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The Three Things, Edition 5

By: Gini Dietrich | October 28, 2012 | 

Welcome to the fifth edition of The Three Things, brought to you by Michael SchechterHowie Goldfarb, and me.

Before we get started, everyone wish Howie good luck on Sunday. He’s getting married! I know he’d prefer me not tell the world, but too bad! Big, big congratulations to you and Isadora!

Michael (it’s weird for me to type that; I call him Shrek) and I were talking about this series earlier this week. My sense (based on traffic and social shares) is you like it. But do let us know if there is anything you’d like to see in here that we aren’t covering.

For those of you new to the series, The Three Things arrives in your inbox on Sunday mornings (unless you don’t suscribe, but that can easily be fixed if you hurry over and enter your email address or add to your RSS feed) so you have some extra time to spend perusing the obscure content we’ve curated for you (and one another) before your week begins and deadlines, meetings, and work takes over.

Execute: A Book by Drew Wilson & Josh Long

Michael on Creativity. Tomorrow, Drew and Josh will finish writing Execute. While that may not pique your interest, the fact that they started it on Monday should. Why do this? Why write a book in a week? Well, their goal is to prove you can execute on ideas “immediately when inspired rather than following the normal rules.” As a life-long procrastinator and as someone who tends to want to wait until just the time is just right (and just in case you were curious, there’s never a “right time”), I’m fascinated and can’t wait to see how this project pans out. While it may not be worth the $29 to pre-order a hard copy sight unseen, I’ve been enjoying following the project and look forward to seeing the end result of a weeks worth of channeled creativity.

Italy Scientists Guilty of Manslaughter

Howie on Ridiculousness. I took geology in college. I learned in China, they can evacuate a city of five million if they knew an earthquake is coming. But if they did evacuate and there was no quake the next time, the people wouldn’t believe them and not leave.

In Italy, sis scientists and an ex-government official have been sentenced to six years in prison because of the 2009 deadly earthquake in L’Aquila. So now you have to cry wolf everyday to ensure they don’t get in trouble (wouldn’t you predict a quake everyday?) or they won’t work in the field. This is bad for science and bad for Italy.

Bond Ambition

Gini on James Bond. You can’t help but see James Bond-related articles, videos, and news right now. Their publicity machine is very well-oiled in advance of the movie’s release on November 8. While Daniel Craig is not on my top five list (I know, I know…he just doesn’t do it for me), this is a fascinating article about taking over the James Bond reins, his thoughts on bloopers, whether or not there is a secret “I played James Bond” club, and what he does when people buy him a martini at 11 a.m. Plus, the photos by Annie Leibovitz are amazing (as always). They almost make me want to put Craig on the top five list. Almost.

Your turn. What do you think we should listen to, read, or watch this week?

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  • All good stuff.  A friend just shared this article from the NY Times with me yesterday, about an island off of Greece where people age…gracefully…and healthfully.  It’s called “The Island Where People Forgot to Die” . A really fascinating story. I’m gonna live forever just so I can keep coming back here to harass you.

    • @KenMueller Thanks for the share. I’ll go read it next. And I look forward to you living forever so I can share yesterday’s FB photo with generations to come.

      • @ginidietrich I have no specific recollections of what you’re talking about…

  • James Bond movies are always among my favorites and Craig is among my favorite Bonds. Good article.
    Mazal Tov to our favorite alien and his bride.

  • Congrats Howie! 🙂

  • I am with you on Daniel Craig not being in my top five portraying James Bond but Annie Leibovitz is at the top as a photographer.
    As far as a martini at 11 a.m….. it may be necessary to get through Frankenstorm if the outages occur as we can always stir without the need for electricity. I take to heart thoughtful preparation in an emergent situation.
    Congratulations to Howie on your wedding day.

    • @annelizhannan This storm is crazy! I hope you are safe!

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  • On History Channel there is a small series (4 episodes, I think) called “The Men Who Built America” that I think everyone should watch.  It’s a great bio/doc on Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Morgan, and Ford that includes comments from entrepreneurs so that you can really get into their heads.  It’s incredibly compelling stuff – and all very true.

    • @wabbitoid Oh that sounds awesome! I’ll find it and DVR it so I have something to watch while I ride this winter.

  • Congratulations, Howie! 🙂

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  • Damn I missed congratulating Howie in advance.  I want a full report! And spill it- who is in the top 5? Other than RDJ…

    • @RebeccaTodd RDJ, Tom Brady, Ed Harris, Patrick Dempsey, and Cam Newton.

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