With a burning flag in the fireplace and an assault weapon on his wife’s arm, Senator Obama’s camp is calling the most recent cover of The New Yorker, “offensive.”  And rightfully so.  The magazine is now defending the “satirical lampoon” saying that it is only stating what some secretly think, and the author wants to show the public how ridiculous those assumptions are.

Is it productive to show a presidential candidate as a terrorist who praises the actions of Osama Bin Laden as a way to ‘prove a point’?  In fact, many, including both Obama’s and McCain’s camps, think it’s disgusting that this cover be used as a scare tactic.  The editor for The New Yorker is defending the cover, asking readers to please read the related article, then make your opinion.

However, is it appropriate to blatantly “depict racism, sexism, anti-religion, also anti-patriotism” as a way to get a magazine sold?  Or is this all the more reason for Americans to get out an vote and prove those wrong that think of Obama in this light?  Either way, it’s selling magazines, and it’s the topic of conversation on all talk radio shows, and news shows, both traditional and online media.

The majority of people may find this tasteless, but it has people talking and that’s the most important thing a candidate can do.  Satire or not.