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Six Powerful Tips to Increase Online Engagement

By: Danielle Forget | September 29, 2014 | 

Six Powerful Tips to Increase Online Engagement By Danielle Forget

These days, there are so many different ways for online engagement. It’s become such an easy task to engage…right?

Okay, not really, especially if you’re not totally clear on what works or have a purpose for participating online.

So many marketers have new, shiny object syndrome (hello, Ello?) and forget about the things that actually work.

They also want to try out the latest and greatest, but ignore whether their customers and prospects are in those places.

It’s a lot easier today to figure out where you customers and prospects hang out, particularly online.

Here are six powerful tips to increase your online engagement with your audience.

1. Get Visual

Imagine this—two online stores selling the same products for the same price.

The two websites look almost identical and also share similar online marketing strategies.

The only major thing that differentiates these two online stores is that one displays pictures of their products, while the other site only displays pictures of its logo.

Which store do you think brings in more sales?

The site without the logo pictures, of course!

Seems silly, right?

But while you already know this because you have read all about visual content here on Spin Sucks in September, not all brands are as savvy as you.

And in all seriousness, brands are still over-promoting themselves rather then their products and services.

Ditching the logo thumbnail has been shown to boost click through rate by 27 percent!

2. Don’t Forget About the Weekend

Social media is a seven-days-a-week kind of job.

Weekend posts get 32 percent more online engagement than weekday posts!

Pre-scheduling your weekend posts is a great start, but you also want to be sure to be able to reply to those engagers.

Some people don’t get around to checking their social media, (or even their emails!) until the weekend.

3. Answer Your Customer’s Questions and Use it for Content 

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with engaging content that you know your audience will want to read.

Try taking some frequently asked questions and turning them into a blog series.

Chances are there are more people with the same question who aren’t reaching out to ask. 

4. Be Valuable

Don’t share just to share! And be sure to read everything you’re sharing.

(I’m talking to you auto re-tweeters.)

When you share information that isn’t relevant to your audience you will become less relevant in their minds.

Content is only good when it has context. 

5. Hashtag, #But #Please #Don’t #OVER #Hashtag

This is a common social media pet peeve that can lead to 17 percent decrease in followers.

Hashtags are meant to organize social conversations.

Not to hammer into the readers mind what it is you are talking about.


@WhatRunsWhere: Transitioning your business from desktop to #mobilemarketing? Here’s how to make it happen in 4 effective ways… bit.ly/19HkD9M


@WhatRunsWhere: Transitioning your #business from #desktop to #mobilemarketing? Here’s how to make it happen in 4 effective ways… bit.ly/19HkD9M #Transitions #SoLongDesktop #mobile #marketing #whatrunswhere #CheckOutOurBlog #WeLoveMobile

Maybe this example is a little extreme, but you get the point.

Keep it to a maximum two hashtags unless absolutely necessary.

6. Make Your Online Engagement Human

No one really enjoys talking to robots.

If they did, THIS would be the answer to engaging our audiences.

When engaging with an audience online, you simply must be real.

Share relevant news, or engage in conversations.

Also, make sure everything you share on social media is actually valuable to your readers.

(I’m talking to you again, auto-retweeters.)

Don’t get me wrong—prescheduling some your social media posts using tools such as Sprout Social or Hootsuite can be a real timesaver.

However, make sure you are keeping the human element of online engagement.

Don’t be intimidated when trying to engage with your audience.

Test different methods and see what works with your audience!

Once you stop talking at your audience, and begin engaging with them, you’ll become much more valuable in their minds.

About Danielle Forget

Danielle Forget lives fully submerged in the world of online marketing. She holds the title of Marketing Coordinator at WhatRunsWhere.com and enjoys contributing top-notch advice to the marketing community. Follow Danielle on Twitter @dforget and be sure to follow @WhatRunsWhere for future posts.

  • I love this. Love! Especially number 5. I have major issues with hashtag overuse.

  • EmilyNKantner

    Eleanor Pierce I can’t stand to see people hashtagging entire sentences or random words either! It makes me twitch…

  • dbvickery

    karlkovacs Don’t forget about the weekend…I post to biz accounts some, but otherwise…time for recreation!

  • Danielle Forget

    EmilyNKantner Eleanor Pierce Even worse: when people hashtag when hashtags don’t apply (ie. LinkedIn)

  • Danielle Forget EmilyNKantner Eleanor Pierce I’m not a fan of the word “hashtag” as an adjective (because it’s a verbal in an ad and they need to convey the concept such as “This new cereal is so delicious hashtag FreshBerries.” But I have gotten a little more lenient personally with the word (I guess that’s what words and punctuation marks do … evolve …) if I am communicating (off of Twitter) with someone I know mainly from Twitter and I just know it would be humorous to them, I have been known to use a hashtag just for fun before. But I do understand where you’re all coming from. #Utterly

  • Excellent advice. I too overuse hashtags. I tend to throw them around like spaghetti noodles.

  • biggreenpen Danielle Forget EmilyNKantner Eleanor Pierce I think using “hashtag” in speech is one of those things that people start doing to make fun of the trend … then, before you know it, it becomes a legitimate part of your vocabulary. 

    For me, examples of this phenomenon include the words “yo,” and “adorbs.”

  • I really, really love the weekend advice. Too often we forget that most people have a little more time to “play” on social media on the weekends. Super good advice!

  • ClayMorgan #ilovehashtags #especiallywhentheyhavenopurpose

  • The weekend advice is golden, also evenings. When you aren’t working is often when your customer isn’t work and so has more time to engage with you and your brand.

  • Eleanor Pierce biggreenpen Danielle Forget EmilyNKantner This is true, Eleanor.

  • LauraPetrolino as you know, I love hashtags too! #EspeciallySuperfluousOnes (ps – I accessorized appropriately for this comment….) cc: ClayMorgan

  • biggreenpen LauraPetrolino ClayMorgan #overachiever

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  • Awesome tips here, Danielle! I would enjoy engaging people more on social media during the weekends, but many people pretend their off living their “extraordinary” lives during the weekends. (Or at least it seems that way to me.)

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