Welcome back to another Ask Me Anything, which is a series where we talk to our friends, our viewers, and our community about all of their pressing needs, questions, wants, and desires.

Let’s take a look at the mailbag to see which questions are burning this week. Here’s a good one:

Any Trello users here? Thoughts on alternative tools that work better than Trello? Favorite easy-to-use team project management tools?

The Best Project Management Tools

A few months ago, Chip Griffin and I had a conversation about project management tools on the Agency Leadership Podcast.

And, here’s the thing: it’s not about the tool itself, but whether or not you’ll actually use it.

For instance, we have a client who uses Monday. I freaking hate it. HATE.

We have another client who uses Asana. Hate that as well.

Another client uses Basecamp. Don’t hate that one as much.

And another one who uses Wrike. I love Wrike, but I know just the mention of the name will make some of you (cough, Carla Vallone, cough) break out in hives.

You can see it really has less to do with the tool and more to do with whether or not you’ll use it.

We use CoSchedule around these parts, but if we had to switch, it’d be to Wrike.

But the List of Tools Doesn’t Matter

But that doesn’t mean that’s what you should use.

If your brain functions differently than mine or you’re not as, um, OCD as me or you don’t need to see things linearly, there are other options for you.

Therefore, the answer to this week’s question is to figure out what your team will use and do that.

Certainly gather a list of tools others like (and above is a good start) and then have your team do free trials of each to see what they like best.

You may not get 100% participation on one tool over another, but if you can get the majority to agree, that’s half the battle.

But if the majority doesn’t love the tool you want to use, it’ll never be implemented and it won’t work for your organization.

This is one case where consensus building is best.

This may not have been super helpful, but now you have a list of tools to start with and can get your colleagues trying them out with you.

Then you can debate the merits of each and figure out which one will work best for your team.

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