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Gin and Topics: Teen Jeopardy, MyFace, and More

By: Gini Dietrich | February 15, 2013 | 

Well, here we are again. Another Friday. Another week that flew by.

It was a crazy week. First my birthday, then Lindsay Bell’s, then Martin Waxman’s, then Jayme Soulati’s, and then Valentine’s Day, Brian Vickery’s, and Ralph Dopping’s birthdays all wrapped up in one.

Clearly nothing happened this week on the interwebz with that many birthdays and a holiday (albeit a made up one). You probably felt the earth shift. Perhaps next week will be more productive.

This week’s videos are brought to you by Ken Mueller, Sean McGinnis, Heidi Massey, Rebecca Todd, Mr. D., and yours truly.

If you see a video you think would be hilarious to share here, by all means, send it along! I accept them by email, tweets, Facebook, or any other method that is easy for you.

5. The Exciting Teen Jeopardy Tournament. First off, is Leonard wearing a wig? His hair is lopsided. Secondly, he’s hilarious. I don’t know why they gave him points for the first answer. Watch the whole thing…Leonard just gets better and better.

4. Panhandler Party. For those of us in big cities, panhandling is a common occurrence (and so is, apparently, bums peeing in your driveway). But, have you ever seen more than one person begging in the same Subway car at the same time?

3. Amazing Voice. This kid is destined for greatness…or at least American Idol before his voice changes. I love how the store owner stops him so he can get a recording of his voice.

2. MyFace. Everyone needs a social network for the offline world. Otherwise, how will we know what you do when you’re not online?

1. Treadmill-Walking Puppy. This is the CUTEST THING I have ever seen! It’s also pretty amazing how smart dogs are. Watch this little guy try to figure out the treadmill. Amazing.

Happy weekend, all!

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  • Dude, you gotta get MyFace! OK, puppy is adorable…just adorable.

    • @RebeccaTodd How do I know if you’re a baker in real life? I’m not a baker. But how would I know that?

  • love that kid’s pipes. wow.

  • belllindsay

    This kid is INSANE!!!

  • belllindsay

    Why is that poor dog tied up to a treadmill….?? (Puppy is adorbs, of course!)

    • @belllindsay Treadmills can actually be a great way to exercise dogs. Ceaser uses them sometimes too.

      • rdopping

        @RebeccaTodd  @belllindsay That’s the auto-shut off. If the dog gets off it stops automatically.

  • OMG, that puppy is so freaking cute!! I can see Lola trying to figure out a treadmill…love it! And the panhandler, hilarious! It make me appreciate not having to commute anymore. And that kid is insane…but the owner kinda reminds me of Ron Jeremy…

  • PattiRoseKnight

    I think it’s tied between the panhandlers (love the last person) and the dog on the tredmill.  Too funny!

    • @PattiRoseKnight When the puppy went and sat down on the site to watch, I died. So cute!

  • HeidiMassey

    So, the puppy is totally adorable. But who the hell ties their dog to a treadmill? And I am biased about the singing kid since I found that video. But honestly, the Panhandler Party truly had me laughing hard. It was really clever. And I am such a sap for any sort of flash mob or surprise like that acting troupe. I just am. So they win.

    • @HeidiMassey It’s actually a well-known practice for dogs with high energy. They suggested it when we got JB, but I exercise him enough he’s not too, too naughty.

  • I’m concerned about that poor dog tied to the treadmill … it clearly did not have a weight problem.
    Also, that kid’s voice gave me chills.

    • @kateupdates It was so funny! The puppy was so determined.

  • rdopping

    Amazing voice made me howl. Did you catch the guy in the background chowing down his lunch? Priceless.

    • @rdopping That whole thing was weird. Totally not planned at all.

  • rdopping

    Oh! and thanks for the birthday props. Cheers ginidietrich @belllindsay Soulati dbvickery  and martinwaxman hope your birthday was funtastical!

  • First, I love celebrating a birthday week with you Gini – Leonard (on Teen Jeopardy) may have hit the Daily Double, but I got a #FollowFriday from Gini Dietrich. Da Winner…
    Loved it when the treadmill puppy would put one paw up there for awhile – agree, very cute video.