PESO Model© Certification

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The PESO Model© Certification is for communicators who want to gain advanced skills and a comprehensive understanding of how to build and scale an integrated program within any sized organization.

Learn new skills and strategies, increase your value and marketability, and evolve your career.

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PESO Model Certified Guide©

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Most communicators struggle to build a successful business because they:

  • Don’t know how to price effectively
  • Are afraid to hire employees
  • Lack the confidence to charge what they’re worth
  • Don’t pay themselves a living wage
  • Don’t know how to say no
  • Try to do too much on their own
  • Struggle to stand out from their competition
  • Don’t have an official new business plan
  • Don’t use a proven framework to get results for clients

When you become a PESO Model Certified Guide®, you will grow your business and deliver results, with an official certification from Spin Sucks.

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Agency Jumpstart

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An eight-week professional development program led by Spin Sucks founder and CEO, Gini Dietrich, Agency Jumpstart teaches agency owners how to plot and execute a plan that accelerates their shop to the next level.

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Strategic Consulting

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Want to know if your marketing program is working? Need to scale it to generate more qualified leads? Have an internal marketing team that needs some coaching? We can help!

We’ll analyze what you’re doing now, review data and analytics to see what’s working (or not), and help you build a plan to scale your marketing and communications efforts to drive more qualified leads.

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One-on-One Coaching

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For communications professionals looking to reinvigorate their careers or agency owners needing to scale their businesses, coaching is an intense, year-long program with Spin Sucks founder Gini Dietrich.

With Gini, you’ll build a growth plan, develop diversified revenue streams, explore passive income opportunities, implement the PESO Model™ to grow your business, strategize how and when to hire, and build the right tech stack. This is the path to building something you love.

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