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Gin and Topics: Gangnam Style and Crazy Razorback Fans

By: Gini Dietrich | September 21, 2012 | 

Last week, we had dinner with friends who have a two year old (two and a half, if you ask him). He was wearing a Polamalu jersey. I said, “Go Bears!” to him and he said (are you ready for this?), “No, Aunt Gini. The Bears are at home. It’s Polamalu’s turn.”

I can’t even turn a kid, who LIVES in Chicago, into a Bears fan. Hrumph.

And yet, I’ll be sitting at Soldier Field on Sunday, cheering them to victory. They play the Rams so surely we’ll win this one. But what I really need is for the Packers, Lions, and Vikings all to lose this week.

Can someone make sure that happens for me? Or can someone find an offensive line for Cutler?

No? OK. Fine. Take your Gin and Topics then.

5. Riley On Marketing. This is an oldie, but goodie. Barrett Rossie sent it to me earlier this week and I feel like it needs to be seen again. #girlpower

4. Midttrafik Commercial. I had three people send this to me, which means we really want great public transportation throughout North America. It’s a commercial for a bus in the Netherlands and it’s subtitled in English so you can read along. But I’m not sure you need to…I think you get the gist with just the images.

3. Ain’t No Stopping Us Now. Mr. D and I are obsessed with this Razorbacks fan…and she’s back! I feel like I don’t want to give her more views, but I. Can’t. Stop. I mean, she “ooohs and ahhs” like she’s a real pig. Train. Wreck.

2. The Ultimate Runway Model Fails. Ken Mueller and I are going to burn in hell for laughing at this, but come on! These girls are so skinny, their legs don’t hold them up. If you laugh, too, we’ll see you there!

1. Saturday Night Live Lids. This whole Gangnam craze has me a bit bewildered, mostly because of the neon sunglasses and suits, but I will admit it’s pretty darn funny to see some of the reenactments of PSY’s song and the dance. This one is from Ifdy Perez, who found it on SNL. Trust me when I say you need to watch until the end.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  • Too funny! I was just about to send you this, G… Cutie little navy boys doing Gangnam Style! 

    •  @RebeccaTodd Ha! Mr. D sent that one to me, too!

      •  @ginidietrich There is also one from the Ellen show where Psy teaches Brit Brit how to do the dance. You need to check it out so we can be in sync for our dance party. 

        •  @RebeccaTodd Oh! We need to have that dance party before this goes out of style then!

  • Okay…I admit it…I laughed at the starving models. 
    Couldn’t watch the gangnam style video since it won’t stream to Canada 🙁 but I agree that it seems a strange phenomenon. 
    My 8 year old son finds the most hilarious (and unusual) videos on YouTube worthy of a little watch – ever seen this one?

    •  @Ruth – MarketingWise O! M! G!!!! I am DYING!!! That is seriously hilarious!

  • I just watched the models AGAIN and laughed AGAIN. It really is funny…right? RIGHT?!?!?!

    •  @KenMueller We’re seriously going to burn in hell.

    • John_Trader1

       @KenMueller Hey, if we can’t laugh at others, who can we laugh at? Wait….I may have that one wrong…

      •  @John_Trader1  @KenMueller @ginidietrich If their legs are too weak to pick up those shoes, they deserve to be mocked. 

    •  @KenMueller You’re sick to make fun of a national resource like that. 

  • Mr.D

    We are going to live forever!  Great line. I”m going to put on my tight pants and get ready for the weekend. Go hogs!

  • sarahmatsushita

    @ginidietrich Such a great name. And the video of Riley on marketing is so well said- and she’s under 5 years old!

    • ginidietrich

      @sarahmatsushita Right? I love that. Girls like superheroes too!

  • ifdyperez

    Oh dear, @Mark2law is going to kill me if he finds out I got credit for “Lids!” 😀

    •  @ifdyperez  @Mark2law Well, silly. Why did you tell him! HE didn’t send it to me. YOU did!

  • I am a bad dad, but I have to show my kids the models. We are going to laugh our butts off.

    •  @thejoshuawilner It’s SO FUNNY! And I’m so happy I’m going to have so many friends in hell with me.

  • Kristinesimpson

    I just laughed to hard I started to cry at the model video…. oh wow!

  • Straight to hell.
    See ya there.

    •  @Sean McGinnis I kind of already knew I’d see you there.

  • LovelyGrk

    Looks like I’ll see you in hell…..the model video was great! I’m sharing it on FB! Thanks for this!

  • rosyblue

    @ginidietrich cool!

  • I had no idea what Gangnam Style was, even after I watched the entire skit on SNL. Of course, when I got into the office on Monday, I made sure to drop as many references as possibly to increase my street cred.

  • I can imagine the similarities between young Riley and young Gini. Looks like she is a true business superstar in the making! LOL

    •  @thejoshuawilner Wow. Some people have waaaaaaay too much time. But man! Han Solo sure was cute!

  • IliyanaStareva

    OMG I admit I laughed at the models video, but I still find it sad too.. Being so skinny and with completely damaged legs and feet (and health!) at such a young age!

    •  @IliyanaStareva Well, I’ll save you a seat on the bus to hell, then. But I totally agree with you. Legs that skinny are not normal. 

  • Looked up “Gangnam Style” on Wikipedia. Saw this:”It has been shared on the internet by celebrities including T-Pain and Katy Perry” 
    My ancient eyes thought it said:
    “It has been shared on the internet by celebrities including Tom Petty”
    I thought that Mayan thing had started. 

    •  @barrettrossie Tom Petty…Katy Perry. All the same.

      •  @ginidietrich  @barrettrossie Bwah that made my morning Barrett. There is a great video of Psy on Ellen teaching Brit Brit the dance so we can learn it for our next gathering. 

  • rdopping

    Is a guy wanting a pink Barbie wrong?

  • Hahahaha … now I’m ready for the weekend. Oh, and now I know what to get @rdopping for Christmas

    •  @Carmelo I think we should both buy him a pink Barbie! @rdopping 

      •  @ginidietrich  @rdopping A blow-up one?? (just askin’)

  • I actually heard Gangham Style while flipping through radio this weekend on our way home from the zoo. The only thing I could think is, ‘REALLY?!!’

    •  @Anthony_Rodriguez Right? I guess we aren’t the target audience.

  • I thought I was above Gangnam Style… Until it got stuck in my head and I learned the dance moves. Suffice to say, my kids dread being seen in public with me since I break out with an “Oppan Gangnam Style” about every 3.5 minutes…. Although, I haven’t even done it once yet, today; maybe I’ve been cured

    •  @SociallyGenius DO IT!!!

      • @RebeccaTodd Gini is gonna be mad at you for encouraging my behaviour, but if you insist…


        •  @SociallyGenius  @RebeccaTodd I feel like we need to see video of this.

        •  @ginidietrich  @SociallyGenius Yes yes pictures or it didn’t happen! 

        • @ginidietrich @RebeccaTodd small problem… I haven’t learned to lip-sync any other part of the song… 6 seconds isn’t worth it 🙂