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#FollowFriday: Tony Bennett

By: Gini Dietrich | February 24, 2012 | 

There is a new kid on the block…at least in the Spin Sucks community.

His name is Tony Bennett.

No, not that Tony Bennett (though one of his life goals is to run for office and I think running on that name is a shoo-in win – talk about instant name recognition).

But, if you hang around these parts, you likely don’t know him as Tony Bennett. You know him as Socially Genius.

You might even recognize him as the guy who wears a green G on his chest. I’m pretty sure he also has a cape.

Now, normally I would dismiss someone who pretends they are a version of Superman and calls themselves a genius, but Tony rocks.

He’s smart, he’s very thoughtful, and he knows how to hang with the crazies in the comments here. I respect that. A ton.

And you know what? I’ve come to discover he’s not calling himself a social media genius. Rather, he is scouring the web for the brilliant work he thinks others are doing…and shares it.

In fact, his Facebook page is solely dedicated to the really smart work others are doing.

He’s a loan officer. Social media, blog commenting, and blog writing is not what he does in his full-time job. Yet he’s as, if not more, passionate about it that some who do it full-time.

The day before yesterday, he wrote a blog post that every woman I know should read (well, guys too…but it’s in serious support of women).

Titled, “The Queen Is King of Social Media…So Where’s Her Spot On the Throne?” he explores why the same men are invited over and over again to speak at all of the big conferences when women are left at home or in the audience.

I own my own business. So the proverbial glass ceiling is something I see when working with certain client prospects. But, if they treat me as a second-class citizen, I have the opportunity to walk away. I am in control of my own destiny.

Except when it comes to speaking.

Tony is right.

I do pretty well, speaking-wise. But there are plenty of us who are never invited to keynote the big conferences. And, if we are, we’re paid half of what the men are paid.


He really got me fired up with that blog post. He’s right. And I respect him even more for bringing it to people’s attention.

I really recommend you stop by his blog and read that post. Leave him a comment. Tell him I sent you.

And check him out everywhere else on the web. He’s done the work for you. You can find all of his social networks by clicking here.

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  • Started following him on Twitter as a result of his comments here. Now I’ll connect with him elsewhere. Nice to meet you, Tony. Oh, and I met the ‘other’ Tony Bennett once at an event I had in NYC. Nice guy. Would look horrible in tights and a cape though.

    • ginidietrich

       @KenMueller Yeah…he barely looks good in a tux anymore.

      •  @ginidietrich I just wanna find out who is telling all these celebrities that Botox and face lifts are a good idea. Have you seen Joan Rivers lately??? She looks like Jack Nicholson playing the Joker!

        • ginidietrich

           @KenMueller It’s so bad, isn’t it? I don’t know why anyone thinks that’s a good idea. It never looks good.

        •  @ginidietrich Same with hair. I decided to just go gray. I actually get more compliments (from young women, even!). And my wife dyed her hair for years to cover up the gray. She decided to just give up, and now she has people complimenting her on her hair as well. 

        • ginidietrich

           @KenMueller I don’t know…I think I’ll dye my hair when it comes to that.

        •  @ginidietrich i don’t think you’ll get gray hair. I think you’re just a carrier…

        • ginidietrich

           @KenMueller I think it’ll turn white. My mom’s side, all the women have turned white. 

        •  @ginidietrich That’s what happened to me. Pretty young, too. I’ll blame the kids.

    • @KenMueller I saw you followed, thanks for that. I haven’t met my more famous namesake, but I emailed him. I asked if he could endorse my Tony Bennett for Senate campaign in 2020 and if we could get a picture together so I can say that we friends. Yeah, he didn’t reply… But now that I’ve been featured in Spin Sucks, I’m pretty sure he’ll reconsider. Pretty sure that makes me cooler than him now

      •  @SociallyGenius  @KenMueller I discovered through Google alerts that the Sr. VP of Finance at Microsoft is also a Ken Mueller. I need to get connected to him…

  • PattiRoseKnight

    Boy I am getting old – I was thinking of a completely different Tony Bennett!

    • ginidietrich

       @PattiRoseKnight I think he likes having a famous name!

      • @ginidietrich @PattiRoseKnight I left my heart in Spin Sucksisco… How’s that?

    • @PattiRoseKnight Me too!!

  • Waving hello, Tony! 

    • ginidietrich

       @jasonkonopinski I have nothing to say to this comment.

      •  @ginidietrich Don’t worry, we’ll say something for you. 😉 

        • @jasonkonopinski @ginidietrich I’ll cover it and waive hello back to Jason. Then we can team up and save the world or something!

        •  @SociallyGenius  With great power comes great responsibility. We must never use our powers for evil. 🙂 @ginidietrich 

  • Green Lantern costumes work for me.

    • ginidietrich

       @TheJackB I’ll bet all sorts of costumes work for you. That way, no one knows who you are.

      •  @ginidietrich Did you ever see the video I made for Movember? Some people still don’t believe that it was me in it.
        Maybe it is because they don’t think that Dear Abby could grow a beard. 😉

        • ginidietrich

           @TheJackB I did! In fact, lisagerber and I were laughing about it just a few weeks ago.

        • @ginidietrich @TheJackB Its amazing what 6 hours on paintbrush can accomplish. At least I changed it a little! I’m asking Santa for photoshop this year

        •  @ginidietrich  lisagerber Oh, so you think I am funny. I am a clown, is that what I am. 😉

        •  @TheJackB HAHAHAHAHAHA! This just made me laugh out loud. 

        •  @Lisa Gerber Was hoping someone might catch the reference. Joe Pesce isn’t lucky enough to look like me. 😉

  • Recognize him from Twitter, he is a great Tweep!

    • ginidietrich

       @lisabuben290 It’s hard to miss his avatar, isn’t it?

      • @ginidietrich @lisabuben290 A.) Thanks Lisa – you’re a great tweep as well B.) I’m a walking example of how important avatars are. When I first started on Twitter, it was just the white G on a neon green G. No one really talked to me. Now, some people probably think I’m a tool, but most people will engage with me. I owe an assist to @mqtodd for teaching me about humanizing my avatar, Thanks Michael!

        • ginidietrich

           @SociallyGenius  A tool as in a douchebag?

  • I thought I might be productive at work today, but nope, looks like I’ll be playing in the Spin Sucks comments instead. Some would say that’s productive!

    Thanks so much for this unexpected surprise – I actually feel like a superhero now
    I’m glad that the post got you fired up – it should. There are some phenomenally phenomenal women around these parts and it’s time they have their chance to shine… When I become a baller, I’m definitely going to have you as a features speaker at the #SociallyGenius awards conference!!

    • ginidietrich

       @SociallyGenius I am going to print this out so you don’t forget!

  • I agree, Tony is great. Love his blog . He’s very generously shared many of my posts with his community. Thanks, Tony!

    • ginidietrich

       @Shelley Pringle That’s because YOU are a genius!

      • LOL! Them how come I’m not rich?

        • @Shelley Pringle Unfortunately, a lot of geniuses were not revered until they died. Hopefully peeps will recognize out greatness while we’re still here! Nice to see one of my tribesmates here.

        •  @Shelley Pringle my comments are worth big banks. Now you are rich! How do you think @ginidietrich financed the A-D party yacht?

        •  @HowieSPM Haven’t we told about no talking about the yacht?

        • @Lisa Gerber @HowieSPM Secret’s out – I want in next year

        • ginidietrich

           @Lisa Gerber  @HowieSPM Seriously, Howie. She’s right. 

  • Ahem….you can’t be a social genius if you need or use a facebook page. So let’s get the Elephant Lion and baby Seal in the room out in the open first.  But I was checking out his Tagged page and it totally rocks.
    And if you heard Tony sing you would know he IS THE TONY BENNETT! Watch him on next seasons America’s Got Talent and the reality show Dance Moms (he is a Dance Dad and sued the show for diversity since it was all women and all blondes).
    I knew Tony was special. I suspect a Finance Degree since that is what all the cool people went to college for. We already knew because of that bdorman264 guy that in the grandiose halls of insurance, bonds, and arbitrage hides some really smart people who lurk the darkest recesses of social media. Just please don’t ask them what they are doing because if they told you they would have to send Anonymous after you.
    Great Tony nice to see you in Gini’s Friday of Fame.

    • @HowieSPM That Dorman cat is brilliant, isn’t he? Oh wait, you were talking about this Dorman, huh?

      • ginidietrich

         @bdorman264  I don’t care what anyone says about you, I love you!

    • @HowieSPM It’s an honour and privilege to be here, it’s kind of like the singer guy felt when he won his Grammy’s I’m sure.

      Yeah, the whole SocialGenius thing didn’t work out quite planned. Never proclaimed myself to be one, the term was coined to honor people like Gini who actually are. BUT, little did I know when I started, that there’s quite a Stigma against social media experts, gurus, and geniuses. So, for the blog, just stuck with the So Genius theme… And changed awards to SociallyGenius so it’s less offensive to those who want to puke on themselves when gurus are brought up. Thanks Howie!

      •  @SociallyGenius  @HowieSPM Did you know that Mr. D (her man servant) must recite ‘My Wife is a Facebook Guru and Social Ninja’ 14 times before bed or he sleeps in the other room?

        • @HowieSPM Ha.. Is that prayer called the Hail Gini?

          Hail Gini, full of witt, the Social Media is with thee

    • ginidietrich

       @HowieSPM  I’m going to have jennalanger help me ban you every time you talk about Facebook. It’ll be automatic. You type it, the comment dies.

      •  @ginidietrich  @HowieSPM watch out, I might have some foo to make that happen!

  • ginidietrich

    @SociallyGenius Oh goodie! I”ll be on the lookout for it

  • I know nothing about Tony, but after reading this, I think all Follow Friday recommendations should include costumes and the name of a famous singer.

    • @JayDolan I’ll let Gini know if I see a Frank Sinatra in a Spiderman outfit… But we might be stuck re-running this everyweek if that’s the new criteria! Nice to meet you Jay, I’ve seen you around.

      •  @SociallyGenius  I was really hoping for Tom Jones in a Cat Woman outfit, but I’ll settle for Sinatra.

    • ginidietrich

       @JayDolan That makes me think about what costume you should be wearing.

  • Is that the new “Gini” super-hero costume?  I know why you like that G so much – lol!
    Cheers Tony!

    • @Mark_Harai Yup, I’ve renamed my blog to So Gini and I’m going to talk about Ginisms everyday so we can all be like her.

      Cheers back atcha Mark

    • ginidietrich

       @Mark_Harai OMG! I didn’t even make that connection! OF COURSE it is. 

  • ginidietrich

    @_SKG Booooo!

    • _SKG

      @ginidietrich LoL, you don’t like Mr. Opportunity?

  • SociallyGenius

    @GeeklessTech Thanks Steve! How’s your Friday going?

  • Ike
    • ginidietrich

       @Ike LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Where would one even look to find this? That’s awesome!

      • Ike

        @ginidietrich Google image search for “No capes.”

      • @ginidietrich @Ike That short little lady from the incredibles is the primary reason I don’t have a cape. I wouldn’t want to be sucked into a vortex!

  • SociallyGenius

    @adamtoporek Thanks Adam!

    • adamtoporek

      @sociallygenius My pleasure!

  • Increasingly enough, I have an update that pertains to The Queen is King blog post. New South Digital Marketing conference, the event which I hammered on the most for having 10 all make presenters, has opted to add an additional speaker. Yes, you guessed it, a female one. Call it a token or say its too late, but think any step is one in the right direction. This also shows the power our all mighty leader, Gini. I don’t think it was a coincidence that she drops a link to the post and speaks put about it that hours later one more queen gets her spot on the thrown.

    Thanks to everyone who made enough noise to be the catalyst for change – Power The People!!!

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