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#FollowFriday: Susan Cellura

By: Gini Dietrich | August 16, 2013 | 

#FollowFriday- Susan Cellura

By Gini Dietrich

For those of you who spend any time in the comments on Spin Sucks or watch Gin and Topics religiously, Susan Cellura won’t be a new name to you.

An active community member, she also sends us at least one video per week for consideration in the Friday wrap-up. She and I have in-depth email conversations about articles we’re reading, books we’ve just finished, and life in general.

She’s one of those people who pays attention to others around her and finds things of interest to send. She’d be a great business development person because of that skill, but that’s neither here nor there.

A University of South Carolina grad (thank heaven, Mr. D doesn’t have to hate her as it wasn’t North Carolina), Susan has been in marketing communications for chemical and oil companies her entire career (she lives in Houston…I think that’s all they do there).

One of the big reasons I want to make sure you know about her is because her experience lends greatly to the big “does online marketing work for business-to-business organizations” question.

She took shared and owned media and began to use it her current position at Scientific Drilling. She was told she had support from the executive team, but literally had to start from scratch. No one in the industry had approached either media type, nor had they done so by building community. She’s the person who is leading people down a dark path with only a lighter to see what’s one step in front of her.

Methinks there is a blog series in what she’s doing. Surprise, Susan! Not only do you get #FollowFriday today, you have made my brain think about how to get content out of you.

But she’s not just a professional. It turns out she has a personal life, as well. She’s married and she and her husband have a daughter (who you can see in the cover photo on her blog).

She also is a huge college football fan and, if I remember correctly, she loves Clemson (is that allowed if she went to South Carolina?). I’m sorry for all you fans of other SEC teams. I hope you’ll forgive her that one tiny thing.

I’ve never watched a game with her, but from what I understand, this someecard sums her up perfectly (note to self: Never take Susan to a Bears game; the two of us will get kicked out):

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 8.55.02 AM

She’s smart, she’s funny, she has great taste in videos, and she clearly loses all of her class during football season.

You can find her on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest (!!!), Facebook, and occasionally writing at Fumbling Towards Epiphany.

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro.

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114 responses to “#FollowFriday: Susan Cellura”

  1. rdopping says:

    Any chick that loves football is ok in my books.

  2. biggreenpen says:

    Congrats Susan! I’m heading out to my son’s high school orientation but will stop by later for a more effusive and proper congratulations!!

    • biggreenpen oh you totally need to make some grand entrance at the orientation as befitting of a Super Hero Paula!

      • biggreenpen says:

        Howie Goldfarb biggreenpen Well Howie, 14 year old boys love it when their mothers make grand entrances at their high school orientations. You should have seen the mortification when I rapped on the microsphone and stated, “Good thing this school’s colors are Green and Gold because I have a BIG GREEN PEN right here!!
        And I suppose my commenting is going to be a three part because I am adding Phase Two prior to my formal effusive thing to say:
        PUNTROOSKIE cc: bdorman264

    • biggreenpen says:

      And here’s my “real” (phase 3) response. A) I love the name of your blog B) Are we sure about that “lighter in the dark” thing with all those petroleum products around? and C) a hearty congratulations – I really enjoy your comments and look forward too spending some more time with you here!

  3. bdorman264 says:

    Of course, South Carolina are the Gamecocks and maybe she just got tired of saying nobody is going to beat our…….oops, can’t say that, but that really is what they say. 
    Clemson will have a good team this year so she should be happy but I have a spoiler alert for her; FSU will beat them again this year.
    Football season is just about here in full swing and I’m ready.
    Thanks for sharing and football and sports fans are always welcome.

    • ginidietrich says:

      bdorman264 Nobody is going to beat our… LOL!!

    • bdorman264 I live just outside of Charleston, and it still whips my head around when I hear the TV news people say “Go ‘cocks!”

    • susancellura says:

      bdorman264 Noooo!  I don’t like to talk smack during the season, but I’m more worried about the Clemson/Georgia game than I am the Clemson/FSU game. And I would like Dabo to beat Spurrier this year. Go Tigers!

      • bdorman264 says:

        susancellura If your QB stays healthy, Clemson should be scary good this year. Georgia will be good this year too, but I would love to see Clemson and the ACC get one over on Georgia. 
        Is the Esso station still there?

        • susancellura says:

          bdorman264 Me too! I’d love to knock Georgia down a notch (although I have a crush on UGA – he’s so cute).
          Yes! Esso is still there!! They’ve updated and expanded it and now serve food, but the bands are still playing live and it is still the place to be on game day (besides the game). (Sorry about the run-on sentence.) Esso has a special place in my heart because that was the site of my first date with my now hubby.  🙂

  4. lizreusswig says:

    Yay, Susan!  Happy #FollowFriday to you! As one married to a hydrogeologist, I’m always intrigued by those who can “spin” science! 😉  More importantly though…I love a gal who loves football and I would totally get kicked out with you & Gini!

  5. jolynndeal says:

    Hey Susan! I can’t wait to read the blog topics Gini writes that highlight your strategies.  What a challenge you faced but what an opportunity. Looking forward to checking out your blog!

  6. Congrats on the #FF Susan. Love the Someecard Gini.

  7. Always gotta love a fellow football fan! Are you Clemson or SC? If Clemson we can be friends now, if SC we need to wait until after football season.
    But regardless….looking forward to learning more abou you!

  8. I guess #FF has always secretly meant #FootballFan here… nice to almost meet you Susan.
    Chuck “I Used to Be A Linebacker” Kent

  9. susancellura says:

    Wow, ginidietrich ! Thank you so very much!! Just one note: Clemson is my alma mater: GO TIGERS!!! South Carolina was just for my masters degree. And, yes, I wore my Clemson attire in Columbia.  🙂

    • ginidietrich says:

      susancellura Ahhhh. That makes so much more sense.

      • ginidietrich susancellura that reminds me of this guy Aaron. He didn’t get into Michigan. He was on my dorm floor as a sophmore at Arizona State. Small guy really big mouth. He wore his Michigan gear everywhere. Told everyone how he hates being at ASU and after his one semester was going to Uof M. Then we played Michigan in the Rose Bowl and beat em. and all I thought was ‘OMG I so wish Aaron was coming back!’
        Sadly for him he was back LOL
        So USC has a masters degree program in oil drilling?

  10. RebeccaTodd says:

    Nice to meet you Susan! Happy Follow Friday to you!

  11. Woot!! I got the chance to get to know Susan a little better this week and she’s fabulous! Just, yeah – infectious laugh and really funny. Congrats Susan!

  12. aimeelwest says:

    Good Morning Susan and Happy Friday! Texas is a wonderful state to live in my brother lived there for years and we visited often.

  13. Word Ninja says:

    Nice to learn more about you, Susan! I enjoy your reading your comments here and have been following you on Twitter. Enjoy your #FF…

  14. Matt_Cerms says:

    Happppppy #FF, Susan! There is nothing better than college football season! Feeling good about your Tigers this year?

  15. I was all set to go to Clemson. Then Arizona State called me up and said” susancellura is a huge Clemson fan. You really want to be a Sun Devil. Plus we are the Disneyland of Colleges”
    So I became a Sun Devil because i did not want beer thrown on me during Clemson touchdowns which was susancellura ‘s signature touchdown celebration move. 
    While I was at ASU partying with the party elite susancellura was working hard on learning how to fix football games. How else would Clemson ever win a championship or a game. So she enrolled at USC to secretly practice her point shaving schemes with the gamecocks. Once she honed her skills she went big time.
    She fixed many a Clemson game in their favor in Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, Platform Diving and Cricket. But in 2003 the Feds busted her with racketeering and beating up 3 athletes that failed to throw games for her.

    After doing 3 years in San Quentin she went straight. She went back to school to learn how to drill. She drilled everything. Wood. PVC Pipes.Teeth. Skulls. Water Wells. Quarterbacks. You name it she drilled it. She became the only person in history licensed to perform lobotomies and tap maple trees thus being honored by Obama as an American Drilling icon and well deserving of this honor today!

  16. JoeCardillo says:

    Awe-some, congrats on the FF Susan
    ‘Fraid my football knowledge is limited, but now at least I know not to tangle with you. = )

  17. Welcome to the club, but let’s clarify something- they don’t play real football in the SEC. Go Pac-12!

  18. Clemson! Fellow ACCer here — went to UVa. It’s funny, back then, in Ye Olden Tymes, Clemson was viewed in the conference as the Big Time sports school. Of course, that was before Florida State, Miami and Syracuse …

    • susancellura says:

      RobBiesenbach Yay!! I knew I liked you!!!  🙂    I attended Clemson just before Danny Ford “retired” and watched as FSU, etc., took over the ACC. My father-in-law is a Syracuse graduate so it’s going to be a VERY interesting season within the family unit.

      • susancellura I’ll never forget this one game when Clemson was visiting. It was a rare night game — probably televised. Through the entire second half it poured down rain. There was always a lot of drinking at the games (smuggling in a flask was an art form — one in the small of your back and one in your sock in case they find and confiscate the first one. If they don’t find either of them, then you make a lot of friends). But with the rain, everyone got really, really crazy.
        Standing near us was this very old guy in a bright orange Clemson poncho. None of us had raincoats, so we were getting soaked to the gills (in more ways than one). He was enjoying our antics and we listened to his stories and it was a great big lovefest. Lesson from that night: if you know your enemy, it’s a lot harder to hate them.
        On the way home the sidewalk came up and hit me and nearly broke my finger. Ah, college …

        • susancellura says:

          RobBiesenbach One of the many things I hold dear to my heart – in my experience, it has been hard to find a Tiger who is a bad sport. And, I think I watched that game on television…
          I had a friend who was an expert in smuggling…rumor has it that is why the sorority girls dressed up for the games… flasks could be taped to their legs under the skirts. Of course, now that these days the skirts are so short…  😉
          Regarding the sidewalks – ours must have been created by the same people who created UVA’s!  LOL!

  19. mickeygomez says:

    Happy Follow Friday, Susan! While you could fit my knowledge of football on the head of a pin (and even then there would be unused space), I’m always glad to meet smart and funny people, and I loved the mental image of you walking down a dark path with a lighter – I think that resonates with many of us, and certainly we could all benefit from learning more about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. So nice to meet you!

  20. debdobson62 says:

    Thank you for introducing us to Susan.  Love the fact you are a big football lover and not afraid to show it.

  21. ginidietrich says:

    Oh! Oh! Susan’s birthday is on Sunday so now everyone has to wish her a happy birthday!

  22. dbvickery says:

    A University of South Carolina grad liking Clemson? That’s like a UT-grad liking Texas A&M or OU…
    In fact, since she lives in Houston, she should probably just go ahead and switch allegiances to the University of Texas…not going to root for the Cougars or Owls, are you??

    Happy Follow Friday, Susan.

    • susancellura says:

      Oh no! Clemson is my alma mater…I am a Tiger!!! (And I root for the Aggies over the Longhorns – opening another can of worms!). 🙂

      • dbvickery says:

        susancellura I can’t actually “like” your response because of the A&M favoritism.
        My youngest was born in Greenville, SC. She got accepted to Clemson, and really considered it, before choosing Santa Clara. Clemson is a great school with loyal sports fans.

        • susancellura says:

          I do love the. ” hook ’em” sign. 🙂 My condolences on your daughter’s choice. ;-). (What is her major?)

        • susancellura says:

          Oh dear, I hope I did not make a mistake.. I jumped to the conclusion that Santa Clara was code for that other SC school. If not, my sincerest apologies.

        • dbvickery says:

          susancellura Political science / international relations. May go corporate or work in mission field (she did Haiti during the summer).
          And Santa Clara is in San Jose, CA…top shelf school 😉

        • susancellura says:

          Good for her!! And again, I apologize for getting caught up in the moment. Santa Clara is a fine school!

  23. belllindsay says:

    You Yanks and your football obsession!!! 😀

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