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Eight Halloween Costumes for the Communications Professional

By: Laura Petrolino | October 23, 2017 | 

Halloween Costumes for the Communications ProfessionalOctober is almost always a crazy month for a communications professional.

Between creating your next year PR plan and trying to smash as much effective work into the quarter as possible (prior to everyone going MIA for the holidays)—we have a lot on our plates.

No doubt, many things have to be put on the priority back burner.

Luckily, here at Spin Sucks, we want to help protect the priorities which are most crucial to you and your business.

Obviously, helping you find the right Halloween costume is one of them.

So. of Halloween snuck up on you like a ghost in a haunted house, have no fear!

We’re here to save the day (insert Wonder Woman costume) with our annual Spin Sucks Guide to Halloween Costumes for Communications Professional. 

It’s sure to create a memorable Halloween for you and all of your friends.

Costumes for the Social Media-Focused

You tweet.

And “like.”

You “insta” so much your co-workers take the long route to the bathroom, so to avoid your desk and ever ready photo ops.

You engage ALL the people on ALL the social media channels.

If Facebook were a planet, you’d be mayor of a large city.

Sometimes you wonder if Snapchat would cease to exist if you weren’t around to turn everyone into dancing unicorns or princess mice.

You might even dream in #hashtags.

If that describes you, then these #halloween2017 #costumes are for you!

Social Media Symbol

I mean, well duh guys!

You could be your favorite social media platform.

Even better is if you get a group together and you can represent the entire social media landscape.

Hootsuite compiled some awesome DIY social media costume tutorials to get you started. And this video…

  • Pro tip: This is also a great way to let someone in your life know they are “so yesterday.” Just ask them if they want to dress up as MySpace. (Don’t worry folks, I’m an endless reservoir of stupid jokes like this….they’ll never run out.)

Snapchat or Instagram Stories Filter

How many times have you said, “I wish this filter was real life”?

I’ll be the first to admit, that some days when I’m feeling bad about myself, and just feel lucky I managed to put on two socks that match, I just sit myself down and give myself a Snapchat or IG story filter ego boost.

Pure. Gold.

Now is your chance to choose your favorite and make that filter real life….even if just for a night!

And if you aren’t the DIY type, have no fear. Snapchat is selling it’s dancing hotdog costume, ready to wear. So all you have to do is put on your buns and dance the night away.

  • Pro tip: Now’s your chance to be your own branded filter, at a fraction of the cost. Hellloooo! Can you say Spin Sucks filter coming your way this Halloween?

Costumes for the Content-crafting Communications Professional

Maybe the thought of dressing up like a social media platform makes you want to click the “sad” or “angry” reaction on Facebook five zillion times.

Come on, you want to really OWN your costume. And content is really the only “treat” you need this Halloween season. 

If your witch’s brew is full of compelling content and lead funnels, then these are the costumes for you. 


That’s right! You can be a Google (The Google? King Google? Sir Google? The Honorable Google?).

  • Pro tip: If you are going to be Google, you probably should familiarize yourself with all the data and stats around Halloween costumes on their Frightgeist site so you come prepared to wow your friends at those costume parties (‘cause there ain’t no party like a pie chart party, baby).

P.S. If you haven’t seen this Google Jack-o-Lantern carving session from a few years ago, take some time to do so now. Then go out an carve your own branded pumpkin!

Domain Authority

Don’t feel up to being Google, but still want to bring some a-u-t-h-o-r-i-t-y to your Halloween.

Why don’t you dress up like THE authority?

The Domain Authority, that is. Ohhhhh yeahhhh. 

  • Pro tip: Go around and ask everyone “what’s your number?” And then laugh condescendingly as they stumble over the answer.

Your Own Meme


You love them.

Or hate them.

But the good news is, you can be one of them!

Choose your favorite meme and bring it to life.

This Kermit meme inspired costume from Alex, author of Munchkins and Military is one of my favorites.

(I hope our own resident Spin Sucks Kermit will do a version of his own #kermitflail)

  • Pro tip: Dude! You’re a meme. No pro tip needed here.

Be the Most Popular Nerd at the Party

Want to be king of the nerds?

These two costumes will do the trick.

Fake News or Alternative Facts

The fun thing about this one is there are endless ways to pull this off.

From the simple, like this dress from Red Bubble.

To the symbolic and like putting on a t-shirt that says “FACT” and letting the rest of your outfit be very clearly in line with an alternative fashion trend (like gothic or metal).

Or get really creative and dress up like a newspaper with some outrageous headline.

The sky is the limit….because after all, if you are an alternative fact, you can make up whatever you want.

Go Viral

You “go viral.”

There are a number of ways you could do this, but I imagine you dress up like a virus, symbolically.

  • Pro tip: Grab a partner who dresses up like a meme….BOOM! <drops mic>

For the Smart Communications Professional

The smart communications professional obviously one has one Halloween costume option—The PESO Model

Even better, grab your team and dress up like the PESO model together!

One of you will be paid media.

One earned media.

Make sure some on represents shared.

And finally, someone as owned.

Together you are the best thing to ever happen to Halloween, not to mention your communications strategy.

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