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Gin and Topics: Celebrities Making Fun of Themselves

By: Gini Dietrich | July 27, 2012 | 

It’s time for the Olympics! It’s time for the Olympics! It’s time for the Olympics!

I can’t wait!

I have a brother who is 12 and he’s coming to visit (from Portland) this weekend. We can’t wait to watch the Opening Ceremonies together.

First, I’m headed home from Canada and can’t wait to use my Global Entry for the first time going into the U.S. No customs for me. YAY!

So, while I fly today, I’ll leave you with Gin and Topics.

5. Contrex. Richard Bosworth sent this to me last week because he knew I’d love the cycling theme of it. It’s a commercial for a water that shows a dancing man illuminated on buildings that takes his clothes off the faster you ride your bike. It’s not something that would fly in the U.S., but it’s really good.

4. Superhero Sam Needs You On His Team. This made me cry…and it will you too. And then you’re going to get your superhero t-shirt, PJS, or costume out, take a picture, and send it to Sam. Mr. D has a Superman costume from a few Halloweens ago. I’m going to send a picture to Sam of him wearing it! Thanks to Jack Steiner for making sure we all saw this.

3. A Post-It Life. Alright Ryan Cox. You were right; this is cool. It’s a Mario Bros. game made out of post-it notes. I really wish I had that right-brain creativity that allows people to do this. So cool.

2. Idiots with Zoe Saldano and Kate Bosworth. Oh. My. Gosh. This made me laugh so hard I snorted! I don’t want to ruin it for you, but let’s just say it’s really great when celebrities can make fun of themselves. Sorry, Ifdy Perez. Mark Wohlschlegel wins this one. I seriously snorted. It’s FUNNY.

1. 5,000 Ducks Go for a Walk. This is CRAZY! A farmer in China moves his duck flock to a different pond every year. All 5,000 of them. And he says he’s never lost a single bird. Thanks to Deb Dobson for sending it along.

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  • Holy crap, that’s a LOT of ducks! Amazing.

    •  @annedreshfield And he said he’s never lost one. Can you imagine?

      •  @ginidietrich No, I can’t! Good for him. I wish I were a duck breeder/herder. LOL

  • AmeenaFalchetto1

    Vive la France for the Contrex ad! Seriously – thank F I live in France where this stuff flies … 

    •  @AmeenaFalchetto1 Right? It definitely does not fly here.

  • Tech Geek, admirable teamwork. You must share the pic of Mr. D in full regalia and JB as Scooby Doo?
    Ducks…walks like one, talks like many, looks like 4999 to me.  
    Baby cakes Zoe and Kate perfect pablum. 
    Thanks for the fun.

    •  @annelizhannan That Zoe and Kate one seriously made me laugh. I was in my hotel room howling!

      •  @ginidietrich I can see you and @lisagerber in a video like that…that would get some serious RT’s.

  • Global Entry from Canada? Really? Do they even have a border up there? 
    Thanks for sharing; enjoy your bro and the Olympics. Hopefully the only drama is on the field. 

    •  @bdorman264 Watch it, or I’ll have to send the Mounties and the polar bears and the moose and Gini Dietrich RebeccaAmyTodd and me to your front door. Then we’ll see what Global Entry’s all about, mwahahahahaha

    •  @bdorman264 I’ve often wondered why we can’t just be one country.

  • OMG I’ve now watched the funny or die video five times in a row: it is too perfect! Just posted it on my wall. I’m going to watch it every time I need a laugh. soooooo good. Cheers! Kaarina

    •  @KDillabough I loved how exact they were with the voiceovers. Pretty freaking funny!

      •  @ginidietrich Watching that video is now my new guilty pleasure

  • I loved the funny or die video! Too hilarious!
    5000 ducks! Just too many! 
    Have a great time with your brother! 🙂

    •  @Hajra  Wasn’t that funny? I seriously laughed out loud!

  • jennwhinnem

    I LOVE DUCKS! Thank you for sharing this!

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