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Gin and Topics: We Love Animals and Singing Toddlers

By: Gini Dietrich | June 7, 2013 | 

Gin and TopicsToday is a very exciting day for the teams of Arment Dietrich and Spin Sucks. Summer hours begins!

I love summer hours. I’m not sure why because we all race to get all our work finished by 1:00 and it rarely happens, but the idea that we can shut down early on Fridays for 13 weeks is so much fun!

Yvette Pistorio will have 20,000 shots of espresso and will message me no less than that many times to be sure I’m rallying with her.


Of course, I’m working all weekend because I’m traveling, but that’s not the point. I am rallying! A 50 mile bike ride and a manicure are calling my name this afternoon.


While we hunker down to get all of our work accomplished, I’ll leave you with Gin and Topics.

This week’s videos are courtesy of Lindsay Bell-Wheeler, Bob LeDrew, Kat Krieger, Mr. D., and yours truly.

5Star Spangled Banner Cymbal Fail. I don’t want to ruin this one for you so all I’ll tell you is it’s fun to watch this kid think about what to do when his cymbal fails during the Star Spangled Banner. Also watch the girl on the drums. I’d have the same reaction.

4. Sad Dog Diary. I am going to quote one of my favorite lines from this video and then I’ll leave you to watch it. When talking about a cat, he says, “It’s as if a teddy bear mated with a cactus and yet it poops delicious candy.” Now I leave it to you.

3. Don’t Let Me Down. This one has made the rounds on Facebook so you may have already seen it. If you haven’t, cutest thing ever. A two-year-old sings the Beatles with his dad. I want to have kids just to teach them how to do this (and embarrass the crap out of them when they’re teenagers).

2. Brian Williams Raps Snoop Dogg. It’s no secret I love Jimmy Fallon and the crush continues. They edited Brian Williams to make it sound like he’s rapping “Ain’t Nuthin But a G Thang.” Next up! Brian Williams goes on the show and does it for real.

1. Bear Dances, Plays Instrument,  Hugs. There is almost nothing that makes me more happy than talking animals. You have a commercial with a talking animal on it and I will laugh every time. But a real animal that plays a trumpet, dances with a dog and a human, hula hoops, and hugs? OMG!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Rally!

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  • Such good ones this week!

    • katskrieger Aren’t you happy you didn’t get scooped on the bear one?!?

  • Courtney_Tarnow

    Gini, these are amazing! I especially love Sad Dog Diary. We got our little guy fixed this week, so it’s particularly fitting.

  • That Jimmy Fallon. I’d just about marry him. (and, I saw Questlove & the Roots last weekend. Prrrretttty sweet.)

    • JoeCardillo I’d just about marry him, too!

  • “Harvesting them into a barrel!”  And the bear! Oh my word! Somehow I can’t help but think that won’t end well, though …

    • dwaynealicie I like that the dog didn’t even bother him.

  • He put the cymbal down…why not pick it back up?! Stuffed llama rest in peace!! Hahaha!!

    • Oh and I so didn’t rally today…next Friday espresso is a must!

    • KateNolan

      yvettepistorio *Band nerd alert* The strap on the cymbal broke so there would be nothing to hold on to and use to strike against the other cymbal. *End band nerd alert.*

      • KateNolan yvettepistorio Admit I had the same question as Yvette despite six years in band. I guess being a woodwind player insulated me from the challenges of being a percussionist.

    • yvettepistorio Clearly because he’s a 14-year-old boy who doesn’t really know what to do!

  • KateNolan

    I fear for the day that man no longer has treats. That bear certainly seems comfortable putting his arm around that guys neck… But I love the hula hoop!

    • KateNolan My sister-in-law thinks the bear is fake! I still think it’s awesome.

  • I love the Brian Williams thing! The part of my “Mama’s So Tired” parody (the one that exists only in my head) of Alicia Keys “This Girl is on Fire” that makes me the most nervous is the rap part. We all know I’m willing to do the singing part, ability to carry a tune or not. But I don’t know if I can vocalize fast enough for the rap part! 🙂

    • biggreenpen I’ll bet you can…it just takes practice!

  • The sad dog diary reminds me of that black and white French angsty cat video from a while back…can’t remember the actual title of it.  I’m considering doing a guinea pig version…running off to give the kids this assignment…

    • rosemaryoneill Oh let me know when that is finished!

  • John_Trader1

    Love love love the clip of the 2 year old boy playing and singing the Beatles! That made my weekend, thanks ginidietrich!

    • John_Trader1 Don’t you love how dad stops and lets him sing/yell, “Don’t let me down!”??

  • That poor bear.

  • rdopping

    That series was brilliant. Isn’t it amazing how Max Headroom Brian Williams is? Hmmm……I will now pee on the bed…..for comfort.