, it is working for them in terms of growth. It doesn’t have to be daily (though good daily content is a boost). But if it’s regular, that helps.

    •  @Tinu Yes! Consistency is great! I was blogging three times a week, but it was never on the same days or at a consistent time. We always recommend, if you’re going to blog once a week, do it on the same time of the same day each week.

  • LouHoffman

    Fantastic post!
    Good reminder on the value that comes from internal linking.
    I do have one addition to the list–
    Looks matter.
    And I say this knowing the “look and feel” for my own blog is in need of a bulldozer.
    There’s no getting around that first-time visitors make a judgment about a blog within a few seconds of arrival.
    If you don’t get this right, you stand to lose folks before they even jump into the content.

  • How long did it take (like, after xx years) until you got to a point where you could say, okay, this is the style and tone we were after?
    I heard Chris Brogan once say that it took him something like 8 years to gain a following, and it always makes me say, “Huh.”

    •  @bradmarley Hmmmm…I’d say we started to really get it in 2009. So two and a half years. Actually, hang on. I’ll tell you.
      OK. We started really paying attention in July 2008 (with 128 visitors) so that was nearly two years (September 2006 is when we started) later.
      We had three percent growth from 2008-2009, 31% from 2009-2010, 37% from 2010-2011, and 88% from 2011-2012. In fact, July 2012 was our best month ever (August 2011 was before that). 
      That just goes to show how much you learn as you go. 

      •  @ginidietrich Yeah, totally. I think there is still a misconception that if you don’t gain a following in a year or two, you’ve failed. (At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.)
        Seems like it took all of the good blogs some time to get their footing.

        •  @bradmarley Essentially you’re building relationships in order to gain a following. And that takes time. It doesn’t matter if it’s online or off.

        •  @ginidietrich  @bradmarley Chris Brogan I heard is now a travel blogger.

      •  @ginidietrich So there’s hope for the rest of us? 🙂 

  •  @ginidietrich What you are pointing out so clearly (especially by linking to your first post), is that success doesn’t come easy and there is a lot of learning to be gained along the way that sometimes is best gained by just doing it. I’m still doing that myself and posts like these are a good reality check. Consistency is what I have to work on the most. Thanks for this!

    •  @TedWeismann You’re a fantastic writer. I wish you would do more of it!

      •  @ginidietrich  @TedWeismann my very first blog post had 28,000 readers. Then my second had 8. I think I failed to mentioned Justin Bieber in my second.

  • Tip 9. Always include images of peanut butter and/or cotton candy.
    I think the best advice I can give is to keep a mental image of the audience in your head as you write, as if you are speaking directly to that person telling them important things that they need to hear from you!

    •  @jonmikelbailey Yummmm…I love cotton candy. PURE sugar!

      •  @ginidietrich  @jonmikelbailey I write imagining Gini being pulled by jack bauer on her long board skateboard. Curious why so few readers…..

  • brianharig

    Really great stuff. I wrote down three things I need to do to help with my
    Thanks again,

  • Maybe you could add a rule or a tip on images? I’m totally lazy in that regard. But it’s on my list of stuff to work on. 

    •  @barrettrossie Meaning you don’t add them at all? Or?

      •  @ginidietrich  @barrettrossie Images are one of the most important things for a variety of reasons. 

        •  @KenMueller  @ginidietrich Maybe I need to invest the $20 to upgrade from the trial version of “Pixelmator”? 😉 

        •  @barrettrossie  @ginidietrich You could. But I just use free services online to find the right, legal photos. It’s very easy.

        •  @KenMueller  Ken, what are your favorites? 

        •  @barrettrossie I use a free browser plugin that works well with wordpress called Zemanta. As you write, it searches your content for context and words and recommends royalty free and creative commons images as well as potential links to related articles. Plus, if it doesn’t come up with anything you like, you can use its search function. Additionally, for the creative commons and related images, it embeds the necessary credit with the image. 
          It’s not perfect, but more often than not it helps me find an image. 
          Remember, the image is important because it draws people in and travels with the link to the blog on platforms like G+ and Facebook. Also, people can’t pin your posts to Pinterest if you don’t have an image. And we all know that @ginidietrich LOVES PINTEREST!!!!!

        •  @KenMueller  @barrettrossie I LOVE PINTEREST!!! (but hate Phil Collins)

        •  @ginidietrich  @barrettrossie Geez, this poor guy is gonna have no clue what you are talking about. you and your cross-platform noodling.

        •  @KenMueller  @barrettrossie  @ginidietrich as soon as I stopped using images of Ken and Gini my readershop soared into the double digits.

        •  @KenMueller  @ginidietrich That’s a GREAT thought Ken — as I just jumped back into blogging a short while back, I started sending my posts to G+ — and I noticed that sometimes it carried an image with it, other times just my profile photo, other times nada. Having a big strong image is way better than my mug, for sure. 

      •  @ginidietrich I add them. But it’s always an afterthought (unless it’s a video that’s part of the topic). I’m a copywriter who has been lazy in developing visual resources. Shame on me, now I must go stand in a corner.

        •  @barrettrossie  A fellow copywriter? Oh we need to talk. 🙂  

        •  @jasonkonopinski  @barrettrossie isn’t a copywriter someone who just copies something that another person wrote? So really you are a reprinter? Maybe @ginidietrich knows the proper term?

  • patmrhoads

    @utopiamediaent Those people over at @SpinSucks are pretty smart! 🙂

    • UtopiaMediaEnt

      @patmrhoads I can see that! Thank you for sharing! 🙂 @SpinSucks

  • ginidietrich

    @anandp29 Thanks for the tweet!

    • anandp29

      @ginidietrich You’re welcome!

  • ryancox

    You lost me at “figure it out we did” ….. *ZING*  (psst Lisa Gerber only at @ginidietrich )

    •  @ryancox  Don’t make me ban you.

      • ryancox

         @ginidietrich You wouldn’t dare. PS – the bike event in the Olympics where they barely go for 2 laps and then speed on the last lap…is my new favorite event.

    • belllindsay

       @ryancox  Lisa Gerber  @ginidietrich Hi Ryan! 😀 

      •  @belllindsay  Lindsay, are you drinking? @ryancox  Lisa Gerber 

        • belllindsay

           @ginidietrich  @ryancox  Lisa Gerber Um. NO! Er. Um. Maybe, 

        •  @belllindsay  It was a rhetorical question because I already knew the answer.

        • belllindsay

           @ginidietrich Damn you and your rhetorical questions!!! Also, UNEMPLOYED! 

        •  @belllindsay HAHAHHAHAH! I’m having a glass of wine while I work on Spin Sucks Pro. You’re not alone.

        • ryancox

           @ginidietrich  @belllindsay I’m drinking straight out of the bottle. What’s with this “glass” nonsense Gini?

        • ryancox

           @belllindsay  @ginidietrich Why ask the question if it’s rhetorical I say….  And Lindsay, why are you unemployed?

        • ryancox

           @belllindsay  @ginidietrich My point total sucks. I’m ashamed. How do I get points? #thefixisin

        • belllindsay

           @ryancox  @ginidietrich Um, unemployed due to “restructuring” – ugh – and I agree – glass..?? 

        • ryancox

           @belllindsay  @ginidietrich bummed I’m sorry to hear that. ‘restructuring’ stinks. I’m polishing off a bottle of Gascon Malbec (Mendoza*Argentia) 2009

        • ryancox

           @belllindsay  @ginidietrich They just told me I can’t like my own comment. Ummm DISAGREE

        • belllindsay

           @ryancox  @ginidietrich BAHAHAHA! Love it! Yeah, sucks, yadda yadda, life goes on. Spread the word Ryan, great content person (who may or may not be tipsy at the moment) for hire! 🙂 

        •  @ryancox  @ginidietrich  @belllindsay well I am working on Spin Sucks Semi-Pro while hammered on tequila. BTW what was the question?

        • belllindsay

           @HowieG  @ryancox  @ginidietrich Can I get in on that or is it too late? 

        •  @belllindsay  @HowieG  @ryancox So that was fun.

        • belllindsay

           @ginidietrich  @HowieG  @ryancox It *was* fun! I had a blast last night. SpinSucks became a late night chat room party! LOL I know you always aspired to helm something like that Gini!

        •  @belllindsay  @HowieG  @ryancox As long as no one gets hurt and you let me sleep, I’m totally cool with it!

        • belllindsay

           @ginidietrich  @HowieG  @ryancox There’s nothing better than being in the (relative) safety of your own home, with your laptop and SpinSucks! Or maybe that’s just me. 😉 

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  • Ha!  I had to Google “Dominick Rosario.”  Completely agree that internal links are often overlooked, but important, external links for the reasons you’ve cited but also because that’s the spirit of the Web, and the comment system is key.  You’re use here is what turned me on to Livefyre.  It’s awesome.   The one thing I’d add is — put your twitter handle nearby!  When I tweet links — and that’s the sort of tweeter I am (more links, less chatty), I always look for a handle to include.  I feel it’s part attribution, part notification and part compliment, “Hey, I tweeted your link because I thought it was a good post.”  Yet so many bloggers hide their handles on their blogs and I don’t understand this.  Sometimes I’ll go digging for it, but sometimes I get lazy.  Rock on, GinI!

    •  @Frank_Strong Good Lord, yes! It seriously irritates me when I have to search for it. I do, but I don’t like it.

  • Communic8nHowe

    Thanks Gini! Good tips. Anti-scraper installed. And I’ll soon get using SEO Scribe as you advised me before I had a self-hosted WordPress blog. Love the idea about the ratio of words to internal links. I know I’m not doing that enough.

    •  @Communic8nHowe The thing I love about this kind of stuff is you can still write for humans AND make the search spiders happy.

      • Communic8nHowe

         @ginidietrich Yes, writing like a person is key! Great to hear I can do that and get better SEO.

  • ifdyperez

    As soon as I read about Scribe, I stopped reading, went over there, and created an account. It’s installed in our blog, and I just got back to finishing reading this. Thanks for the suggestion!

    •  @ifdyperez I love it when you listen to me! Now…will you bring me some lunch?

      • ifdyperez

         @ginidietrich Sure thing! Wanna split a sub?

        •  @ifdyperez Yes! Can we have dessert too?

        • ifdyperez

           @ginidietrich Of course! Red velvet cupcakes ok?

        •  @ifdyperez YES!!

  • chihuahuazero

    I find that I’m always linking to previous posts on my blog, although I need to do it more often with my Monday writing articles. One day, I need to build those pillar and evergreen content.
    I see that your first post has no shares. Should I take its sharing virginity? :3

    •  @chihuahuazero OMG! Please do not share it! It’s sooooooooo bad!!

  • shonali

    @sarahskerik I know! When I think of all the mistakes I’ve made (& no doubt will continue to make…) @GiniDietrich

  • AndrewGPetersen

    Glancing through the first part of the post, I thought the first of the eight common blogging mistakes the headline reference was “It. Was. A. Disaster.” Too-frequent periods for some bizarre attempt at emphasis is a mistake. Then I scrolled down and realized the content was actually eight tips and not eight “mistakes” touted in the title. Consider me schooled.

  • I used to be bad about the internal linking thing, though lately I am doing it regularly. Internal linking also gives you new ideas to blog about. For example, one of my posts mentioned the needs of a content audit. I didn’t have any post up around this topic, but now I have an idea, and when that post goes up in the future I can come back and link to this one.
    Have to go check out anti scrapers.

    •  @bhas Oh that’s a good idea! I hadn’t thought of that. You’re so smart.

      • @ginidietrich *blush*

  • laurieinseattle

    @patmrhoads Have you tried livefyre on your blog? The biggest complaint I’ve seen is the person has to sign in which is why I removed it.

    • patmrhoads

      @laurieinseattle I haven’t. Not sure I can even add it if I wanted. I allow anonymous comments to lower barrier to commenting.

      • laurieinseattle

        @patmrhoads Which is how it should be. Less hoops people have to jump through the more comments.

    • Livefyre

      @laurieinseattle @patmrhoads Heads up, we offer guest commenting blog owners can activate: & 🙂

      • laurieinseattle

        @Livefyre It may be my inexperience but it doesn’t appear there is a way to turn it off in WordPress unless it has to be done in CSS.

        • Livefyre

          @laurieinseattle Did you happen to check the links in our first tweet? Those show how to active/deactive through the Livefyre admin panel!

        • laurieinseattle

          @Livefyre I did look at both links. WordPress doesn’t have a Livefyre Admin Panel that I can see. Am I missing something?

        • Livefyre

          @laurieinseattle You access it by going to any of your posts, scrolling to the LF widget, hover over your username, and click “Site Admin”.

        • laurieinseattle

          @Livefyre I figured out another way to do it before I saw this. Both ways aren’t obvious. it would be great if it was more user friendly.

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  • CarlosAlvarez37

    RT @Steveology: Eight Common Blogging Mistakes via @ginidietrich

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