Today’s guest post is by Molli Megasko.

It’s Facebook question of the week time.

I hope I don’t disappoint anyone, but I’m replacing Gini Dietrich this week.  She asked me to help her out as she actually is taking some vacation days, believe it or not.

Her question to me was…

“Molli, you’ve worked at Arment Dietrich for nearly six years. During those six years, what are the top three accomplishments you’ve seen the firm achieve?”

Now, I could have taken a funny angle on this (getting a security camera after we were robbed in 2006, allowing Jack Bauer in the office on days of interviews so we can laugh and watch people squirm, or maybe I’d just name the year 2008 because that is the time when Peapod delivered all our favorite cereals), but given the holidays I decided to take it seriously.

We’ve been through a lot, as I’m sure most start-ups have.  I think between all our moves, I’ve sat at six desks, gone through one too many computers, and have made some long-term friends.  Six years does not seem like a long time, but in terms of small businesses it’s like dog years.

The video below shows what I think our best accomplishments have been since I started here.  I tried to make them as least cheesy as possible, but you might want to break out the wine.

Also, please note that I am more of a behind-the-scenes-kind-of-girl, so no making fun of my nervousness in the video, deal?  (And sorry Gini, Lucy was sleeping and as you know she’s like a child.  And you never wake a sleeping baby.  I let her sleep so there is no appearance of my beautiful, destructive beagle in the video.)

Have a great New Year’s and we’ll see you next week when we go back to the normal Facebook question of the week with Gini.

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