A few weeks ago, Stove Top launched a new ad campaign by installing heated light bulbs into 10 CTA bus stops around Chicago. These hot signs allowed patient pedestrians to feel the warmth as they developed a strong craving for Stove Top Stuffing.


However, in Kyra Kyles’ RedEye article last week, she unveiled a shocking truth about the highly anticipated hotspots – they’re not hot!


So my question is: Does it matter?


Initially, I thought that whether the heated bulbs actually provided heat or not made no difference at all. The media attention Stove Top has received from their great, body-warming idea far outweighs a couple bad experiences.


However, after careful consideration, it occurred to me that perhaps the feelings of disfunction, anger, and brutal cold would turn on Stove Top and actually cause more harm than good.


What do you think? Do the cold stuffing signs matter?