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#FollowFriday: Eden Spodek

By: Gini Dietrich | June 7, 2013 | 

#FollowFriday- Eden SpodekA little more than two years ago, I was invited to speak at PodCamp in Toronto, and it was my first foray into the country of some of my favorite people.

Eden Spodek extended that invitation and I had the opportunity to meet her in person. From there, we saw one another again last year when I spoke at Third Tuesday and SocialMix, and then again last week when I was in Ottawa for Social Capital.

Heck, I may see her more than I see some of my Chicago friends.

Blogger Turned Business Owner

Eden, for those of you who don’t know, is one of us. She’s a digital marketing expert who created a business from her experience as a blogger.

In 2006, she launched Bargainista and was one of the very first bloggers to build relationships with brands. Because no one was doing it yet, she was one of the first to pave the way for brands in Canada and, after about a year and a half, she became one of the biggest bloggers not just in Toronto, but all of Canada.

But, as they happen to do, things changed for Eden and she moved her focus from shopping and finding bargains to helping agencies figure out the brand/blogger relationship.

To boot, she’s one of the founders (with my good friend Martin Waxman) of the new digital strategy and communications management certificate program at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. Which means she’s teaching all of the up-and-coming brains what we all do for a living every day. I’ve even taught the class twice now via Skype!

Eden Spodek Personally

She’s a wife, a mother (of two teenaged boys), and a very good friend. When I got back from Paris, I was going on and on about how good the macaroons were and she insisted the ones in Toronto are just as good.

To prove it, she brought me some last week and, when Lindsay Bell declined my offer to have one, I said a little prayer of thanks. I was happy to eat them all myself!

The best part, though? She’s clearly a foodie who loves food so much, she has a photo of a Dean and Deluca store as her Facebook cover photo. I’m sure there is a story behind that so you’ll have to ask her.

Introduce yourself to her in the comments, follow her on the social networks, get to know her. You can find her on Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram, and her blog.

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro.

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95 responses to “#FollowFriday: Eden Spodek”

  1. belllindsay says:

    I’m still kicking myself for not eating the salted one. 😉 HAPPY #FOLLOW FRIDAY EDEN!!! Eden and I are scarily the same – and it was great finally meeting her IRL – even though we both live in Toronto she had to come all the way to Ottawa to finally meet me! LOL

    • EdenSpodek says:

      belllindsay Ha! Thanks and you’ll have to come and visit my neck of the woods so I can treat you to a salted caramel macaron. It was amazing to finally meet you in Ottawa last weekend. How crazy was that when we probably only live a half hour drive apart. 😉

  2. biggreenpen says:

    Congratulations on your #FF, Eden!! My daughter is a fan of macaroons and trust me, finding a good macaroon in Tallahassee Florida is NOT an easy endeavor!! Linked up w/you via your various social media options and looking forward to interacting w/ you more!!

    • EdenSpodek says:

      biggreenpen Thanks Paula! You and your daughter will have to visit Toronto so Lindsay and I can take you out for macarons. Then you can teach me how to run so I can work them off. 😉 Looking forward to connecting with you more too!

      • EdenSpodek biggreenpen omg, Paula if you ever come to Canada, we must meet. Or I could just meet you down in Tally when I go visit sometime. 😉

        • biggreenpen says:

          Karen_C_Wilson EdenSpodek biggreenpen Eden – would LOVE to visit Toronto with my daughter (or without … shhh….) and check out the macaroons (among many other things). Karen – yes -and if you come to Tallahassee please do look me up!!

  3. ElissaFreeman says:

    A very deserved #FollowFriday – seeing as I’ve been following Eden around before the internet was born….!

  4. bobledrew says:

    I know it may seem odd that I’m not being sarcastic, but every time I know I’m going to see Eden,  my heart lifts a little. She’s a total favorite among all the people I’ve met as a result of social media. WELL CHOSEN.

    • EdenSpodek says:

      bobledrew You’re the best and I mean that 100%. It was great seeing you again last weekend and it’s too bad there isn’t a chunnel between Ottawa and Toronto. Thanks for letting “Other Bob” sing Werewolves of London at karaoke last Saturday night either. Now we have a story to tell. 😉

  5. PattiRoseKnight1 says:

    Eden is a blogger and a foodie – not surprising Gini took an instant liking to her.  Nice to meet you virtually Eden.

    • EdenSpodek says:

      PattiRoseKnight1 Thanks Patti! Nice *meeting* you too. One of these days I’ll hope to meet the whole AD team in real life. 😉 I should note I had a bit of a blogging intervention from Gini last weekend (among others in the past) and the migration/rebranding plan has begun. Just call me the shoemaker and her child. 😉

      • EdenSpodek Ha! I’m in the final days (they promise) of a website/branding overhaul and blog migration. I use the “cobbler’s shoes” analogy but then I have to explain to most people what a cobbler is. Shoemaker=better. Nice to meet you formally — have enjoyed our comments and our interactions here!

        • EdenSpodek says:

          RobBiesenbach Ha! You’ll need to keep me/us posted and good luck with your website migration/branding overhaul. I have a crazy image of shoes wearing a fruity dessert now. 😉 Looking forward to learning more about storytelling and other useful things here too!

  6. lizreusswig says:

    Happy #FollowFriday, Eden!  I LOVE macaroons and was very jealous of the “Macaroon Incident” 🙂  A very long time ago, my great-uncle was a chef for a club and his specialty was macaroons…I can still smell & taste them today!!  I’d think you were awesome just for your foodieness, but obviously there’s even more to admire!  Enjoy your special day!! 🙂

  7. Happy #FollowFriday Eden!! I need to get some of these Toronto macaroons….I haven’t had a good one since I was in London.

  8. JodiEchakowitz says:

    EdenSpodek is a great friend to have and colleague to work with. What a perfect choice for #FollowFriday!

  9. sherrilynne says:

    I just finally met EdenSpodek at Social Capital Ottawa last weekend.  Glad to know her.

  10. JoeCardillo says:

    Yeah! Way to go Eden. I often read your comments twice because you are one darned insightful person. It’s good to “know” you a little bit already and this is a well deserved shout out.

  11. aimeelwest says:

    Love that you are a foodie – can’t wait to get to know you more. Have a wonderful #followfriday

  12. I met EdenSpodek exactly one year ago today at PAB here in Ottawa and she’s lovely! Absolutely one of my favorite people I’ve met online. Having her come to Social Capital, speak and also be one of our biggest fans is just a bonus. She’s good, good people!

  13. Lara Wellman says:

    I first met EdenSpodek on Twitter because bobledrew thought we should know each other.  I’ve since gotten to meet her in person at a few conferences, and it’s always wonderful.  
    Eden is one of the most supportive people I’ve ever met, she’s an amazing #FollowFriday pick. 🙂

    • EdenSpodek says:

      Lara Wellman bobledrew I remember those days, seems like ages ago. Time flies! I had such a great time with you last weekend and can’t wait to see you again  soon. See my comments about Social Capital below. 😉

  14. Aaaaand most importantly….she is a member of the early morning crew!! Woohoo! Hi EdenSpodek nice to learn more about one of my early bird partners in crime!!!

    • EdenSpodek says:

      LauraPetrolino True and it’s good to know there are some great friends around during those crazy hours. 😉 Of all weeks, I’ve been sleeping until until 7 and feel like I’ve been missing something. See you on the early shift again next week.

  15. Blogger, foodie and brand junkie? I’m smitten.

    • jasonkonopinski kind of funny marketers tell brands that everyone is brand junkies when really only marketers are…that is the reason they become marketers. ‘I want to work with Chanel or BMW or Kraft Foods’ vs I want to be a Doctor or Engineer.
      That is a huge breakthrough maybe ginidietrich can tell us if there is a PR equivalent. Maybe Communication Junkies people  with celebrities, TV news or politics because who is smitten by celebs or politics definitely not marketers! We like brands! =P And if PR people were brand junkies they would be in marketing not PR!

      • Howie Goldfarb jasonkonopinski ginidietrich That’s funny and totally make sense. I’m a communications person and started out in politics. Totally obsessed with political and social dynamics, agenda setting, sociological issues, that whole shebang…..

        • JoeCardillo says:

          LauraPetrolino Howie Goldfarb jasonkonopinski ginidietrich THIS. I have the same problem (so so obsessed/nerded out over tone, language, social dynamics etc…)
          Truthfully, my heroes are pretty much all of the smart, funny, humble people that frequent this blog.

        • belllindsay says:

          JoeCardillo LauraPetrolino Howie Goldfarb jasonkonopinski ginidietrich I spent 20 years in TV land. Where does that leave ME (other than an institution)…?

        • belllindsay JoeCardillo LauraPetrolino Howie Goldfarb jasonkonopinski ginidietrich 
          um….Lindsay…in black and white? With an apron? Baking apple pies? 
          And Joe…AGREEEEEED!

  16. Word Ninja says:

    Nice to meet you, Eden! Congrats on #FF.

  17. susancellura says:

    Hi EdenSpodek! It’s a pleasure to virtually meet you! Have a wonderful #FF!

  18. Here are EdenSpodek  ‘s accomplishments:
    1] 2004  First mega-blogger in Canada. First blog was the genesis for the Sham-wow infomercials (she still gets royalties!)
    2] 2006 started a deals blog…deal was it got huge! Was the first Influence Blogger used by companies as diverse as Heinz, Barbie, Armor All (Armour All in Canada), Oil of Olay, ESSO, Labatt’s, Tim Hortons, Just for Men, and the Canadian Royal Mounties.
    3] In 2007 the inventors of Round Bacon in Edmonton asked EdenSpodek how to re-brand it. Sales were slow. Eden said ‘Damn that is some tasty bacon’She said ‘Lets’s call it Canadian Bacon…because everyone knows Canadians are tasty’. Sales exploded and a whole industry was launched.

    4] In 2008 she was the whistle blower on the Conrad Black Media Empire.
    5] In 2009 she was tapped by Stephen Harper for blogger outreach to the Walrus Nation hoping boost voter turnout. She increased Walrus votes by 700% getting 70 of them to earning accolades from around the world in poli-sci circles.
    6] In 2010 was critical liaison ensuring Jay Cutler came to the Bears working a special trade clause that he gets NY Pizza flown in after each game making PattiRoseKnight1 a big fan of hers.

    7] In 2012 she rescued 28 puppies from a burning oil rig/puppy mill in the arctic circle (aka Mordor) owned by Goldfinger in a daring night/air&sea rescue with biggreenpen
    8] In 2013 gets a Friday Friend Follow from ginidietrich the last Russian Tsar
    Career Complete I say! Grats Eden!

  19. CanadianDadBlog says:

    I just had the pleasure of meeting @EdenSpodek at Social Capital in Ottawa last weekend and her kindness is one of the things that stuck with me the most. You know when you are talking to someone and you can tell that they genuinely want to be there talking to you and not waiting for you to finish so they can move on? She reminded me of the genuine person and I appreciated it. Also, she’s the reason why I am commenting here for the first time, so she’s got that going fo rher too ;D

  20. dwaynealicie says:

    Hurrah Eden Spodek!  Enjoy your day — and I can’t wait to get to know you even better in the future!

  21. EdenSpodek says:

    Dear ginidietrich and everyone in the spinsucks community,
    You’ve really made my day and I don’t know how to thank you! For the past several months (and bits and pieces before then) I’ve been fumbling my way through the comments. I’m in awe of those of you who have the time to be brilliant and witty here once or twice a day, everyday six days a week (uhem, ginidietrich howiegoldfarb belllindsay). Thanks for making me welcome.
    My friend ginidietrich has really mastered her secret sauce. She knows how to make everyone feel incredibly special… and there are lot of us here. I’m indebted to martinwaxman for introducing us a few years ago and dannybrown who organized that panel PodCampToronto. In addition to all the great work larawellman karenwilson and their team did in organizing Social Capital conference last week not to mention bobledrew and suzemuse’s warm hospitality, it was amazing hanging out with you. Being part of a workshop that essentially was like having a private Gini Dietrich AMA and hecklers’ row during your keynote was incredible. The students loved every minute of your presentations over the past two semesters and have been equally inspired. 


    • EdenSpodek ginidietrich spinsucks  ginidietrich  howiegoldfarb belllindsay ginidietrich martinwaxman dannybrown PodCampToronto larawellman karenwilson bobledrew suzemuse uhm watch out for that Waxman fella he can be sneaky.

  22. ayms219 says:

    I am one of EdenSpodek ‘s students in the Digital Strategy and Communications Management certificate course at UofT and had the pleasure of hearing ginidietrich speak to our class via Skype last week. We’re all learning one day at a time how to become better digital communicators. We’re up and blogging and figuring out how to apply the “secret sauce” to our social worlds.
    Can’t wait for next week!

    • EdenSpodek says:

      ayms219 Keep reading with ginidietrich and the rest of the spinsucks community has to say here and you’ll double your knowledge this semester. There’s lots of secret sauce here.

  23. PTheWyse says:

    I really like this feature. I am glad that I read MackCollier’s recent post which mentioned this awesome site. I will definitely visit this site more often in the future. 
    Thank you for sharing information about EdenSpodek as well. Her story is inspiring.

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