Tips on Starting a Career in PRAs Millennials in public relations, we simply don’t have the time to succumb to the personas and thoughts others have about us.

Sometimes our “group” is usually described as entitled, lazy, and sometimes worthless (not cool), but some of us are actually rising above the stereotypes and getting work done.

While there are thousands of career paths Millennials take, I decided to go down the path of something I knew I would be stellar at and actually enjoy: Starting a career in PR.

Want to know something?

I had absolutely no clue what public relations was until I was a sophomore in college.

Once I saw that the sky was my limit and I would actually excel in such a thing, I went after it full-force and never looked back.

Perhaps you are still looking for your niche or you are a Millennial starting a career in PR, but don’t know how to best succeed among your peers.

I’m here for you!

Five Tips for Starting a Career in PR

Here are some helpful tips that will help you beat the stigma and gain respect for your work and your thoughts.

Get The Need For Speed

While we haven’t been in the public relations game for long, we have to adjust to the speed of the industry.

When talking to professionals who have experience, they reiterate the evolution of the industry.

What does this mean for Millennials starting a career in PR?

It means we have to adjust to change in a quick way and do things efficiently and effectively.

We don’t have time to sit and wait for our magic to work.

To gain results means we are constantly fighting for it.

You have to be speedy in your approaches, learning techniques, and workflow.

Find People to Help

My best advice when starting a career in PR is to seek out individuals who can not only help further your career, but also those who are willing to help you learn.

As a young woman in this industry, I’ve had to adjust my knowledge by seeking individuals who have been where I am and those who have had great amounts of success in their career.

While not all may be practicing public relations, I’ve gravitated towards women I respect no matter their expertise.

Find those people for yourself.

I promise it will do nothing but help you grow personally and professionally.

Educate Yourself

Reading is a passion of mine.

While you can most always find me reading thriller or romantic novels, you will also find me educating myself about public relations and business.

Whether you’re reading a book about advertising, marketing, or PR, you can always learn tactics that can help you in your job.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Even though some of these books aren’t necessarily PR-focused or take a closer look at a different kind of PR than what I’m doing, they are monumental to my success as a Millennial.

Plus, some are by women I aspire to be like.

To be successful, you have to be open to learning.

You Have to Be Bolder

My favorite adjective is “bold.”

There is something about a piece of paper when you bold a group of words. They stand out. You read it first.

With public relations constantly changing and continually being competitive, sometimes you have to make bold moves.

Whether you challenge the status quo, schedule a meeting to talk with your CEO about an idea, or you decide to be extra catchy on a pitch, take bold moves.

No one gets anywhere by being stagnant and comfortable.

Write, Write, Write

If you don’t care about the other suggestions, please hear me out on this one.

Even if you are managing multiple accounts at your agency or touching on social doing in-house PR, you have to realize that everything revolves around having a solid word-bank.

While we all may know it, we don’t always realize just how important writing is for our careers.

Whether you’re writing pitches, news releases, or blog posts, make sure your writing is always concise.

Even though some find different avenues to enhance their skills, I suggest seeking different guest blogging opportunities or starting your own blog.

Nothing says success like practice.

Hopefully I’ve planted some ideas in your head that will allow you to break through the Millennial stereotype and make your own name in a profession that is tedious, developing, and breaking-through.

We all see and understand the importance of public relations.

Now, let’s have others see our worth too.

Katie Wenclewicz

I'm just your young millennial PR pro that continues to shine through the communication madness and kick butt. I'm also a blogger and enjoy writing about my career, the latest fashion trends, and everything that speaks to my heart. I'm witty, bold, and a little bit extra. That's okay, though, because sometimes you need that extra spice in the PR path. I'm currently the PR Specialist at One Click, a parent company to three eyewear brands:, Sunglass Warehouse, and felix + iris.

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