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#FollowFriday: Andy Crestodina

By: Gini Dietrich | November 30, 2012 | 

If you’re a daily reader of Spin Sucks, you already know Andy Crestodina.

He has written here several times, including: The Giant Robot Guide to Combining Marketing Tactics, Ring! Your Best Web Marketing Tool is Calling, Overcome Writer’s Block Forever, Do Content Marketers Compete?, and Social Proof or Social Spoof? He’s also done a webinar for us (which was awesome) and he has another guest post forthcoming.

So, yeah, to say we love Andy is putting it mildly.

He is co-founder and strategic director of Orbit Media Studios here in Chicago, where they focus on web design. But, in his free time, he plays with content and SEO. And when I say he plays with both, I mean he tries to not only figure out how to write compelling content around keywords, but he is trying to find the perfect recipe for content that is shared via email, social, and offline.

He’s kind of a nerd. And I kind of love that.

Not only is he a nerd, but when he talks, he makes you realize you’re not doing a quarter of what you should be doing in your job. While I hate that about him, it’s extremely good for me to be around because it pushes me to do more.

He carries around a notebook with blog ideas written in it and, if you ask nicely, he’ll show it to you and explain what he’s working on now.

For instance, he’s big on every content creator using the Google+ authorship and he has a five-phased approach to content marketing. Trust me, you’ll read both of those and think, “Crap. Now that’s more I have to do.” And then you’ll do it.

He is really, really smart and he adds a ton of value through everything he writes or produces (there are videos, too).

So check him out online (you can call him, too!). You can find him on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and on the Orbit Media blog.

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  • belllindsay

    @andycrestodina is the bomb. And he knows why I’m saying that. 😉 Welcome to the FollowFriday club!!!

  • HowieG

    @andycrestodina  you sound scary. You are some kind of terminator and that concerns me. But no worries I have dealt with your kind before. We destroyed a whole planet in the Orion Belt Sector hoping to stop your replication. I know your weakness.  Unobtanium the 183rd Element blocks your superpowers. I have a few ingots laying about the lab. Now that @ginidietrich blew your cover (that is why she can never be a Bond girl, she can’t keep a secret). I suggest you go into hiding. In Idaho. Hole up in an old abandoned missile bunker and hope you can get extracted by your mother ship before we find you. In fact email me I will give you the exact coordinates of a place you can hide from us.
    Grats on your FF hope you have a great weekend, pray the Bears lose and the Giants win.

  • John_Trader1

    Quite a resume. I’m in the process of looking more into Google + authorship so this is a timely post. Nice to meet you Andy!

  • Yeah, @crestodina rules. And? I still owe him a bloody phone call. I suck.

    • crestodina

      @jasonkonopinski 773.353.8301. But no rush. Make it a new years resolution. Let’s talk on the phone some time in 2013. Looking forward to it. 🙂

      • @crestodina I’m overdue for a Chicago trip (cough, @ginidietrich ) so maybe we can do it in person. 🙂

        • HowieG

          @jasonkonopinski  @crestodina  @ginidietrich just remember that standard international emergency rates apply to calling that number…or in other words $3.99 per minute plus the connection fee of $39

        • AnneReuss

          I’d like to meet you too you know @jasonkonopinski

        • belllindsay

          @HowieG  @jasonkonopinski  @crestodina  @ginidietrich Don’t laugh. It’s costing me almost that much for US roaming next week. For TWO DAYS. Sheeesh.

        • @AnneReuss I’d like that, too. 😀

  • ginidietrich

    @MatthewLeighty Thank you!

  • Nice to meet you Andy! Happy follow Friday! Anyone who makes Gini step up her game is definitely someone I want to know!

  • nateriggs

    Glad to see you featureed here @crestodina ! Well deserved, my friend. The work you are doing on CM strategy is stellar and people should see it!

    • crestodina

      @nateriggs Thanks, Nate! Why am I not surprised to see you here?  @ginidietrich attracts some pretty amazing people, doesn’t she? This place is a case study on great online communities. 
      Hey, remember that book? It’s at the printer now! I’ll get you a copy. 🙂

      • nateriggs

        @crestodina  I would love to see it!  Glad you got it out there!

        • crestodina

          @nateriggs Just added you to the list. I’ll send you a copy as soon as they come in…

  • Hey Andy. Whew, more stuff for me to do? You must really have fun doing it all … videos too! The thing is you provide great information and we can pick and choose what we implement and when … so all is good! Good to see you here again. Have fun with your FF day at SS!

  • magriebler

    Hi Andy! Happy Follow Friday. Just wanted you to know that I will forever associate good content marketing tactics with giant robots protecting the universe. Bless you.

  • About time you featured Andy. Jeez. Slacker.

    • HowieG

      @Sean McGinnis because he looks a bit like an older Harry Potter and @ginidietrich has a crush on Harry Potter?

    • @Sean McGinnis I am banning you from this site.

  • I was going to say, Andy looked like a familiar face on Spin Sucks! Whenever I see someone described as a nerd, I immediately think this guy or gal is damn good at what they do. Because nerds eat it, breathe it, and sleep it. We all can be more nerdy to get better at what we do. Happy Friday, everyone!

    • @Matt_Cerms I was JUST thinking about you. Are you still in Chicago?

  • AnneReuss

    Psyched I get to meet @crestodina next week!! Way to intimidate me though…. 😛  #NerdsUnite

    • crestodina

      @AnneReuss Yup, I’m looking forward to it!  #nerdsunite on Thursday. 🙂

      • HowieG

        @crestodina  @AnneReuss if the redskins beat the giants I am told the event is cancelled. #justsaying

  • Hi Andy! Sounds like I’m in the minority here by not knowing you already but I’m sure glad I’m getting introduced now. Reading your 5-phased approach post now … I look forward to following you!  @ginidietrich Yep. Adding it to the list!!

  • amandag

    Lovefest! I’m so lucky to work for such an intelligent, well respected human. Kudos to you, Rog! (that’s what I call Andy)

    • crestodina

      @amandag Thank you, Rog!! (that’s also what I call Amanda)

      • @crestodina  @amandag The two of you are hilarious!

  • Culture_Content

    @crestodina not only has taught me a lot about SEO, email marketing and connected me to great people, he buys me really good craft beer, gives me dating advice and may have saved my life once. He is a damn fine robot.

    • @Culture_Content  Now there’s a story I need to hear!

  • Andy, I LOVE your Google Authorship and Content Marketing Evolution posts. Your “pick up the phone” post on Spin Sucks inspired me to meet a bunch of folks by phone. Thanks so much!
    — Your new secret fan

    • crestodina

      @barrettrossie You just listed a lot of my greatest hits. Thanks for reading! My next post here will be called “I Hate Social Media” …the title makes it sound like a rant, but really it’s practical advice for people who don’t use social media. It should be out in a few weeks.
      And if you really want to OD on content, here’s a list of every guest post I’ve ever written, including the five I’ve written here… (I love

      • giesencreative

        @crestodina  @barrettrossie I think I’ll be keeping an eye out for the “I Hate Social Media” post. I was just talking to someone who has zero interest in social media. I think as someone who’s immersed in social media every day, it’s easy to forget that those people are out there—and that they might have valid reasons for staying away from it.

  • crestodina

    @ginidietrich You’re an angel.

    • makarlin

      @crestodina @ginidietrich One of my favorite #FF ever.

      • ginidietrich

        @makarlin You just like @crestodina and me together

        • makarlin

          @ginidietrich @crestodina You’re two of my favorite people, so yes!!

        • crestodina

          @ginidietrich @makarlin Merger! Arbit Dietria Studios

        • makarlin

          @crestodina @ginidietrich Pure genius!

        • ginidietrich

          @crestodina @makarlin Arbit Dietria Studios?! LOL!

    • ginidietrich

      @crestodina Happy Friday…late!

  • KyleAkerman

    @crestodina – Great to see you mentioned here. You are so gracious with your time and knowledge.  For that I thank you.
    And you should all know that Andy is more than just  a nerd.  He also dabbles in Content Chemistry in his spare time =>

  • ginidietrich

    @MylesPulse @SpinSucks Thank you!