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How to Sort through Google Alerts

By: Gini Dietrich | April 13, 2010 | 

As is becoming customary, we answered another question from our Facebook fan page via video today. Nick Nichols, of DesignInaBag, asks, “how do you sort through all of the information you get in your Google alerts to get what’s most pertinent?”

No hat today because the sun was shining so brightly that I had to swap it with sunglasses. Check out where we  are on location!

How do you sort through your Google alerts? Do you have other secrets to share?

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  • Yay, I was waiting all week for an episode of Gini video!!!

    I do have to make one negative comment though. I wish you had a new hat :o(. However I understand you were shooting on location so THIS time, I will forgive you…

    That was great advice. I will check out Google Alerts tomorrow and try out your advise. I hate to admit that I don’t use Google Alerts nearly enough, but by watching your second video, I am thinking there is more to tap into that I haven’t in the past.

    Thank you for secretly sending me subliminal messages saying “Nick, go to Google Alerts.”

  • hehe.. i have a bit of an easy time with it

    not many people with my name out there. So it’s really really easy for me to spot when other people are talking about me.

    • Gini Dietrich

      Japman, I’m with you! No one has my name!

  • Gini,

    Thanks for the response, I am re-tuning our alerts immediately. The addition of the city is also very useful for KitchenLab, as we are primarily based in Chicago. I have no doubt that this will help me focus and save time.

    Any follow up thoughts regarding Google Alerts which are industry specific–“Kitchen Design” or “Online Design”?

    Enjoy the spring skiing, so jealous.

  • This is totally helpful. I started using your tip from last week for a couple of clients and some results have been overwhelming.

  • Gini-

    Thanks for the video! Loved the information but I was a little distracted by they lake and the mountains!

    I am already looking forward to next weeks video!

  • Gini Dietrich

    Hey Nick! I would try different searches for a few weeks and see what works. I recommend “kitchen design” + chicago. And “online design” + chicago – graphics. See if those work better for you.

  • OMG!!!!!! I did not know that! thank you. because I have a search for my client Schweitzer set up and I get TONS of stuff on, you guessed it (or maybe not) Governor Schweitzer from Montana.

  • Gini Dietrich

    So Lisa, try this: Schweitzer + Idaho – “Governor Schweitzer”. See if that sorts through them for you.

  • I’m a Google Alerts slacker. Only recently set up some alerts, and getting a ton of gar-bahjh. Did not know about the + and -. Will give that a shot. You could do a “For Dummies” series on this! Not that I fit that profile….hahaha

  • Thanks, Gini. Our results are already improving. Much more relevant results. Huge time savings.

  • Gini-

    Will the next video blog be from the beach here in San Diego?


  • I’m actually thinking about doing something while I’m in San Diego!

  • Gini,

    I just discovered your blog. What great advice about how to google. I am constantly trying to find relevent blogs and news articles and get overwhelmed with non-relent results. So much so I am afraid to set up an alert. Thanks so much for sharing these tricks. Your onsite video makes me want to travel!


  • I just spoted the spelling error as I submitted the comment.

    I meant relevant and non-relevant

  • Sean Fioritto

    This post is a bit old, but I just found it. I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in a web application that learns how to filter out irrelevant google alerts and makes it easier to read through them? I’m a bored software engineer looking for fun projects, and this sounds fun to me. 🙂

  • Gini Dietrich

    Sean, you made me LOL!

  • Sean Fioritto

    Really? Well, I’m here all night folks. Tip your waiter. But seriously, I’ve already started working on this and it’s pretty fun. 🙂 But my knowledge of the PR industry is not so good, so if you know anyone that might want this and would be willing to teach me/tell me what to make let me know! I’m @sfioritto or