I am a Beatles fan — not an over-the-top fan — but I have traveled to Beatles Fest, I own a few books and some memorabilia, and I did brag about having a two-minute conversation with George Harrison’s sister for about six months.  So why am I just now hearing about John Lennon coming back to life to endorse The One Laptop Per Child Foundation?

The creepy thing is not that they used old images, not that they used old sound bites, but that they had an impersonator do voice over “putting words into the late endorser’s mouth,” according to Technologizer.


Check it out for yourself, here


I agree with Harry, this is a GREAT foundation, BUT this is spin if I’ve ever seen heard it.  Who knows, maybe John would have disliked the laptop idea and would have liked to endorse smart phones instead? 

I’m just saying, it’s one thing to use an image, but to verbally impersonate a murdered iconic legend to endorse an organization is too icky for my liking.  Yoko needs to stop making these kinds decisions.