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Gin and Topics: Monkeys, Seals, Apologies, and Tight Pants

By: Gini Dietrich | August 10, 2012 | 

Many of you know I LOVE MONKEYS (cough, Jason Konopinski, cough) and you may have already seen this image floating around Facebook, but I just had to share it here…as a special addition to Gin and Topics.

Every time I see this posted on another person’s Facebook page, I squeal. I mean, look at him! Cutest. Thing. Ever.

It makes me want one! I wonder if he and Jack Bauer would get along? I could walk Jack Bauer on a leash and hold my monkey’s hand, and we could share ice cream cones. It would be grand!

Alright. So on to the weekly specials. We have tight pants, a seal dancing to Michael Jackson, a song about the differences in women ages 29 and 31, a kid who has to apologize to a plane full of people, and a skinny white kid rapping about his bike.

5. A Fight Over Tight Pants. Holy. Cow. So this is what it’s like when your friends are celebrities and you have an audience and you can totally make fun of hipsters and tight pants. Kyle Akerman sent me this Jimmy Fallon clip where he fights with Will Ferrell over whose tight pants are the best. Trust me. It may be the second best thing you see all week (behind the monkey, of course)!

4. Seal Dances to Michael Jackson. I guess I’m pretty predictable because Claudia Scimeca sent this to me, knowing full well it would make it in Gin and Topics (I don’t just love monkeys; I also love dancing animals). But wait until you see it! It’s a seal dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” I mean, it could be MJ reincarnated. Super freaking awesome!

3. 29/31 by Garfunkel and Oates. I think I’ve watched this at least five times because it’s H-I-larious! It’s two women – one aged 29 and the other 31 – singing about the differences between the ages, when it comes to love, wedding, and a marriage. At 29, you think you have all the time in the world to find “the one,” but by 31, you’re desperate and ready to settle down with cats. It’s funny because it’s true. And Konopinski gets a second nod from me today because he also sent me this (which I then sent to my sister-in-law, who just turned 30).

2. Kid Apologizes to Plane for Cutting in Line. We’ve all been there. The person who cuts in line, particularly in security at the airport or at the grocery store or at a sporting event, and everyone shakes their head and looks at one another, but no one says anything. Well, this kid did it to get on to a Southwest flight with his buddies, his coach caught him, and they made him apologize to the entire plane, over the sound system, once it was ready to take off. Thanks to Ken Mueller for the find!

1. Performance by MC Spandex. I fully understand you might not appreciate this last one if you’re not a cyclist, but my dad sent it to me and I find great humor in it. It’s a skinny white guy rapping about why his bike is better than yours. And, when I had to stop on a dime during a ride earlier this week, I began to hum this tune.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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  • That little gorilla is so cute!!!

    •  @jeanniecw I seriously want one. I’m going to talk to Jack Bauer about it. 

  • Neicolec

    Hey, Gini. Monkey’s are cute–but babies are even cuter. Sure it’s a monkey you want?

    •  @Neicolec Oh I’m sure! Look at that face!

  • Day’s over. I win.

  • rustyspeidel

    Hey, G you look pretty good backing up the bike rapper! 

    •  @rustyspeidel Oh aren’t you funny? Everyone is so funny today. Here. On Facebook. Funny, funny.

  • 29/31
    I almost choked. I just watched 3 friends and two sisters sing that song. Doesn’t matter if they looked like the women in that video, I got to see it live. Whoa.

    •  @TheJackB I told you it’s funny because it’s true!

  • Gin-Blossom. That isn’t “Bad”, that’s “Smooth Criminal”. Get. It. Right. 

    •  @jasonkonopinski Oh is it?! I translated the text without really paying attention. Ha.

      •  @ginidietrich Annie, are you okay? 

        •  @jasonkonopinski  @ginidietrich Personally, this is my favorite version ….

        •  @Craig McBreen  @ginidietrich YES. I was just listening to that song today. 

        •  @jasonkonopinski  @ginidietrich  Always loved that, but know of no other Alien Ant Farm song. I never get sick of listening to it though 🙂
          Oh, and “Gin-Blossom” … that’s a great handle for GD.

  • I like MC Spandex’s backup “pumper girls.”
    “I pump up my tires and oil my chain.” … Killa!
    I’d like to go to my next conference dressed like Will Ferrell. That would be interesting. Jimmy Fallon is a way better dancer though, don’t you think.? … Kid has the moves.

    •  @Craig McBreen He has some serious moves! I think you should wear the tight pants AND the wig.

      •  @ginidietrich  @Craig McBreen Did you catch Jimmy Fallon’s music special a few weeks ago? Amazeballs. 

        • KyleAkerman

           @jasonkonopinski Jimmy’s portrayal of Jim Morrison doing the Reading Rainbow theme is awesome.

        •  @jasonkonopinski  @ginidietrich Missed it! Da-um.

        •  @KyleAkerman  @jasonkonopinski Better than Val Kilmer 😉

      •  @ginidietrich How about skinny jeans and a pirate wig?

  • There’s nobody LEEEEEEEEEFT! 

    •  @Sean McGinnis It’s funny because it’s true! I watched a lot of my friends do this. 

  • Gotta say my fav was the SWair and the coach with teaching our youth a lesson in humility.  It will make him a better leaders – now pass the damn Gin & Tonic, had enough topics for the week.

    •  @prosperitygal The only thing about that video that was painful is what a terrible reader he is. Wow.

  • These are great Gini – thanks for sharing! Enjoyed the apology and the “Performance”!

  • KyleAkerman

    My first submission ever to Gin & Tonics (Tight Pants!) and I make #5! Sweet!
    Now if I could only get @ginidietrich to spell my last name correctly 🙂

    •  @KyleAkerman Argh! Sorry. I’m having issues today. I forgot to categorize the blog post and to add tags. Fixing now.

      • KyleAkerman

         @ginidietrich Now that’s prompt service! And no apology necessary. Everybody spells it wrong. My favorite is the old school German version – Ackermann. Serves me right though since I got the title of your post wrong. Friday afternoon and I’ve got drinks on the mind. 

  • tstone76

    You clearly have never watched Planet of the Apes (all 149 original, remakes and prequeals)! It just doesn’t end well

  • yvettepistorio

    Best picture of a monkey I’ve ever seen!! Love it! And the seal dancing to Micheal Jackson had me rolling!! 

    •  @yvettepistorio The monkey is now my desktop background. Imagine what’s going to happen when I get on stage and people see that!

  • Happy Fun Friday @ginidietrich …thanks for including my dancing seal submission in Gin and Topics today!  To be honest,  I think my favorite email of the week is when Gin and Topics drops into my inbox…
    Every one of today’s entries was awesome.  I also squealed with delight when I saw the picture of the baby monkey scrunching up his adorable sweet patootie face and grabbing the vet’s finger when that mean ol’ cold stethoscope intruded into his space. 
    I also totally cracked up with the 29/31 video which I am sending immediately to certain children of mine who will remain nameless who may or may not be almost 29 and 31….( I adopted them when I was 20 and they were already 10 and 8 ). 
    My favorite part of the Southwest Apology was the walk of shame down the aisle…I could almost feel his pain…(and, as an aside…I totally agree with you…what is wrong that he couldn’t read that note??? I hope for his sake it was just a case of nerves!!) 
    And, finally, Dad did good!!!  That’s a great cycling rap song…I could totally see you busting a few moves to “Performance”!!!
    You are awesome xoxoxo

    •  @SocialMediaDDS OF COURSE you adopted them when you were 20.

  • StorchMurphy

    LOL! I love the monkey, but 29/31 is the best video in the set. I’m showing my wife. Have a great weekend Gini!

  • Keena Lykins

    I wonder if that young man will ever line jump again.

    •  @Keena Lykins I’m pretty sure he never will!

  • Love 29/31. And @ginidietrich , when did you become a back-up dancer? 😉

  • Love the tight pants sketch.
    Reminds me of the Little Britain – “Only gay in this village.”
    It’s a bit naughty…

    •  @wmwebdes OMG! That’s awesome! LOL!!

      •  @ginidietrich
         The only gay in town was an ongoing joke in the UK.
        It’s so OTT.

  • rdopping

    Your such an effing c**t…….OMG. LMFAO……that has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen.

    •  @rdopping Right?!?

      • rdopping

         @ginidietrich Yep. That and the biker. White men can’t jump and they should never rap…..hilarity almost always ensues.

  • Hysterical.  You never cease to amaze me with your “finds”.  I was 29 when I took my first job out of residency can so relate.  Met my husband that year as well 🙂 But like you had many a friend in that same boat.  My advice “It is not us, it is them!”
    Really liked the cycling vid.  What a cute southern accent on that boy!

    •  @ExpatDoctorMom Mr. D has been singing the Tight Pants song all weekend. I’ve created a monster!

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