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WordPress Wizardry for Muggles

By: Gini Dietrich | March 21, 2013 | 

The WizardDuring The Lies and Truths of Google Analytics with Andy Crestodina last month, Jennifer MacDonald asked if we could pleeeease do a webinar on WordPress.

Well, Jen, Lindsay Bell listened to you and invited Joe Hackman from Managed Solutions to help you (and Howie Goldfarb) and anyone else who needs it.

This webinar is for the muggles who need to get started with blogging, need a new website for their business or hobby, got started, but are stuck, or just need help with best practices.

There is a lot to cover so we’ve broken it down into two segments: WordPress Wizardry for Muggles and WordPress for Wizards.

The first half is the basics and helps you get everything set up for a website or blog using free, paid, or customized themes.

The second is more advanced and helps you add navigation, menus, pages, and plugins.

WordPress Wizardry for Muggles

Joe begins by telling you his six rules. I’m not going to tell you what they are…you have to watch to see!

He will teach you how to:

  • Select your domain name
  • Choose a registrar
  • Best practices for registration
  • Know the difference between .org and .com
  • Host the site: Choose the host, where to host, what to consider
  • Find help if you get stuck
  • Pick a theme and pros and cons for free, paid, and customized
  • Use plugins, when to be careful, and what to consider
  • Install WordPress
  • Use and FTP client to add your theme and plugin files
  • Perform basic tasks in the admin panel

WordPress for Wizards

I don’t think Joe realizes what he did here. There were a few things I still didn’t know how to do and now I do!

Watch out! I now can play in the Cpanel and add navigation, which means I’ll be messing on the WordPress sites we manage. Woo hoo!

He’ll also teach you how to:

  • Add things using your FTP access
  • Add a file
  • Use Softaculous, which allows you to easily add apps, scripts, and other neat things automatically to your site
  • Defend against hackers
  • Add menus and navigation
  • Add categories and use those in your menus
  • Change permalinks for SEO benefit
  • Archive your content
  • What to do with widgets and how to add or change them
  • Use basic HTML

The Details

The webinar with Joe is next Thursday, March 28, at noon ET. It’s the last in our three-month free trial package. Yes, it’s FREE.

I know some of you will be on spring break. Register anyway. That way you’ll get a copy of the video post-webinar and can watch it when you’re back.

For the rest of you, if you need help either getting started or advancing your knowledge with WordPress, we’ll see you at noon a week from today.

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • belllindsay

    I wanted to add that it’s important that you MUST signup through GoToWebinar also – click the link in the email you receive after registering at Spin Sucks Pro.
    If you DON’T signup through GoToWebinar, you won’t get your reminder emails, and you won’t get your unique link for the day of the webinar. 
    Please don’t neglect this vital final step – we don’t want you to miss your chance to become a WordPress Wizard!!

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        • @belllindsay  @jasonkonopinski There will not be a horcrux.

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        • @jasonkonopinski  @belllindsay Clearly Lindsay hasn’t actually read Harry Potter.

        • @ginidietrich  @belllindsay And you hired her? Sheesh.

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          @ginidietrich  @jasonkonopinski Nope. 🙂

        • HowieG

          @jasonkonopinski  @ginidietrich  @belllindsay I have read the first book and am clueless about what a Horkucuss is. But I am a Muggle in Alien clothing.
          BTW Gini I wonder how using Muggles will affect your SEO. Waiting for the 3rd graders to arrive to torch @hackmanj with advanced Potter questions.

    • @belllindsay Check and Check! All done and ready to go.

  • coffeewithjulie

    belllindsay who could resist that title!! Love it

    • belllindsay

      coffeewithjulie 😀

  • adammbsmith

    Perfect timing Gini! I’m just about to start work on 🙂

    • @adammbsmith Oh good! This will be super helpful, then!

  • Gini is messing with scripts? Oh boy – prepare for the rocket launch. 😉

  • John_Trader1

    A great idea for a Webinar GD. Can’t thank you enough for the help to master these tools. I’ll leave the thankful snark to @jasonkonopinski – he’s far better at it than I.

    • @John_Trader1  I wish I could take credit for it. All I did was green light it.

      • John_Trader1

        @ginidietrich It takes a green light for an idea to blossom.

        • @John_Trader1 If you worked here, I’d accuse you of brown nosing.

    • @John_Trader1 *curtsy*

    • HowieG

      @John_Trader1  you give@jasonkonopinski way too much credit John! He steals all his best lines from Benny Hill.

  • I can’t make it for the live webinar but signing up to snuggle with the muggles. I just hope @howiegoldfarb ‘s  toes aren’t to cold by then.

    • @annelizhannan I hope not, too! And we’ll send you a copy of the recording.

  • Justjeffpls

    ginidietrich Why b so new tech addictive. Seems counter productive n ur business. Hi how u doin?

    • ginidietrich

      Justjeffpls Not counter-productive at all. This is what we do.

  • Will it be available to view afterwards? I have a conflict, but would love to watch it. I just hired someone to do this for me — overhaul my site and blog and put it all in — so it would be great to be more conversant when they talk plug-ins and other features.

    • @RobBiesenbach Yep! Just make sure you register so we know to send you the video.

      • @ginidietrich Done and done. And I apologize — I see that info was in the post, and I even looked for it twice!

  • Man, I read that one thing as Softalicious. I think that’s a better name anyway.

    • @KenMueller I think it is, too. I can’t figure out how to pronounce the other one.

      • belllindsay

        @ginidietrich  @KenMueller It’s Soft-Tack-You-Less!

        • What  @belllindsay said. Phonics are fun! 🙂  @ginidietrich  @KenMueller

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          @jasonkonopinski  It’s really not that difficult, is it Jason…? @ginidietrich  @KenMueller

        • HowieG

          @belllindsay  @jasonkonopinski  @ginidietrich  @KenMueller so you get a massage and word press tips from Softalicious?

  • This looks so good!  Can’t wait!

    • @lizreusswig You’ll get some good tips. And he’s a very good teacher in that he takes his time and really explains what you should do.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you Lindsay! I am very excited for this webinar, if it’s anything like the Google Analytics webinar it’s going to be “off the chain.”  : )

    • @jennimacdonald I hope it helps you!

      • @ginidietrich Gini it will, the FTP section is exactly what I’m looking for!

    • belllindsay

      @jennimacdonald No pressure, right? LOL

  • Sounds like it is chock full of useful information.

    • @Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes I got some really good info in the second half. I was rubbing my hands together…I’m evil.

      • belllindsay

        @ginidietrich  @Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes *breaks out in cold sweat*

  • DickCarlson

    The most important WP advice I can give anyone is to find a very, very competent WP guru and make them your friend.  When you start out as a “muggle” you make little bitty mistakes that are easily corrected.  As you get more confident (I found), you start making much bigger mistakes that are far more difficult to correct.  Sort of like working on your own car.  It’s hard to get in too much trouble changing your own oil, but once you start plugging in new performance chips, watch out!

    • @DickCarlson Great. I just put a new engine in my car. Now you tell me.

  • lrmhealy

    KaryD ginidietrich Thanks for sharing (and the reminder) – I need to do this too

  • I am so excited for this event! I know enough to be dangerous 🙂

    • @aimeelwest Now you’re going to know enough to actually blow up a site, if you want!

      • HowieG

        @ginidietrich  @aimeelwest I am so excited and Gini gave me the keys to her site. Soon I will be licensed!

      • @ginidietrich Very nice *evil genius pose with hairless cat and black glove…

  • Looking forward to learning some of these advanced tricks.

    • HowieG

      @jasonkonopinski I heard @hackmanj is going to teach the 1260 boneless back flip mctwist in the advanced class..

      • @HowieG  @jasonkonopinski who let that leak? That is my signature move. Damn.

  • HowieG

    I thought @hackmanj was a radio show host. Geez just when you thought you really knew someone.
    I will be there. I am about to embark on building my own site/blog soon so this will be a great help!

    • @HowieG when @belllindsay asks you to do a Webinar, you don’t say “hey, I am a radio show host!” you say, yes ma’am. 
      Glad to be of assistance to you, regardless Mr. House Muzak.

      • HowieG

        @hackmanj  @belllindsay what is a webinar is that like a sham-wow but made by spiders?

        • belllindsay

          @HowieG  @hackmanj Howie, you really need some help. You’re not a muggle. *I’m* a muggle. You’re a….horcrux!

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    • @HowieG  This was designed specifically for you.

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        @ginidietrich so when I finally have a beechin WP site up with glitter and fancy garlands and strobe lighting will @dannybrown @shonali and you finally visit for some Chai and a vegan cupcakes?

        • @HowieG  @ginidietrich Of course!

  • thedigitaldive_

    RT ginidietrich: In which hackmanj gives you everything you need to know about using WordPress

  • SpinSucks

    hackmanj The wizard himself 😉

    • hackmanj

      SpinSucks 🙂

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    KATEaOConnor Woot!! I’m very excited for this!

  • SpinSucks

    jennimacdonald Me toooooo!!!!

  • LOVE the title! Way to go!

  • I am going to register! What do you think about them apples?

    • @NancyD68 I prefer bananas.

      • @ginidietrich Why? Apples are easier to throw, tasty and good for you. Bananas are mushy.

        • @NancyD68 Bananas have potassium, which helps with sore muscles.

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          ginidietrich jsandford I have a love/hate relationship w/ WordPress. It’s the switch I’m not looking forward to. Once there, I’ll be fine.

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          KaryD It’s not as painful as you think. I promise.

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    StephanieFlo You’re welcome! Though I can’t really take credit. I’m just the shallow figurehead.

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    AceConcierge Thanks for sharing our posts Suzie!!

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      SpinSucks You’re welcome. Always great posts to share

  • Jaimie Field

    Thanks for letting me know there will be a recording of this sent (unfortunately I cannot make the live – wish I could).

  • Aimee West

    YEA!! Wonder what group I’ll be sorted into?

  • Gini Dietrich

    Jaimie, make sure you register so we know to include you in the list to receive the recording.
    Aimee, probably a wizard!

  • Jaimie Field

    Thanks Gini – already taken care of!

  • SpinSucks

    CallMeDer Woot!!

  • kevinvandever

    ginidietrich won’t make it to the live event, but there are a few things I’d like to hear that so I registered to listen to later. Thanks.

    • ginidietrich

      kevinvandever We’ll get you the recording later today or tomorrow, at the latest

      • kevinvandever

        ginidietrich cool. I muddled through lots if this stuff over the years, it’ll be nice to learn the correct way to accomplish some of this.

        • ginidietrich

          kevinvandever I’m surprised you aren’t already the expert!

        • kevinvandever

          ginidietrich wait! There’s no way to heckle you if I don’t attend live. Doh!

        • ginidietrich

          kevinvandever HAHAHAHA! Your loss!

      • kevinvandever

        ginidietrich I could talk to most of the material listed in your 1st webinar, but there a couple in the 2nd I’d like to hear.

  • Crap, see what happens when I get behind in my reading?? I would have loved this webinar because I’m kicking around how difficult it would be to migrate our current corporate website over to self-hosted WordPress.
    I moved my personal blog over to self-hosted WordPress (courtesy of Sean McGinnis and 312 Digital), but I want to try my hand at actual WordPress development.